Konnichiwa! In this outfit, I tried to mix different patterns. I didn't add any accessories except socks because I thought the outfit was already 'full' . hehe I hope you'll like this :P

The weather in my city these days isn't friendly. In the morning / evening , it will rain / the wind blows really fast until there are noises like 'woooooshh woooosshh' . it scares me while sleeping :S. In the afternoon, the sun shines soo bright. Oh my, is this the effect of global warming? :(

Next week, my team and me will join another dance competition. The song will be 6 minutes long and that will be the first time I dance for more than 4 minutes =_=. I'm scared the judges will be bored =_=. What do you think?
hmm. talking about this, I suddenly remember when people mock me if they know I'm a member of a dance team. They like to mock me 'what?? you can dance?? You're fat, short, a ball". I've mocked like this for timess. And after that, every time I perform, I always do my best and it's like I show them if they're wrong!
I love to dance. It's my passion, my favourite hobby, my mood booster. I always feel happy when I'm dancing  although it makes me tired. but that's healthy too! :D. hahaha
wish me luck all! <3
  • shirt - pull & bear
  • skirt - bought in Taiwan
  • wedges - Mango
  • belt - yuan
  • socks - hello kitty (bought in Japan)


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Thank you so much, all <3 :)


Taiwan Part II

gap jacket & shorts
blazer - zara, plaid shirt - gap, shorts - little lady, tights - yellowline

:) .



Picture 006
Before I went to Taiwan, I got a chance to meet ci Fhenny and ci Nora. It was a short but fun meet-up. I couldn't meet Lalita because I was in a hurry caused my parents wanted to watch movie =_=". We met at Zenbu, ex :)
Picture 007
Picture 002
Picture 004

dress - zara 

got this oxford-wedge from xi men ding night market, Taiwan :). So cheaaapp and cutee. captured by my bro's nikon d3000. but my outfit photos above captured by my camera. my tripod isn't strong enough for a dslr cam ==" and no one could take me a photo cs my parents and brother went to other cities for few days.-___-

thanks for reading my blog, thanks for all your supports, thanks for everything, guyss :) <33


Taiwan !

Picture 009
soo. I went to Taiwan with my family together with other families (we joined a tour). I got some new friends and also a crush *lol* !! My trip to Taiwan was great although at first I felt so boring because our destinations are mostly mounts / museums that took around 3 hours or more to reach those places. But it went good because the food was veryyy delicious there! If you're a food-lover, you should go to Taiwan for culinary trip! And also we celebrated new year eve together (not all of us, only 15 actually and almost all of us are teens *parents were too tired already*). We watched the fireworks on the street from the 101 building and sang together in the bus! very exciting!
Picture 013
-National Centre of Traditional Arts Park-

Picture 024
-Taroko Gorge (marble mount) , Nine Turn Tunnel-
(We went there by bus and we saw beautiful scenery!)
Picture 037
Picture 033
Picture 040
with my mom :)
Picture 044
Picture 043
Pagodas of Dragon and Lion
Picture 046
that day wasn't really cold because the sun shined bright!
Picture 050
in front of Dream Mall (the biggest mall in Taiwan. the mall was not crowded , and also not as great as Grand Indonesia / Senayan City / Pacific Place / other big malls in Indonesia :p. *kalah! keren Indo jauh de!*
Picture 090
Picture 056
Doraemon Theme Park! The theme park was not really fun because it's small and kinda old :/ . Dufan is much better! But they sold cutee doraemon stuffs.
Picture 059
in front of the high speed train station in Taipei! I'm lovin' my zara jacket so much!
Picture 064
Picture 066
at Taipei's International Flora Expo 2010. That place was veryyy hugeee and full of students who went there for study tour. It was a good place to visit!
Anyway, in Taiwan, traffic jam rarely happens because the government made the work starts at 9am and school at 8am so that they won't meet. Not like in Jakarta, school, work, etc start together and here comes traffic jam! Yeah maybe sometimes there's traffic jam too in Taiwan but not total traffic jam except there's crash /something. I think Indonesia should try this. That would be good too if school starts at 8am :P (Sleep longer~).  
The last day was very cold (December 31st and January 1st). I went to Xi Men Ding Shopping Area, National Palace Museum, and also Din Tai Fung (as crowd as in Jakarta and also it's delicious too!)

p.s : I'm in TeenVogue's February 2011 Edition!! Can't believe there's my self in it although just a small picture :P. But I'm still proud with it :P . the photo of me is from here ( I was's best dressed reader!) hehe. Thanks to Gilbert and her sister who let me know about this!
Picture 098Picture 099

Picture 100

other photos from my bro's camera with better quailty are coming up soon! :)

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thank youuu so much all!



Happy New Year!

"Another fresh new year is here . . .

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, and fear,

To love and laugh and give!
This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!
I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”
-William Arthur Ward

Hi everyone! I just wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life :)

p.s : will blog my holiday photos soon :)