Lisa Simpson


I totally love my denim dress c/o Chocochips Boutique. I've been wearing it several times to go out with my friends. You can get yours now at their webstore which is having a Ramadhan SALE, 30% OFF! ;)


I'm going to Bangkok this holiday and I'd certainly bring this dress with me :)


  • Lisa Simpson denim dress c/o Chocochips Boutique (Customer Service: 081221000999)
  • Cross necklace c/o romwe
  • Socks from Topshop
  • Wedges from Heatwave
Duck earrings from Claire's - Temporary tattos c/o @rrobateen 

Happy Sunday! :)


Clash of The Bunnies

  • cherry patterned cap from style nanda (via @epik_zone)
  • black animal kingdom tee c/o sheinside
  • bunny tights c/o romwe
  • nike dunks
  • cambridge satchel company bag in yellow fluoro 11"




Can you guess how many bunnies are there on this outfit? :3

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Candy Pants


24 hours/day usually felt so long but I think this week passed by sooo quickly. I'm still stressed with my time management between school and blogging, though. I never thought my teachers would give me that much amount of assignments on the first week of school plus I also need to take outfit photos for some sponsored clothes T.T. Ugh.. I felt like I'm in a rush everyday.. Can someone help me and be my temporary assistant? :'(


I loveee this outfit so much especially the striped pants c/o Chocochips Boutique that I'm wearing here. The pants make me look taller and it comes in pink (if you wanna have the same pants like me, there are other colors too like black & blue!)



*cute style* pose >.<

By the way, if you live in Jakarta, you can visit Chocochips' offline store (boutique) at ITC Mangga Dua Lt.4, D 117 or simply contact their customer service at 081221000999 / BB 26C80EF3 :)



Happy Sunday & Have a nice weekendddd ~~~ ^^


That Little White Dress


The first 3 days of school were so hectic for me. Since I'm a member of the student council and needed to work for the new students' orientation, from Monday - Wednesday, I had to arrive at school at 6.15am and went home at 1.30pm. Then in the afternoon I went to school again at 3pm-5.30pm. I was so freaking tireddd, so I felt so uneasy toward my sponsors who sent their stuffs to me yet I hardly find the right time to take pictures T.T. My dark circles are getting worse and I had to edit my pics to make them disappear.. I hope I can get back  on the right track again and start to regularly blog this Sunday after I 'threw' all of my tiredness. :"O


I took these pics last Sunday and I wore my new little white dress c/o Cotton Candy. It's so perfect and nicely sewn. I couldn't resist to show my feminine side by dressing up girly in this dress and paired it with my white headband , floral wedges, and my mom's rattan bag. I put a red belt around my waist live up this outfit more. 


IMG_8177 copy


Anyway, today was the first day I joined my new class, Grade XI-Science! Today was so fun and I loveee my classmates!! How about you? :D


Eyeliner Tutorial for Monolids

I've been receiving lotsss of request about how I draw my eyeliner. So I decided to make a tutorial post. ^o^

I have a monolid eye, so my methods might be strange for those who have double eyelids.. hehehe.
Basically I have 2 methods, one is for light make up, and one is the 'thicker' one for formal occasions.

The products I'm using are:

For the 1st method:
  • Koji Double Eyelid Tape (Kay Collection - Mall Taman Anggrek / SOGO Central Park)
  • Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Kay Collection - Mall Taman Anggrek / SOGO Central Park)
For the 2nd method:
  • Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner (Tony Moly - Mall Taman Anggrek / Lucy House)
  • Etude Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in Pink (Etude House)
1st Method
I use this method for almost everyday because it's simple and perfect for daily / light make up. And this Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner that I use here is waterproof, quite long-lasting (might need to be touched up after a few hours), and very easy to be cleaned when I'm removing my make up (100% no dirt / smudge). So practical! Rate: 4.5/5

2nd Method
  I rarely use this method nowadays because I love my liquid eyeliner more for daily wear. I use this method to go to the party / formal events. The eyeliner that I use here is Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner. It's waterproof and long lasting. The only thing that I don't quite like from this product is it's soo thick and when I'm removing my make up, this eyeliner is the hardest part. It doesn't remove easily and leaves smudges, so I have to wipe my eyelids twice-thrice until they're totally clean. (Maybe because the waterproof level is too high?) Rate: 4/5



I hope you'll find this tutorial useful. I apologize for my amateur skill :P
See ya~~~~


Bart Angel


I'm going back to school on Monday. NOOOO!!! T.T. I just loveee holiday. Wake up late, watch k-drama till dawn, shopping all day long or even doing nothing at all throughout the day. hahahaha.Well, I do miss talking about shits in the class with my besties, though. This year, I'm in 11th grade and I got in the science class which means the competition is getting though and I have to study harder! How about you? ;)

  • skull hairclip c/o ADD
  • white bart angel t-shirt c/o sheinside
  • white loose cardigan from Gaudi
  • cambridge satchel company in yellow fluoro 11" via greentelee shop
  • self-customized wedges from wow design



Live It Up

  •  Red 'Sparkle' cap c/o Urban Glam
  • Stripes shorts c/o sheinside
  • Blue long cardigan c/o romwe
  • New look sneaker-wedges & white topo
The past few days were horrible for me. Many kinds of sickness came to me almost everyday. Ranging from fever, cough, flu, sore throat, and headache. This started with sore throat after I ate AbangA###'s internet (an instant noodle stall in Jakarta). Well, I think it's because of my overly-sensitive-throat, coz my bro who ate the same thing with me is just fine until now. hhahaha =__=. 

But today I'm healthy and totally fine ;D

Maybe you're wondering why I only have one pic on this outfit post. Yeah, because the other photos of me in this outfit show my huge thighs. So yeahhh I think this photo is enough? ;P

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Thirty Six


I got back from Jakarta last Thursday. Now I'm at home being a lazy kid... Eat-watch korean drama till dawn-sleep-wake up eeeveryday. I wanna do some exercises but I just don't have the mood :X. 


I'm currently watching "A Gentleman's Dignity". It aired last year but I've just got the chance to watch it because I wasn't interested with the casts (they're 40+ years old!). But no matter how old those handsome koreans are, they still make my heart flutters with those sweet, romantic and heart-tickling scenes! (please don't say ewh to me xP)

My mom said I don't have boyfriend because I watched too many korean dramas and set up my 'boyfriend standard' too high like those handsome men in dramas. Ooops. Hahahah >_<


For this hairbun, I use a 'hairbun maker' from ADD . My hair isn't thick nor long enough to create such a round and big bun, so this hairbun maker (the shape is round and there's a hole in the center and we wear it like we wear a hairband) helps me a lot!


    Chicnova giveaway winner is : Cindy Lawrence 
    Thank you everyone for joining the giveaway~! :)


    Red Roses


    Hellooo~~ . I'm currently spending my holiday in Jakarta and the internet connection in my apartment is so slow and makes me lazy to update my blog. Sorry T_T.


    I took these photos awhile ago at my home in Tegal. I got this beautiful floral dress from Sheinside but the chest part is a bit too big for me , so I wore a sleeveless shirt underneath ;).

    • white floral dress c/o sheinside
    • red cardigan from stradivarius
    • white sleeveless shirt from topshop
    • nude heels from steve madden
    • celine nano bag


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