Cleopatra Romance at Kempinski The Spa (REVIEW)


Last Monday, I had a super awesome 3 hour treatment of Cleopatra Romance at Kempinski The Spa. This Cleopatra Romance is the new treatment that consists of foot bath, facial massage, full body massage, scrub, and milk bath. The spa is located at the 17th floor of Kempinski Hotel Indonesia (MH.Thamrin - Central Jakarta)


While they were preparing the spa, I was asked to fill this Health Profile form to prevent any incident during the treatment and was also offered a glass of refreshing traditional lemon grass drink.



This is the waiting room. You can also use this room for manicure / pedicure session with your friends!


The treatment room is very gorgeous! I was so amazed with it especially the gorgeous view!



Kempinski The Spa also provides ranges of skincare product that you can purchase to use it at home. They're internationally certified, so you don't need to worry about the quality.


The first treatment was footh bath. The staff also massaged my feet and it felt so nice.


Next, I got a really good Swedish body massage, which is known for its gentle strength and soft rhythms. The staff massaged my body with the right 'level' of strength. It relaxed my muscles and my tiredness went away instantly. I even fell asleep during the massage!
After the massage, my body was scrubbed with milk & honey and then followed with body mask using yogurt & honey to maintain my skin's mildness and also to make my skin suple and fair.


This was my favorite part. After being pampered from head to toe, I dipped myself into the bath tub to have a milk bath! The water's temperature was just right and the staff let me spent around 15 -20 minutes while she left the room for awhile to prepare the facial cleansing and acupressure.


Done with the milk bath, I took a shower and laid on the bed again to get my face cleansed and acupressured. That was the last routine of this Cleopatra Romance treatment. The tension on my head went away, it's very relaxing and I felt my face become fresher than ever!


As I dressed myself up, the staff told me to go to the waiting area as she'd prepared these lil treats for me to enjoy after a long spa. She said I need to hydrate myself and refresh with some sweet things! Yum! I was totally happy.

Overall, I was very impressed with the treatment I got at Kempinski The Spa. The spa isn't only great, but the staff is also well trained and humble. It successfully made me feel very relaxed and refreshed. I recommend Cleopatra Romance treatment for you who want to pamper yourself after having a hectic week / work in this crazy city life!

Thank you so much for the invitation, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski!

For more info:
Instagram: @kempinskijkt
Website: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1

Disclaimer: This honest review is purely based on my personal experience.


How to Heal Acne Scars with ULTRADERMA


Bekas jerawat adalah salah satu problem kulit aku. Waktu aku masih suka jerawatan, aku sering pencetin jerawat karena ga sabar pengen sembuh, dan ujung - ujungnya di pipi aku banyak bekas jerawat (spots berwarna hitam / merah ) yang belum hilang. Jadi setiap make up aku selalu menutupi bekas jerawatku dengan concealer.

Kadang - kadang aku kepikiran untuk laser bekas jerawat. Cuma karena aku cukup malas untuk pergi ke klinik untuk perawatan, sampai sekarang aku biarin aja bekas jerawatnya.

Nah beberapa waktu yang lalu, aku menemukan produk ULTRADERMA. Ternyata cream gel ini mengandung Silikon & Vitamin C Ester yang berguna untuk menghaluskan bekas luka jerawat. Karena produk ini praktis banget buat digunakan, bahkan bisa digunakan under make up, aku langsung deh rajin pake ULTRADERMA.

- Menghaluskan bekas luka jerawat baik berwarna hitam/ merah pada area yg berjerawat
- Menghaluskan permukaan bopeng maupun tonjolan bekas jerawat
- Vitamin C Ester Ultraderma lebih stabil terhadap perubahan suhu (cocok di iklim tropis, tidak mudah rusak/ bereaksi dengan sinar matahari)
- Menyamarkan noda atau flek hitam
- Harga terjangkau
- Gel tranparan dan cepat mengering, dapat digunakan sebelum menggunakan kosmetik


Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C Ester) | Cyclopentasiloxane | Dimethicone crosspolymer | Cyclotetrasiloxane | Dimethiconol | Dimethicone/ Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer

Petunjuk Pemakaian:
Oles 2x sehari setelah jerawat mengering dan apabila menggunakan kosmetik, gunakan Ultraderma sebelum menggunakan produk kosmetik, tunggu 2-3 menit hingga gel menyerap ke kulit.


ULTRADERMA bisa kamu beli di Apotik, Toko Obat, Toko Kosmetik, Supermarket dan Pharmacy Chain-stores: Alfamidi, Watsons, Guardian, Carrefour, Kimia Farma, Apotik Roxy, K24

Sekarang juga lagi ada promo di Alfamidi, Watsons, Guardian, Carrefour, Apotek Roxy pembelian 1 Ultraderma Gratis Tiket XXI senilai Rp.15.000,-, yang berlaku di Cinema XXI Jabodetabek, jangan sampai ketinggalan promonya.

Visit & Follow Instagram @ultraderma_ID for more info.

Nah ini dia result setelah memakai ULTRADERMA !
uSo far bekas jerawatku belum sepenuh nya hilang, tapi pelan - pelan udah lebih pudar & hampir ga sekelihatan dulu. Cukup kelihatan kan bedanya? Sampai hari ini aku masih rajn pakai ULTRADERMA setiap hari. Memang wajar sih bekasnya bandel, soalnya udah cukup lama di muka. Jadi nyesel deh dulu suka pencetin jerawat di muka :(. 

Buat kalian yang juga punya problem bekas jerawat / dark spots di muka, ULTRADERMA ini aku recommend banget ke kalian untuk dicoba! 



Flower Party at Han Gang, Bukchon, and Poop Museum - 2nd Day in Seoul



On our 2nd day in Korea, we went to quite a lot of places. We got out quite early like around 9am to go to Seoul station to purchase our korail pass for our trip to Busan.
FYI, Korail Pass is a special pass given to foreigners that can be used for inter-city trains (like KTX, mugunghwa, etc.. but not the mrt!). It has 1-3-ad 5 days pass option and it's DEFINITELY cheaper if you want to go back and forth (seoul-busan-seoul) using KTX than purchasing the normal KTX tickets. You can find the prices here. You can pre-book the ticket online and pay using credit card but you still have to exchange it at the airport / seoul station.


Found my fav flower, Daisy at Yeoui-do Park!



The cherry blossom tree above is honestly a fake tree. I think it's provided for tourists who came there when cherry blossom season's already over (like me). But the trees look real, right? lol. Cherry blossom ending by Busker Busker was played when we're there!!


From Seoul station, we took the train to Yeoui naru station. Yeouido's park is super beautiful!
It's also big and we walked a lot when we're strolling around the area.





I was surprised to find that there were still a few cherry blossom trees there!! I couldn't stop taking selfies as it's my first time touching real cherry blossom flowers! I really wished my mom were there to witness it too since she's a flower addict! :')


There were lots of beautiful yellow tullips! It's also my first time witnessing real tullip flower too..


Then we went to Bukchon Hanok Village. It was my first time visiting Bukchon and I also wanted to take pic wearing Han bok (korean traditional clothing).


Not far from Anguk Station's exit, there's a crowded restaurant for samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) and kalguksu . It's full of locals so we're eager to try it as we wanted to have lunch too ! The samgyupsal was delicious but the soup was bland for us (need MSG so baaadd. lol)


The cheapest hanbok rental in Bukchon was in Bukchon-ro 12 Gil (you just have to keep walking up from the Bukchon Hanok Village street enterance to a small alley, then you'll find "Wear Traditional Clothing Hanbok Experience" sign). It's 7000 won but they don't provide photographers/ studio. The lady at the store was not that friendly either when we requested to change the color of our costume (well, we pay for it so we can ask for requests right?).

Other hanbok rentals with photographers/studio will charge you 20.000-35.000 won!


This was the only hanbok that fit my body. The others were too big & long T_T. Anyway I felt so fat wearing hanbok & I looked like a balloon!



When we're walking back to Anguk station to move to Insa-dong, I was hungry again and craving for tteokbboki. I also tried soondae (blood sausage). It was spicy but not that tasty. Soondae tasted quite bland and it's surprisingly not smelly as I thought before.


Arrived at Insa-dong, we went to Ssamzie-gil (unique shopping complex where each floor is connected with a spiral staircase, so when you take a stroll there, you'll pass every shop). There were also many cool wall arts !


We also happen to find Poopoo Land (Poop museum) in Insa-dong. It's small but it's quite funny as we had to pass 'human's digestive system' from the start line till the finish line of the museum! Can't wait to share u the video!


Last destination of the day was STYLENANDA in Hongdae. Yay for the free photobox!


We had budae jjigae (korean army base stew - spicy soup with ramen, sweet potato noodles, sausages, tofu, onions, spams, and kimchi as toppings inside) for late dinner in Hongdae. It's delicious and I slept really well that night with a happy tummy and sore feet after walking all day long! Hehehe