About Me


Veren Lee. 30 July 1997. Currently attending La Salle College Jakarta, Fashion business major. 
I was born and raised in Tegal, Central Java. 
I have one elder sister and one elder brother, which means I'm the youngest child of my parents.
I describe myself as an active, cheerful, enthusiastic, and a proud Leo girl.
I'm also a curious person who likes to try and learn new things in her life.
 I loveee yummy food, pretty clothes and shoes, make up, traveling to new places, good books and nice comics, romantic korean dramas, european historical movies, good music, and other interesting stuffs.
I am a huge fan of Korea and Japan (all about their fashion, make up, food, culture, places, movies, music, and many more)
I started blogging when I was 11 years old,  June 2009 . I read a lot of magazines that sometimes featured many cool blogs around the world and played friendster so often back then, which lead me to create my own blog.
I take my blog as an online diary of mine where I can see the growth of myself day by day, month by month, and year by year. It's also a place to share my thoughts, outfits, my daily activities at school, and many more!

p.s : please respect me and don't copy anything from this blog without my permission. I also really hate people who are pretending to be me by using my photos. THANK YOU <3


  1. i accidentally found your blog.. and what amazed me is you are only 13, may be i m bit outdated , never came across with any blogger in your age. wish u all the best girl, cheers

  2. This was very cute. You have a wonderful blog for such a young fashionista as yourself. Keep up the great work and many blessings to you in all aspects of life.

  3. you're so cute :D
    take your award here

  4. Looks like you love comics. Check this comical blog ( for cracking physics, chemistry and mathematics concepts. There are many comic strips and comics out here. cheers!

  5. i cant believe my eyes lol you have such a great fashion sense! keep it up :)

  6. OMG! you're so cute:') you're too young but you have a great fashion sense!:) Keep it up, lil princess!

    drop by if you have time: ♥

  7. hi veren!
    i aboslutely love love love all your fashionable outfits, and i love all your shoes! totally in love with your blog! i wish i had such nice clothes like you!
    love, nina.

  8. you're so cute!!!I show your blog to my friends from Russia and they say "she is awesome"!!!

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  10. What a cute and adorable girl you are :) I wish I was that fashionable when i was your age! you have a bright future ahead of you <3

    1. hiii,,,who are you,what is your name???i am nain!nice to meet you

  11. your blog is very creative I have a blog to :)

  12. you're so cute <33, still young fashionita :D
    I like reading your blog!

  13. wht a suprise!!! great fashion hve there ..

  14. haha, c Veren miiko lover juga yah? :D

  15. You're exactly 1 day older than me!
    That's so awesome, haha(:

    I'm a lifestyle blogger as well.
    Just started following you!

    Lovely blog you've got here.

    Anyone is welcome to check out my blog, leave a comment, and follow!
    I absolutely LOVE meeting new people through blogging.
    I also always try to check out your blog and send some love back your way.

    Also, once I reach 220 followers I'll be having a giveaway <3

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  16. halo ce Veren :) Ini profil cece ny mitha,
    mitha suka sekali dengan blog ce veren dan hobi mitha juga sama dengan ce Veren
    jadi apa cce mau lhat blog mitha juga?
    di alamat

    thank you ce Veren :)

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  18. veren..
    u're a litle princess and so cute

  19. indonesian? omg :o can't believe it. ur face like chinese ppl. and k-popers?

  20. fyi ci, you resemble Barbie Hsu much! :3

  21. aahhh ... you are so cute veren...:)
    please visit my new blog:^^

  22. hi... nice to know cute...

  23. Your blog is lovely! I'm a proud Leo girl too!


  24. hai hai.. prices!
    salam kenal yah, blog nya seger banget :D

    follow ya! GB

  25. Hi Keren! It's nice to know you and you've grown so beautifully :D I started to follow you since 2010/11 I guess. But then I stop blogging and I just started again this year. I hope I can get more daily fashion style from your blog. I'm really love your outfit.

    Do follow me back ^^ God bless u!


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