A Happy Mindset

I believe happiness comes from our mindset. How we see and perceive things. How we handle things that happen in our lives.

My friend asked me, how could you stand the heat, the traffic, and the cramped busway every weekdays?
Well. I used to loathe those a lot. I would nag and build up all the nasty curses on my mind.
But when I try to change my mindset, try not to think about those in a bad way, those things don't affect me anymore.

Every time I sweat at the bus station, every time I wait for the busway to come, I try not to think bad about it. I will stand still, either thinking something else or nothing at all.

My mind is my strongest enemy. I am not perfect. I have insecurities that I hide. As a Leo, I'm actually emotional. Being able to beat my bad mindset makes me proud of myself. Being able to hold my anger is an accomplishment. It's a long and tough process. It feels like I'm stacking those UNO blocks and wishing it won't ever crumble.

If you're easily sad or angry, try to change your mindset. Take a deep and long breath and exhale all the hate out. Do I need to be annoyed by this? Is it worth fighting for?

Create positive mindset everyday. Be happy, even by the smallest things.

Today, I'm happy because:
- I love what I wore to work. I wore my fav color (blue) from top to bottom! (didn't have time to snap a pic at home & no proper mirror in my office T.T)


- I gave my seat to an elder on the busway :)

How about you?


Express August

This year's August might be the fastest one I've ever lived through. The first 2 weeks I was fully occupied with my college's final project. On the other hand, I also spent few days going back and forth to do job interviews. The final project is finally over and the bazaar was quite a success. I am forever grateful to God who answered my prayers, to my family for their supports, and to my friends who helped me through this project. I learned so much things from the bazaar, like for examples:
1. Waiting for customers during weekdays is very boring. I couldn't stop staring at my watch, waiting my shift to end. 
2. There REALLY are many types of customers. The very quiet and shy one. The extremely stingy & hardcore bargainer one. The curious & talkative one, and so on. I learned that you CAN'T judge a customer by her appearance.
3. I'm so grateful that our brand, SABBA has a very wide range of customers. From teenagers, young mothers, until cool GRANNIES ! It's just like what I wanted. I want the brand to be worn by any women!
4. That happiness from counting the day's earnings did erase all the pain away! :)

I can't believe that 2 years of college has ended. I feel glad that I enjoyed most of it. (Thanks to my crazy college babes!!! The classes wouldn't be fun without them, seriously!). I also didn't regret my chance to just get a diploma instead of bachelor because I think all of my courses in college are useful. I have to be honest that I didn't take my bachelor to Indonesia's universities simply because I dislike the mandatory courses like bahasa, religion, etc etc which I had enough in high school!! 

About the job, my good friend recommended me to try applying to this job I'm currently doing now. At first I had very little hope, as I never had any work experiences before. I haven't had any internship yet and the company I applied to is a big one! I only told my parents when I applied and did the interviews. But now here I am, sitting on my work desk and living this 9-5 life! It's a big challenge for me, transiting from a college student to a company worker with no breaks in between. 

The bazaar ended on August 20th, and the work started on August 21st. I was nervous on my first day, thinking about how I should hang with my team mates because I'm surely the youngest one. I'm not only very young by age, but also by appearance (which I still struggle on how to make myself look older.... make up & heels don't help much T.T).

Thankfully my teammates welcomed me well and they're very fun! My parents were in Jakarta on my first days of work, so they also helped me. My mom prepared my lunch box and my dad drove me to office. Lol. I didn't mean to be childish, but you know... the time spent with your family is very precious, so I just want to use it well. Back then when I was in college, I drove by myself most of the time. But now, I take public transports. I'll just tell you frankly the reason behind it. The parking membership fee in my office's building is thrice more expensive than my college's. My expenses on transport will sink to the ground if I drive. Hahaha. So now I either take gojek or busway to commute!

Well, I think that's all about the stories I want to tell you today... See ya! :)


Enterprise Stress + HOW TO HEAL ACNES Video

The girls behind @SABBA.OFFICIAL inside bajaj! En route to Citywalk from Tanah Abang~
There are only few weeks left of my college study. I'm currently busy with my Enterprise (fashion brand start up) projects with my 2 other team-mates. I got the "Business Plan" manager role while the others are the Production & Financial manager. 

What I do is basically writing & concepting about the concepts, analysis, promotional plans, strategies, making press kit mock ups, design mock ups, etc.. I enjoy doing this role as I feel confident in terms of creating ideas and writing, but these days it feels more hectic than before. Especially when the other teams start comparing each other's works, I couldn't help to feel panic if  realized I haven't done something! 

The stress also comes from production and money. Earlier, we picked and bought fabric confidently. My leader had also met with the tailors first to see their previous works and negotiate the cost too. BUUUUTTTT! The road wasn't as smooth as what we expected. Tailors broke their promise to produce the items on time PLUS their work was messy! The template was wrong, sewing was messy, and dirty! OMG! I could've already cried on the spot if I were the production manager (Ginger, let me hug you!). My friend went back and forth to the tailors' workshops to make them right. 

Please help to pray for our production..Hopefully they'll be finished on time, neatly, prettily, so we could confidently sell it to you guys! Our enterprise project will be showed at Kota Kasablanka starting from August 9 - 20 (Food Society) Lobby. Make sure to stop by ! 

Last Saturday, we also had a whole day of photoshoot. Can you believe that 3 of our products were done 2 hours before the shoot? One of the tailors messed up the samples so we had to find a tailor who can finish them within 1 day. I was so stressed about how the shoot would be. Thankfully it was fun and smooth. My Make Up Artist & photographer were super on time. did such awesome job on beautifying the models. She even went thru so much hassle looking for floral stickers that I wanted. @MatiusMico has also been very fast on everything. THANKS TO YOU GUYS! Can't wait for the final result! 

About the money part, we've been told by our seniors and lecturers that this project does cost a LOT. I thought we could press our budgeting tighter by finding cheaper tailors, but then our spending doesn't stop everyday. Costs and miscellaneous costs keep on coming. Tailor fees aren't as cheap as what they promised us at first. I feel so bad for my parents. That's why I have like a hugeee stone on my head, hoping that this project can gain profit so I can fully give back the money to my parents huhu T_T.

So guys, please WISH US LUCK and show us some love! Follow OUR INSTAGRAM @SABBA.OFFICIAL and come to Kota Kasablanka starting from August 9 - 20 (Food Society) Lobby. Thankk youuuu sooo much especially to those who already helped me filling up the online questionnaire I needed for my research. 

Till next post! 

P.S: I posted a new video on youtube about 10 TIPS ON HOW TO CURE ACNES ! I never showed my acnes when I was struggling with it because I was so insecure. But my tips here WILL NOT tell you about what products work best, but they're about YOUR HABITS. I'm sure if you do my routines, your acnes will get better very soon!


Some little updates

1. I feel guilty for not updating the second part of my Japan travel journey (yet). I just haven't gathered my determinations to write the post... But I promise I will do it before this year ends! Hahaha.

2. I'm currently on my last term of diploma degree, but I feel quite unproductive. This term I only got 2 subjects. Business portfolio (practicing a lot of Adobe InDesign skills to make layouts, cv designs, etc.) and Fashion Enterprise (producing our own brand, where the collection will be judged, shown, and sold next August). I got assignments and meetings with my team-mates for our brand, but they're still manageable thus I spend a lot of time at home. My lecturers said you'll get really really busy soon. If what they said really come true, please wish me luck! Hahaha.

3. Due to my unproductivity, I encountered a new interest, which is reading on It's basically a site of question and answers, but the topics are very interesting and vary from serious to non-serious questions. There are many times where I gained new knowledges from the people there too.

4. Eid Holiday is starting really soon! I don't have any plans yet, but I'm thinking for a staycation in a hotel. I'm not going back to my hometown because my parents are going here. I found a quite nice deal from a certain hotel. The package includes free breakfast & spa treatment. I really want to book the deal for my parents (+me! the single intruder! LOL!) as their wedding anniversary gift, but they said the price is too expensive. To me, I don't mind spending that amount as I'm not someone who want to save money as much as possible. I want to enjoy the moment while we still can. I love my parents toooooooo much and I think they deserve it. So, should I??????