life is a luck

give me luck for term tests.
it is for 2 weeks.
so, I think I will not post anything for 2 weeks.
I very hope my results are satisfying

I know, I become a bad blogger.
I seldom post something on my blog.
especially about fashion,
yeah. I'm very busy,
my dad bring my camera to Vietnam . Miss u so much, dad. (my dad is on vacation)

I promise,
after my tests finished, I will post my outfit & about fashion! ;)

cute quotes Pictures, Images and Photos

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.
Jawaharal Nehru

see you later, folks . *smooch*


mom's vintage dress

Yesterday, I founded my mom's old dress on her closet.
My mom forgot if she has that dress.
It is so cute and nice.
It is on good condition,
and my mom told if the dress was since 1997.
It means, the dress is same old with me.

I will show you the picture when I wear the dress.

dress : My mom's
ribbon : my DIY
wedges : randa

zoom the pattern!

my *BAKPAO* face

more collections of my DIY ribbons! :D

maybe today I will spend my weekend with sit in front of the computer until midnight.
or read novel/comic , maybe conference call with friends.
but my love is on his school trip and I can't call with him. :'(
really I want to spend my weekend with watch movie.
But I don't have any movies which I can watch today.

-----------------HAVE A NICE WEEKEND, FOLKS---------------------------------------------


My new hair and My DIY ribbon

I often spend my time with make a DIY project,
and yesterday I made 2 ribbons.
I will show u the photos here.
and I cut my hair last week, I feel so happy because I have a new model for my hair.. and it makes me feel more fresh on this hot weather..


use this for brooch too!

The Pink one. :)

are these cute?

do you love my ribbons?
What do you think with my new hair?

--with love,
veren lee. :D