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Here is the last set of the photoshoot. My bro really liked this woody setting, and because I got bored, I asked him to do it in two different places. The yellow floral dress that I wore underneath is from Nad Butik. I can never resist floral. It's too cute, isn't it? ;)

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Polka meets Red


Here is the second set of the photoshoot. I wore a polkadot top from stradivarius, skirt from Cloth Inc, and wedges from Lolli Shop . I've been searching for a perfect red skirt and then I found one from Cloth Inc. And I was lucky that Cloth Inc sent it as a gift to me. They also use perfect fabric for this skirt. And for the wedges, actually it's the first pair black wedges that I have. They fit me perfectly and the straps make them even cuter ;)

IMG_4994 copy

Today I had a farewell party in my school, and as usual I did a dance performance and also an opening speech representing 9th graders. This farewell party made me remember a lot of unforgettable things that I had in junior high school. I could say I'm an active student. I was in the school committee although I didn't join scout. I lead the school's committee and dance club. It was an awesome opportunity for me, and I believe those experiences will be useful in the future. I'm very happy that after being a leader I'm not as shy as before and always try to be confident in front of everyone. Whenever I feel nervous I will smile and somehow it makes me more relaxed.


I think I'm just another typical of junior high school girl. In the 7th grade I had a crush on my senior but sadly we're not destined to be together. hahahahaha. He was so smart, tall, and handsome. >.<. I'm not ashamed to tell about this on my blog because I don't like him anymore. Plus we lose contact since long time ago. And now it's been almost 2 years there's someone who my friends say he likes me. Every time he knows what's my current favorite song, he will sing it at the school's events and till now I don't know how many songs he sang for me. When I've just finished my dance practice he would give me some drinks. Ugh it's very sweet but I don't like him back. I feel so sorry but I just don't know what should I do. It's impossible for me to accept him when in my heart I only think he's my friend. I'm not gonna accept anyone when I'm not ready and I think at this age I don't need to have boyfriend. It's just too complicated at me. Looking at my friends who have girl / boyfriends just make me think twice whether I should be in a relationship or not. Some of them fight with their partners a lot and the girls will cry. bla bla bla. Even there are some of them who get angry everytime their girl/boyfriend go with their friends, not with their girl/boyfriend. I was like.. what? Can't you give your girl/boyfriend their own quality times? Pffttt.. It's none of my business anyway. What I do is giving my opinion and wisest suggestion to my friends who ask for my help when they fight with their girl/boyfriends. 


I was very talkative in the class and some teachers dislike me because of my talkativeness and my loud voice. Well every time I had a chat with my friends it'd always be me who's blamed because the teacher can only notice my voice. *sigh*. But my talkativeness has positive sides too. I was almost always confident to talk in front of the class and I was the mc for some events in my school hahahaha. 
And if you ask me whether I'm a diligent student or not. I will answer... between yes or no. Sometimes I did my homework at school 5 minutes before the class started. It's not only me anyway, but almost the whole class did it. (except the ones who have done it at home). If I had many free time, I'd do it at home. I had a lot of tuitions like physics and mathematics. And I almost never studied when there's no exam. I studied only when there's exam :P. Don't follow my lazy personality and acts pleaseee pleaseee. I hope I can be more diligent in senior high school. 

Well I think that's all I can blabber for this time. I'm too sleepy to continue. My sleeping hour is so messy these days >:(. Gotta continue it later. Bye ;)



Veren - Nadia - Gabby - Feren





I've just arrived at home from Jakarta this afternoon and will go back again this Thursday. I had a photo session with my brother few days ago, but I choose to post it on my blog when I'm home because the internet connection in my apartment is just very - very slow and unstable, and I'm not used to my brother's macbook. (I'm using windows. hehe :P). My brother and I went to a Mangrove Forest which is located in North Jakarta, near Pantai Indah Kapuk. On that day I forgot to bring my anti-insect lotion, and I was bitten by mosquitoes and couldn't stop scratching my legs, arms, etc. :'(. Before we had this photo session we went to hello kitty cafe. The place was very very cute and it's a heaven for a hello kitty fan like me. If you follow my instagram account (verenleecious), you'd see the food that I ate there and also a peek of the furniture. xD


Usually for outfit posts, I almost always use tripod and self timer. I was pretty nervous when my brother took photos of me and became very stiff . His hobby is photography so he often do photo shoots with professional models. =.= . Usually he nags a lot about me but at that time he was being so kind and patient. hahaha (of course he should be like that since I paid him with free lunch and snacks -_-)


I got the glitter brown shorts from Abocs Shop. They have amazing collections in their shop. Make sure to check it out here


On Friday I'll go to Europe for 2 weeks and I'll prepare some scheduled posts. I must finish editing the photos for my outfit posts by Tuesday, prepare for farewell party performance on Wednesday, and start packing as soon as possible. Aaaaa I'm soooo excited to go to Europe because this is gonna be my first time and c Ceka will meet me in Milan too! Too bad my brother and sister can't go because my bro doesn't have any holiday and my sis already went there last year. 


For those who asked me where I bought my cambridge satchel company bag, I bought it from The Goods Dept. :)


photos by : kevin lee


June+Julia x Veren Lee

I'd like to inform you all that my collaboration shoes ft. June+Julia is NOW AVAILABLE to be pre-ordered :)
It's such an awesome opportunity for me when June+Julia offered a collaboration. I'm so happy that I can create shoes with my own design. I chose red because for me red can match easily with outfits and beside that it can add brightness too to our outfits too. I chose bow because I'm a big fan of bow and this bow reminds me of hello kitty's bow :P

Details : Heel height : 12cm, Platform height : 4cm


Accessarie Giveaway Winner

The winner of Accessarie Giveaway

Congratulations! Accessarie will contact you via e-mail asap :)
For those who have joined this giveaway, thank you soooo muchhh :D


crochet on denim


This week is going to be the busiest week. I'll have a farewell party on May 16th, and my dance team starts practicing. I'll go to Jakarta for 4 days this Wednesday, that means I'll be absent from my dance routines for 4 days and only have 3 days left to practice and memorize all the moves until the d-day. It's gonna be a little tough but I'm pretty sure I can make it. :D. I seriously can't understand why my school holds the farewell party on Wednesday?! O____O. Because usually it's on Friday / Saturday.. *sigh*

Talking about my dance team, I received a question (comment) from anonymous on formspring saying she's a fan of my dance team. I showed the members about it and we're really happy. Whoever the anonymous is, thank you so much. We're not that good enough to have fans, but we'll always practice harder and harder!

Honestly I always think I'm not good at dancing, my body is stiff and I can't learn the moves as fast as my friends, but every time I dance, I feel really happy and it's something that can boost my mood up. It's my passion . I believe that talent isn't the most important thing in dancing , because by keep practicing  I can dance as well as the ones that have talent. Never give up! :)

I'm so grateful for what God give to me. Every time I think about myself, I feel like I'm such a lucky and blessed girl. :)


The denim dress I wore underneath is from Mango. I already have this dress since a long time ago but I rarely wear it. And then I got an idea to pair it with crochet top from New Look. The bag is from Cherrie Bag, and the shoes are from shoezisme.




This new bag that I got from Cherrie Bag is very light, has high quality (the sewing is neat and the material is very great), and the price is affordable. They sell it for  IDR 190.000. If I were the seller, I'd sell it for higher price because the quality is just sooo nicee~ *evil mode :on* (just kidding).


Aaaaandd the last, I'd like to show you what's inside my bag. There are ipod touch, blackberry, wallet, tissue, sunglasses, compact powder, dolly wink eyeliner, and comb. Sometimes I'd bring my Canon g11 and instax camera if I'm not lazy. I just don't like to carry heavy bags :<. hehehe~~

Have a nice day! 


DIY : Detachable Peterpan Collar

First of all, this week I don't post any outfit post simply because I just stay at home everyday. My holiday is so boring here and I'm gonna return to Jakarta as soon as possible. I'll finish my school registration first and once everything's solved, I will stay in Jakarta. 

Peterpan collar is trending nowadays, and I tried to make one last month but just have a chance to post it on my blog today. It's very easy to be made and these are the steps:

Materials :
1. A piece of paper
2. White felt
3. Pencil
4. Scissors
5. Hook
6. Glue
7. Needle and thread
8. Pearls (to decorate)


1. Fold the paper 


2. Draw the template on the folded side of the paper. (there's not particular measurement. just draw the size you want. Make sure the diameter of the neck part isn't too small)


4. Cut it


5. It'll look like this . Before you make the real collar in felt, try the template and make sure whether it fits you or not.  (I apologize for my round face)


6. Draw the template on white felt. (fold the felt first exactly like what you did to the paper)


7. After you've done, cut it again


8. Sew the hook at the corner of the collar (sew the back side (the side that has the pencil line))


9. Ta-daaah! Now you've made a plain detachable peterpan collar



9. You may decorate the plain collar using pearls. This time I used pearl necklace because it's be more practical. It'd waste more time and glue ,and the collar will turn out messy if you glue the pearls one by one. There'd be lesser chance for the pearls to fall off  too if you use pearl necklace. (I hope you get what I mean)


10. Here's the result. It's not really great but if you can't find any shop that sell detachable collar, you can make yourself one with low budget. Hope this tutorial is clear enough and useful for you. You may contact me through formspring if you have any question. I'll try my best to answer it :)