Queen in La-la-land


Hello! National final exam had ended last week and now I'm enjoying my 4 months long break!! I couldn't be any happier than this. Like finally, all those pressures in my head are gone.. T_T


I had this super quick photoshoot with my fav photographer, Clairshoots last Thursday. It was superquick because she was available at 4pm but I had to go at 4.30pm because I had a body combat class at 5pm. So we were really in a rush! But I was glad that we got many great photos despite the short amount of time. I'd also like to thank my besties Jordan & Steven for accompanying me on that dayy ;)



Funny story, we had this photoshoot in our local amusement park. Then there were lots of little girls asking me to take photos with them although they didn't even know my name.. lol.. I didn't have the guts to reject them.


I wore this gingham set which is a custom made. What do you think? I think I'd wear them often since it's in black and white and also in basic styles. I can mix and match them with everything!!

  •  Seifuku Coat from Ank Rouge (Bought in Shinsaibashi, Osaka)
  • Custom made gingham set
  • Socks bought in Shinsaibashi , Osaka
  • Shoes from @gudangimpor
  • Necklace from H&M

I've been getting lots of questions about what major I'd take and which university I'd go. The answer is I'm taking Fashion Bussiness major in La Salle College Jakarta.


I signed up there around last year. At first I didn't know what major I wanted to take. I'm a science student in high school, but I'm not interested to be a doctor nor a scientist. So.. I think it'd be great to study a major that I have passion in. I know things won't always be easy in the future, but it's so much better than doing something I have no interest about. Luckily my parents are supportive with my decision :).


My mom said that I should change my style to be more mature as I'll be a college student soon. But welll, it's so hard to resist when the urge of my child-like style appears to surface... lol. So, it's okay right to dress up like this once in a while? xD