Here is a happy smile on my face special for the nicely tailored dress that I received from JCL Clothing :D



I always think that sweet dresses are perfect for an afternoon day out / afternoon date with boyfriend. Sadly... I'm a hopeless romantic a.k.a don't have boyfriend... T_T. So yeah, maybe this is also perfect for a sunday brunch with friends / my fam ;)


  • Zinnia dress c/o @JCL_clothing
  • Sling bag from Mango
  • Heels from Aldo
  • Watch from La Mer


Bracelet c/o @prettyrize

Quick Escape

at Senayan City. Jerry Aurum was happened to have an exhibition there! My fav is this gorgeous shot of a beautiful Indonesian actress, Julie Estelle.
Hi! I've just got back from Jakarta . I went there since Wednesday evening until this morning. I just applied for my college study, and also did some retail theraphies (read;shopping, watching movies, and eating delicious food). :p. I skipped school on Thurs, Fri,and Sat.. But that's ok for once in a while, right? Hahaha! As long as I didn't miss any exam :P.

As what I posted on IG, I was in the fitting room, trying on this cool top from CIEL *indo's local brand'. I've always loved their desings, cuttings, and quality. Too bad this smallest size was even too big on me *the shoulder part :(




Me and my mom had our late lunch at Luciole bistro, Central park. They have delicious food & drinks. I think this place is kinda underrated compared to other similar bistros. I tried them for the first time when I met my blog buddies Fhenny & Julian a few months ago. My fav menu is their Seafood spaghetti *not in this pic*. It has tomatoes, prawns, squids, all mixed perfectly in a plate ������. Since my mom likes spaghetti, I brought her to this place! I also recommend Coconut Lychee & Apple butterscoth fruit beer for drinks. THEY'RE JUST SOOOO REFRESHING!! And oh, their service is also so great. I get my food real fast *maybe they look my hungry face* and they're very humble and always smiling ����❤️


On Saturday, I went to Grand Indonesia. I had a meet up with these lovely women behind Jolie Clothing, which is one of my fave local brand ever. Their clothes are exclusively designed by themselves, so you won't find any similar clothes! You can check this post where I wore one of their past collections. I always love Jolie's clothings because they have nice cuttings, cute designs, and lotssss of bows! ;p


The women behind Jolie are Stefani and Fanny! They are very kind and humble. I really had a greatt time chit-chatting and having lunch together with them. *Thanks for the treat too! :'>. I am so thankful that blogging has brought me to meet so many inspiring people :)


On that day, I also went to Local Fest with Dea. It was very fun to do some shopping with her and tried the 'booming' local snacks at the fest :9. I bought quite a lot of stuffs.. Even some that I actually don't need.. -__- *blame my eyes*. It was freaking hot inside the fashion booths, but I was satisfied enough that I could visit my fav online shops, tried those booming snacks, etc because I rarely attend events like this due to living outside Jkt. See you soon, Jakarta!




White flowy top + my favorite denim shorts! This was my cozzyyy outfit yesterday. I went to have lunch with my friends and these photos were taken near the restaurant ;p


As simple as my outfit can be, I'd try to add more colours to it which is red in this outfit. 


I wore this headband because I felt some 'gypsy' / 'country' vibes from the top, so I tried to match it xP. Look at my hair! I don't realize my hair has grown so long after 1 year not having a hair cut + a hair perm last December. I'm planning to cut it to be mid - length when I'm going to Jakarta next week. I'm going to sign myself up to a college there.. About the major and else, I'll tell you after I graduate from high school ^0^







Thanks to ma friend Kevin for taking these photos! Anyway, I'm planning to make a blogpost about some behind-the-scenes of my outfit shoots. You know, I like to fool around and not every photos of me look good. I hope I can make it since I'm nervously facing my 1st physics exam in the 12th grade x( *it's getting harder :'(*


I'd like to also announce the winner of my giveaway.. It's Milka Amelia! Congratulations! I'll contact you as soon as possible. For the others, thanks a lot for joining my giveaway. I promise I'll hold more giveaway soon!



Miley bracelet c/o @enpointe14 (line: tamaranitya)


Current It Shoe : High - Heeled Sandals

As the fashion week craze has started, I've been continuously spotting so many street - style photographs on my instagram feed. 
Midis, autumn coats, oversized blazers, full skirts, clean & bold cuts, slip ons, are the ones that I spot most of the time. But every lady's favorite at this season is the High - heeled sandals

To me, my favorite style of high heel is the platform high heels. It's not only comfortable because usually the platform heel is balanced with the heel at the back, but also usually has higher heel than sandals.  But now I see that high-heeled sandals are also very nice, feminine, and lady like. Especially when it's paired with a pretty full skirt / midi skirt.. ;)

Here are my picks of sandals from SHOPBOP! I pick the ones in neutral colors like black, nude, and brown. I also consider RED as a neutral color in my wardrobe, simply because I don't like a black head-to-toe outfit / any outfit which is too plain. (just like Anna Wintour xP). As for the pink, it's just an irresistible color!
  1. Schutz Nadely Cut out Pumps
  2. Zimmerman The Up Sandals
  3. Michael Kors Collection Casey Cut Out Sandals
  4. Sam Edelmen Pompei Mesh Sandals
  5. Club Monaco Ava Slingback Sandals with Haircalf Trim 
  6. Schutz Onorina Strappy Sandals 
  7. Giusseppe Zanotti Cut Out Sandals
  8. Aquazzura Amazon Lace up Sandals
What do you think of these styles?

P.S: Shopbop has their own mobile app for apple users. Make sure to download one to make your shopping experience much easier, ladies! Click here