White flowy top + my favorite denim shorts! This was my cozzyyy outfit yesterday. I went to have lunch with my friends and these photos were taken near the restaurant ;p


As simple as my outfit can be, I'd try to add more colours to it which is red in this outfit. 


I wore this headband because I felt some 'gypsy' / 'country' vibes from the top, so I tried to match it xP. Look at my hair! I don't realize my hair has grown so long after 1 year not having a hair cut + a hair perm last December. I'm planning to cut it to be mid - length when I'm going to Jakarta next week. I'm going to sign myself up to a college there.. About the major and else, I'll tell you after I graduate from high school ^0^







Thanks to ma friend Kevin for taking these photos! Anyway, I'm planning to make a blogpost about some behind-the-scenes of my outfit shoots. You know, I like to fool around and not every photos of me look good. I hope I can make it since I'm nervously facing my 1st physics exam in the 12th grade x( *it's getting harder :'(*


I'd like to also announce the winner of my giveaway.. It's Milka Amelia! Congratulations! I'll contact you as soon as possible. For the others, thanks a lot for joining my giveaway. I promise I'll hold more giveaway soon!



Miley bracelet c/o @enpointe14 (line: tamaranitya)


Current It Shoe : High - Heeled Sandals

As the fashion week craze has started, I've been continuously spotting so many street - style photographs on my instagram feed. 
Midis, autumn coats, oversized blazers, full skirts, clean & bold cuts, slip ons, are the ones that I spot most of the time. But every lady's favorite at this season is the High - heeled sandals

To me, my favorite style of high heel is the platform high heels. It's not only comfortable because usually the platform heel is balanced with the heel at the back, but also usually has higher heel than sandals.  But now I see that high-heeled sandals are also very nice, feminine, and lady like. Especially when it's paired with a pretty full skirt / midi skirt.. ;)

Here are my picks of sandals from SHOPBOP! I pick the ones in neutral colors like black, nude, and brown. I also consider RED as a neutral color in my wardrobe, simply because I don't like a black head-to-toe outfit / any outfit which is too plain. (just like Anna Wintour xP). As for the pink, it's just an irresistible color!
  1. Schutz Nadely Cut out Pumps
  2. Zimmerman The Up Sandals
  3. Michael Kors Collection Casey Cut Out Sandals
  4. Sam Edelmen Pompei Mesh Sandals
  5. Club Monaco Ava Slingback Sandals with Haircalf Trim 
  6. Schutz Onorina Strappy Sandals 
  7. Giusseppe Zanotti Cut Out Sandals
  8. Aquazzura Amazon Lace up Sandals
What do you think of these styles?

P.S: Shopbop has their own mobile app for apple users. Make sure to download one to make your shopping experience much easier, ladies! Click here


Lace Combo


Hi! I've just got the chance to update my blog since I was really busy last weekend. Straight from school, I went home and then prepared myself for a photoshoot at Saturday noon, then went to my friend's birthday dinner in the evening.
On Sunday, I had some rest in the morning by doing nothing but chatting and laying on the bed with my friend who stayed over at my house because my parents were away...  Then at 12 we went out to have lunch (thank God I'm able to drive now and I also already have my own driving license!) . At 3 we went out again to have a photoshoot for this outfit, after the photoshoot's done, I drove my friend & my photographer home ;)

DSC_1214 2

For this outfit, I've been wanting for a sleeveless vest for a quite long time. Then I was so happy to get one from Little Muses. I decided to mix it with a lace skirt that I haven't worn for such a looonggg time!

  • red glitter shades from Kate Spade (c/o Shopbop.com)
  • Red sleveless vest c/o @Little_Muses
  • Stripes bustier c/o @ladiesshopsheneeds
  • lace skirt from f21
  • Wedges from Zara
  • Slingbag from Herspot




These photos were taken at the old city hall in Tegal and we suddenly found this pretty tree in front of the police station.. lol. I should've worn pink if I knew sooner :(.




This week is gonna be full of daily exam. Tomorrow I'll have math, english on friday, and chinese on saturday. Headache has already appeared even before all of it start. T_T. So I guess I gotta sleep after posting this ...







Thanks to Agatha Calysta for the photos, and Sarah for accompanying meee :*

p.s: anyone knows how to make my cheeks less chubbier (no bronzer / photoshop, I mean a real way, or a diet for cheeks?) hahaha T.T. I'm feeling so chubbyy lately.


LipSense - @thebeautyofeve Review


Have you ever heard LipSense by SeneGence ?
The first time I discovered this product was when @THEBEAUTYOFEVE offered me to try a made in America long lasting liquid lip color.


I did some quick research on google about this product, and surprisingly many hollywood stars like Christina Aguilera also uses LipSense. It's VERY LONGLASTING. I've tried eating, munching some fruits, drinking, and even kissing my teddy bear (sadly i dont have a boyfie lol) and the color / even the gloss WOULD NOT easily fade off!
It's very perfect to be used if you want to go to a party, or a full day out where you go to the malls to eat and do some shopping (remember when your lipstick leaves stains on the clothes you try in the fitting room?!). You don't need to apply your lipstick again and again after you eat/drink something with this awesome LipSense ;)


Product description:
LIPSENSE : No Wax, No Lead, Smearproof, Waterproof, and Kissproof !
With natural herbal ingredients, it can stay up to 4-18 hours with patented technology and also detox your lips ;)


To wear this product, you must shake the bottle first, then apply from the left / right corners to the center of your lips for your bottom lips, and from the center to the corners for the upper part of your lips.
If you like natural result, apply 1-2x for both parts of your lips. For more longlasting result, apply 3x and don't forget to finish with the GlossSense.



I chose the ROSEBERRY shade + GLOSSY GlossSense . The colour is perfect for teenagers like me because it looks sweet , young, and not too bold.  The GlossSense itself is made of Shea Butter (a natural ingredient) and is meant to make the LipSense stay longer, moisturize your lips, and repair your chapped lips!
IMG_8759 copy

I really recommend this product for those who often go to many events, full day out, and working women. For teens like me, I recommend you to wear this LipSense when you go to your friends' birthday parties. You'll look amazing from the start till the end of the party, and you don't need to bring it to the party to re-apply because it's very long-lasting no matter how much you eat / drink / kiss ur friends! ;P. The colour is much more vibrant than lipgloss/liptint! They have many other varieties of shades and other type of products (for skincare and make up). Make sure you check @THEBEAUTYOFEVE to see what they got!
E-mail: thebeautyofeve@gmail.com
Line: TheBeautyofEve
WA: 081310558055
Facebook: facebook.com/ilovenanospray