Mint and Lace


Hmm... I don't know what to say. I'm not that busy these days because some of my tuitions haven't started yet, so I have quite a lot of leisure time at home. I spend it to take photos, write a new blogpost, reply e-mails, or watch some new episodes of marriage not dating (damn! good storyyy!). But yesterday I had done all of them and didn't really have anything to do so I just laid to rest on the bed while checking instagram,ask.fm, etc. lol. I was really bored when I had nothing to do like that. =___=. I originally wanted to have a photoshoot but my friends weren't available yesterday. And I also felt so fat after eating so muchhh food + snacks (lots of gorengan) T_T. So yeah, let's do the photoshoot after all of the food gone from my tummy. ;P


Mint and white look so perfect together for my spring/summer-y outfit. I imagined wearing this outfit to a summer festival or a short date at the park (although it sounds kinda impossible to do it in Indonesia's parks. lol). Thanks to Cloth Inc for the perfect summer mint top & lace flap skort! They're so comfortable yet so stylish! The cutting (size S) also perfectly fits my body.






    #MERAHPUTIH OOTD & #ClozetteID Contest : 2 SWATCH watches for 2 best photos!

    Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! (17 Agustus)
    Ayoo, share outfit #merahputih kamu di web Clozette ID dan ikut kontes ini yuk! Hadiahnya jam tangan Swatch untuk 2 foto terbaik ;)

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    Kontes ini berlangsung dr 13 Agustus - 27 Agustus 2014!

    By the way, ini outfit #merahputih aku!

    • bowler hat c/o @grinitty
    • red ruffle top c/o romwe
    • white peplum pants from bangkok
    • new look shoes




    My wish for Indonesia, the country where I was born & I've been living in is ... Indonesia will grow to be a better and more successful country, with smart, educated, hardworking, independent, caring, and responsible citizens who always appreciate each other no matter what race/ethnicity the other person is. I also hope the new president and his cabinet will work together in honesty , responsibility, and no more corruption to make a better Indonesia!

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    Want some french fries?


    I always had a thing for plaids. Annndd I really love my new plaidshirt from Chocoberry House ( IG : @ChocoberryHouse ) It's thick (means so comfy to be worn + high quality!) but not too thick, so it's perfect for the hot weather in Indonesia.


    See my French Fries earrings? They're from @Juloryul ! They're very cute so I had an idea to take the photos while munching McD's french fries! xD


    This photoshoot was done around 2 weeks ago. I found this spot during a biking rally that was held by my school (as an opening of our 2nd term's classmeeting). Hahaha! It was in front of a newly built flats , so it's not crowded around that area.




    Winter Holiday Wishlist

    I'm currently planning for a winter trip with my parents. Travelling in style is a must but comfort is also important. So here is my Winter Trip wish list!


    I pick my wishlist from SHOPBOP. Their online store is very amazing and carries 400 designers ! So, I can easily get many clothes from different brands only from 1 site. This is also perfect for Indonesians who are still confused with the tax payment from international shipping, because on SHOPBOP, we pay the tax during our payment on the website, so we don't need to worry anymore once the package has arrived in Indonesia. Amazing, right? Don't worry about the price! They're mostly cheaper than any other online stores, and of course you can save $$$ because it's waay cheaper than boutiques' price!

    Now, let's see what are the stuffs in my wishlist!
    1. MOSCHINO Baseball Cap - $525 (IDR 6,192,558)
    2. FRAME Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans - $199 (IDR 2,347,274)
    3. DKNY Grommet Wedge Sneakers  - $195 (IDR 2,300,093)
    4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bagpack - $895 (IDR 10,556,838)
    5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pom Pom Stripe Snake Print Scarf - $128 (IDR 1,509,804)
    6. UNIF I Dye Moto Jacket - $178 (IDR 2,099,572)
    7. UNIF Slacker Moto Jacket - $168 (IDR 1,981,618)
    8. Kate Spade Hexagon Geometric Scarf - $89.60 (IDR 1,056,863)
    9. Elizabeth & James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses - $155 (IDR 1,828,279)