Review: Weekly Mask Routine with VIENNA


One of my weekly beauty routine is applying face masks on my face! Well , honestly I don't regularly apply masks, but I love trying new ones! This time I got to try VIENNA's Clarifying Egg Peel Off Mask, Purifying Black Mud Peel Off Mask, and Relaxing Sleeping Mask.



This Clarifying Egg Peel Off Mask contains natural egg powder, witch hazel, aloe vera, and green tea that can make your skin brighter, smoother, and it cleans your skin till pores area!! This is suitable for oily to normal skin.


Apply on your cleansed face. Leave it for 15-20 mins till it dries, and you can start 'peeling' that layer of mask!


My thoughts for this product: It really cleans off my skin, but it's a bit drying as my skin is a combination of dry and normal. I guess this is perfect for you if you have normal to oily skin!


This Purifying Black Mud Peel Off Mask is also similar to the first product. but it uses black mud which is rich in minerals. This mask will remove dead skin and impurities on ur skin!!


My thoughts on this product: I love this one better! It's not as drying as the first one. It cleans my skin and I feel really fresh yet moisturized at the same time! If you apply this mask dilligently, I'm sure it'll give maximum result!



This one is a Relaxing Sleeping Face Mask!  
What's the difference between Peel off mask & Sleeping face mask?
Peel off mask is focused on cleansing your skin by removing skin impurities and dead skin cells. When you apply it, it creates a new 'layer' on ur skin that you can peel off after it dries. While Sleeping face mask doesn't create a new layer, but it's more like a thick moisturizer cream. 
How to apply? Just apply it like a moisturizer all over your cleansed face!


My thoughts on this product: It smells very fragrant, the texture is cooling and moist. I applied it and left it overnight (rinsed it off in the morning). When I woke up, my skin was totalllyyy smooth and moisturized like a baby! I recommend to use this mask if your skin is super tired / dry. I likeeee using this mask at night & my skin will glow on the next day !! Your make up will look more flawless too after using this mask (because ur skin is reaallyyy moisturized!). Favorite!!



Where can you get VIENNA's masks?

Instagram: @viennacosmeticofficial
Line: viennabeauty
WA: 082277700061

I also find VIENNA's masks at Guardian stores! :)


Askara Villa Rice Field, The Hidden Treasure in Canggu


As some of you might've known thru my instagram & snapchat updates, I went to Bali last Eid holiday. It was a funnnn trip with 4 besties of mine! We went to Bali together 3 years ago, but this time we wanted to explore areas that we'd never been to, Seminyak and Canggu. Legian area is too crowded & Seminyak has better hang out places & nice restaurants.
We stayed in Seminyak for 2 nights, and in Canggu for 2 nights.


Canggu is located around 10 - 15 minutes from Seminyak and although it's not as crowded as Seminyak yet, I can see that it's a growing area. There are quite famous eateries and beach clubs there like LV8 Vue, Finn's beach club, Old's Man, La Laguna, La Dunia, Deus Ex Machina, Peloton Coffee, etc. Because of that reason, I decided to look for a nice place to stay in Canggu.

Luckily, I found Askara Villa Rice Field View, a really cool villa surrounded by rice fields and tucked in the quiet area of Canggu. It has 3 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + 1 toilet, 1 pool with rice field view, and 1 living room. To go to those famous eateries mentioned above, it just takes around 10 minutes by car!


This is the master bedroom, located in the 2nd floor.


The balcony of the master bedroom.


The second bedroom.


The view from the second bedroom.


All bedrooms have bathrooms inside. The bathroom is also really big and has complete amenities like fresh towels, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc!


This is where we had breakfast every morning and indomie time as supper at late night! Hahaha!


The villa's staff came every morning to cook breakfast for us!

On the first day we had toast with selection of jams, sunny side up, juices, and fresh fruits. On the second day we had delicious fried noodle with sunny side up and fresh fruits. Yum!


This is definitely me & my friends' favorite spot !



I and my friends felt happy and grateful to be able to stay at Askara Villa. The villa is absolutely beautiful, cozy, has humble staffs, and located near to cool places! We won't hesitate to come back here again for our next visit to Bali! Thank you Askara Villa for the hospitality!

If you're planning to have holiday in Bali, go book Askara Villa Rice Field View in Canggu

They have a SPECIAL OFFER :

Get 1 night complementary  (FREE!!!) stay for 3 nights stay at Askara Villa (total 4 nights stay).

Promotion valid for normal season and based on availability.

For inquiries please send email to: askara.villa@gmail.com

Please also write down passcode [verenlee@askara] on the email subject to acquire our promotion.
 Check their website HERE / instagram: @askara_villa


Day 3 & 4: Everland, Gwangjang, Dongdaemun, Namsan


Hello! I'm such a baaad blogger for keep delaying my South Korea trip's blogposts. I'm sorry! T^T. I've been busy with college and I'm always at the gym or on my bed doing nothing during my leisure time ;p. Now I'm currently having my eid holiday for 1week+ ! I'm going to Bali tomorrow but before that, I should blog about my day 3 and 4 in Korea~



This was my 3rd time visiting Everland. 1st time in 2002, 2nd time in 2011, and 3rd time in 2016. Nothing's changed drastically... So yeah all I did there was riding just the thrilling rides like T-rex (my fav). 

TIPS: I purchased the ticket through Funko . It's cheaper and they also got a bus trip (seoul-everland-seoul) package, so it's easier than riding train to Everland. Do purchase the ticket earlier before your departure date to Korea because you need to print the receipt & show it to the tour!


The flowers at Everland at that time were my favorite part on that day! They're currently having a Tulip Festival. They're all real flowers!


The queue in Everland's famous rides can be horribly long! My tip -> Ask for 'single rider' at the ride's queue staff. You'll be separated from your friends as you'll ride alone and sit at the empty seat of other groups' odd numbers, but it will definitely save more time.


From Everland, we chose to be dropped off at Myeongdong to have dinner and shoppppp!


The next morning, we went to Gwangjang Market to have breakfast and try the famous food there. I was disappointed as the food wasn't special and you can find much more delicious food at other street stalls. Mungbean pancake was bland, oily, and expensive (4000 won for this gorengan!! T.T). Japchae was also bland and cold.
The only memorable dish that I had there was the Live Octopus Sashimi. It's around 13000 won which was expensiveeeee but it's tasty! Watch it on my VLOG!


From Gwangjang Market, it turned out that Dongdaemun can be reached by walking distance. So happy when I passed by beautiful flowers in front of JW Mariott Hotel in Dongdaemun!


Next destination was this famous DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). Seoul Fashion Week took place in DDP. Inside the building, there were many art installments / exhibitions. From DDP, there were many fashion malls nearby like Doota, Hyundai Outlet, Lotte Fit In, etc.







TIPS: Try Baek Mi Dang soft serve ice cream in Hyundai Outlet (B1 floor). It uses organic milk & soy milk! The cone is also delicious & crunchy! Inside Hyundai Outlet, you can also find Banana Milk Cafe & Honey Butter cafe!! :)


Our lunch was this yuuuummyyy Jjimdak (braised chicken stew) in Lotte Fit In. We had this after we watched K-LIVE Concert ;)






After that, we went to Myeongdong again and walked to Namsan Tower. We spent the entire evening there. It's my 2nd time to Namsan but 1st time going there till the sun went down. So beautiful!

See ya in next post!
Do watch my Video Diary :)


Cleopatra Romance at Kempinski The Spa (REVIEW)


Last Monday, I had a super awesome 3 hour treatment of Cleopatra Romance at Kempinski The Spa. This Cleopatra Romance is the new treatment that consists of foot bath, facial massage, full body massage, scrub, and milk bath. The spa is located at the 17th floor of Kempinski Hotel Indonesia (MH.Thamrin - Central Jakarta)


While they were preparing the spa, I was asked to fill this Health Profile form to prevent any incident during the treatment and was also offered a glass of refreshing traditional lemon grass drink.



This is the waiting room. You can also use this room for manicure / pedicure session with your friends!


The treatment room is very gorgeous! I was so amazed with it especially the gorgeous view!



Kempinski The Spa also provides ranges of skincare product that you can purchase to use it at home. They're internationally certified, so you don't need to worry about the quality.


The first treatment was footh bath. The staff also massaged my feet and it felt so nice.


Next, I got a really good Swedish body massage, which is known for its gentle strength and soft rhythms. The staff massaged my body with the right 'level' of strength. It relaxed my muscles and my tiredness went away instantly. I even fell asleep during the massage!
After the massage, my body was scrubbed with milk & honey and then followed with body mask using yogurt & honey to maintain my skin's mildness and also to make my skin suple and fair.


This was my favorite part. After being pampered from head to toe, I dipped myself into the bath tub to have a milk bath! The water's temperature was just right and the staff let me spent around 15 -20 minutes while she left the room for awhile to prepare the facial cleansing and acupressure.


Done with the milk bath, I took a shower and laid on the bed again to get my face cleansed and acupressured. That was the last routine of this Cleopatra Romance treatment. The tension on my head went away, it's very relaxing and I felt my face become fresher than ever!


As I dressed myself up, the staff told me to go to the waiting area as she'd prepared these lil treats for me to enjoy after a long spa. She said I need to hydrate myself and refresh with some sweet things! Yum! I was totally happy.

Overall, I was very impressed with the treatment I got at Kempinski The Spa. The spa isn't only great, but the staff is also well trained and humble. It successfully made me feel very relaxed and refreshed. I recommend Cleopatra Romance treatment for you who want to pamper yourself after having a hectic week / work in this crazy city life!

Thank you so much for the invitation, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski!

For more info:
Instagram: @kempinskijkt
Website: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1

Disclaimer: This honest review is purely based on my personal experience.