Seminar IWOW by FIMELA

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Dalam rangka menyambut anniversary FIMELA.com yang ke 3, Fimela mengadakan FIMELAFEST dari tanggal 16,17,18 Mei 2014 di Kota Kasablanka. Nah, seminar IWOW (Indonesia Wor(L)d of Women) adalah salah satu bagian dari Fimelafest yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 17 Mei 2014.

Di seminar IWOW, akan ada banyak pembicara (inspirator) yang pastinya akan memberi kalian segudang informasi dan ilmu baru seperti yang tertera di poster di atas. Dan berita baiknya, kabarnya masih akan ada penambahan pembicara. Sooo.... tunggu apa lagi? Kalian yang free pada tanggal 17 Mei harus datang ke seminar IWOW ini!

Harga tiket pre-salenya adalah RP 230.000 dan RP 300.000 untuk normal price. Eitss.... tapi...
kalian bisa dapetin harga yang lebih murah ! Gimana caranya?

Dengan mencantumkan kode inisial nama bloggers saat pembelian tiket via email: iwow@fimela.com. CP: 021 30056090 ext.154 (Loni), 081291450430 (Loni) kamu bisa dapat potongan RP 20.000!
Veren Lee, subject email: (VL) pembelian tiket iwow a/n kania ramalda
PRICE (setelah mendapat potongan Rp20,000)
Presale 1: 14 - 23 April 2014: Rp180,000 menjadi Rp160,000 (Included PPN 10%)
Presale 2: 24  April - 3 May 2014: Rp230,000 menjadi Rp210,000 (Included PPN 10%)
Normal Price: 4 May - 16 May: Rp300,000 menjadi Rp280,000 (Included PPN 10%)
 *including: Buffet Lunch, Seminar Kit and Goodie Bag
Promo: buy 8 tickets free  2 tickets
Tiket jg bisa kamu beli melalui hemat.com
 Let's talk about love, woman, & relationship! ;)


Spring Bloom


I'm finally back from my trip to Jakarta. It felt so fast and hectic. But I'm glad I bought some new clothes, met my blog buddies, attended an event, ate yummy food, and of course.. my pre-sweet17 photoshoot with my brother was done smoothly. I can't wait to share you the results but my birthday is still in the end of July! So... be patient ;)

  • white camisole top from cloth inc
  • floral skirt from stradivarius
  • belt from topshop
  • bag from celine
  • shoes from jeffrey campbell
  • shades from mink pink
  • necklace from romwe




I look so tanned here T.T
 HAPPY EASTER DAY, people! I wish you have a great easter break! :)


WAKUWAKU JAPAN : AKB48 Ne-Mousu TV Season 3


Konnichiwa! Masih inget ga sama postingan aku tentang AKB48 Ne Mousu TV yang ditayangin di WAKUWAKU JAPAN? Click here and here to read!


Sekarang, mereka sudah masuk ke season 3! Setiap hari Senin - Kamis pukul 22.00 - 22.30 WIB, AKB48 Ne-Mousu TV Season 3 ini tayang di WAKUWAKU JAPAN. Channel 168 Indivision atau Channel 32 Okevision.

is that you, Tomochin at the left corner? XD

Seperti event sebelumnya, di setiap episode mereka menerima tantangan - tantangan seru dari sang MC Hiroki Ariyoshi! :)

Kali ini, mereka jadi fotografer teman mereka sendiri!

*wink* *faint*

Buat fans AKB48 harus wajib nonton AKB48 Ne Mousu TV ini deh. Kapan lagi nonton variety show idola favoritemu lengkap dengan subtitle tanpa harus buffer? :D
Jadwal Siaran ulang pertama: Selasa - Jumat pukul 04.00 - 04.30 WIB
Siaran ulang kedua: Selasa - Jumat pukul 14.00 - 14.30 WIB

Watch this show only at WAKUWAKU JAPAN ! See ya!


The White Shirt Dress


I spent my weekend by practicing for my class' performance at the prom next month. Our class' practice duration was 3 hours straight and I felt really reallyyy exhausted but happy at the same time because I just loooooveee dancing! hahaha. Can't wait for this year's prom!


Me and my mom have an obsession on white shirts. We have quite manyyy of it. And having a shirt dress has always been one of my dreams. So, when I saw this shirt dress on sheinside, I picked it out right away.


I decided to dress up a bit more mature-looking by wearing these black heeled sandals . My mom snatched it from Guess. Well, it's been a really reallyy long time since we bought something at Guess, and these heels are surprisingly comfortable. I'm so lucky to have the same shoe size as my sis and my mom, so we like to borrow each other's shoes and fight about who borrows the most at the end. hahaha.

Well, no matter how mature I want to look, I can't help but to neutralize my look with another kiddie stuffs like these cherry earrings. So cutee, right?


Andd since I don't really wear plain outfit, this Clutch from Odioli is also a good match to my shirt dress.


p.s: I wore a denim shorts inside... ;p


By the way, I'm going to Jakarta tomorrow until April 18th for a short holiday due to my seniors' national exam and Easter break. For those who are having national exam tomorrow... I wish you the best of luck!! :)