Skincare Review : Satto


Hellooo! It's time for a skin care review! I've been asked a lot about what skincare I use on ask.fm , and when I posted a snap of Satto's products on my snapchat (Vhlie), people have been asking me what I think about the products... So.. here we go! :)

  • Satto Hair Tonic Serum
  • Satto Hand and Body Whitening Goat Milk
  • Satto Whitening C-SCRUB for Dark Shadow
  • Satto Acai Berry Triple Moisture Whitening Body Cream
You can find these products at Watsons & Carrefour 



Satto Acai Berry Triple Moisture Whitening Body Cream is enriched with Acai Berry extract, vitamin C,E, and collagen, It has a nice smell and moisturizing but doesn't give sticky effect on my skin. I use this everyday in the morning.


Satto Hand and Body Whitening Goat Milk is enriched with milk extract, vitamin C, E, whitening and other additives to care your skin soft, smooth, looks white, and moist. When I try this product, it gives INSTANT whitening effect! Look at the pic below. I applied it on my right hand and you can tell the difference with my left hand instantly. I usually use this after I take bath in the evening (or before I go to bed) because it has a milky smell and it doesn't match my perfume's smell when I go out ahahha ;p. But sometimes I also use it during the day because it makes me look less tan & It's also moisturizing!



Satto Whitening C-SCRUB for Dark Shadow contains Vitamin C, E, whitening, granular scrub, which can remove dead skin cells, brighten dark shadow or dark areas of the body such as under arms and delicate area so you will enjoy skin feels soft, smooth, glowing and looks brighter.

How to use this product:
Use this product when you're taking a shower. Wet your body and massage (scrub) circular in area that you want to brighten (under arms and delicate area), leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with water until clean.

This product is a good thing to scrub your underarms / other dark areas as it will remove dead skin cells. Usually, we have dark underarms because of shaving, and also bacterias. Do u know that when we sweat and then we take a bath hours after / not at all may cause dark underarms? So, I recommend this Satto Whitening C-Scrub ! I use it 3 times a week :)


You  can find Satto's products at WATSONS / CARREFOUR ! :)

Instagram: @sattobeauty
Check their Web for more variant of products: www.satto.co.id




During my last Garage Sale in Lippo Mall Puri, I got the chance to visit Cloth Inc's boutique which is located in the same mall. There were so many beautiful clothes to pick, and I decided to get this beautiful lace top and pink midi skirt. Thank you so much, Julian! I've always adored Cloth Inc's clothes' amazing quality!!


Within less than 2 weeks, I've styled this top and skirt in 3 different looks! 


Here's the first outfit. I wore this outfit for a fine dessert time & shopping with my friends!


I wore the 2nd outfit when I went to a nail salon to get my nails done! It's a fun and colorful outfit for a day out ;)

  • White top from New Look
  • Necklace from Zara
  • Nano Bag from Celine



Here's the last outfit. I wore this to Hype Bazaar at PIK and a night out with my brother & his gf. I wore the dark red lipstick at night and a nude-pink lipstick during the day ;). It's a perfect day to night combination!

  • Necklace from H&M
  • Skirt from @grinitty


The Clouds


I had this photoshoot quite a while ago but just got the chance to post it today. I really love my cloud print skirt that I wore on that day. You can check my instagram: @verenleecious for the details of this outfit!



Thanks to @dikkimotion for these amazing photos!







My new book: Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. It's totally a fun read!



My friends who were about to go out with me came to pick me up and the photographer asked us to pose together. Hehehe!


I'm currently spending another week of holiday in Jakarta. I'll also be attending @hype.id 's event this weekend. See youuu~~~


Happy Fasting to all my moslem readers! CLOZETTE Indonesia has an exciting contest for hijabers and the prize is very awesome~~. CLICK HERE TO JOIN


June Photo Diary

pink dress c/o Cloth Inc, sneakers from stradivarius (modified by me)
Last week, my parents and I went to Jakarta again to celebrate my mom's bday and their wedding anniversary on Monday. On this post, I'm going to share you my outfits, my meals, and my selfies from this week! ;)

On Sunday evening , we went to have dinner at Nam Nam Noodle Bar at Pantai Indah Kapuk. My parents love Pho so much!


Left: Freshly pressed sugarcane juice with kafir lime leaves (naturally sweet and fresh at the same time! love it!)
Right: Chilled dried longan, lotus seeds, water chestnut, seawood dessert


Pho Wagyu Beef Slices
 The wagyu beef was so tender and yummy! For the soup, it's the best pho I've ever tried in Jakarta. It's so rich in flavor unlike the other pho that only has salty flavor in it.


Vanilla pudding, palm sugar caramel
The texture was nice but it's too sweet.


On June 8th, we had dinner at Ocha & Bella (located inside Morissey Hotel).


The food was okay and here's what I had; Grilled norwegian salmon with vegetables. Quite delicious but it's too oily :(


There are many beautiful spots inside the hotel so I couldn't resist to snap some photos!



Few days after I went to Plaza Senayan because I was craving for Genki Sushi. It's a Japanese restaurant that serves the food using a 'mini bullet train' (unlike others that use a conveyor). You only need to order the food through an iPad and the food will arrive at the side of your table. It's an unique concept yet the food there will also satisfy your tongue :)


Look at my new gel nail art! My brother's girlfriend introduced me to Nail Story Studio which's located at PIK. I am very satisfied with the result!! Not to mention, the salon was sooooo pretttyyy with vintage & shabby chic ambience !!




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Catching up with Julian and Fhenny! Had a fun karaoke session too :)


On Friday my dad asked us to go to Mazda's test drive event. I am moving to Jakarta soon so I need a car to go around. It's my first time joining such an event because usually I'm totally not interested with something like this. My dad and my bro are a big fan of cars yet if you ask me to differentiate similar cars with same color but from different brand, I have zero knowledge to do it . lol.

Since the event was in GBK, we decided to have lunch at a nearby place; Unacho, Plaza Senayan.



Check my instagram @verenleecious for outfit details!!


I first knew this place through instagram. My dad loves unagi so much so I was eager to go to this place and let him try this special charcoal grilled eel. This menu is called Hitsumabushi. You can enjoy this meal in 3 ways. The first one is to enjoy as it is, the second one is to add seasonings (roasted seaweeds, chopped green onions, wasabi, chilli powder, etc), and the third one is add the broth! I love the 3rd way the most :).


After having lunch, we moved to TWG Tea Boutique and Salon.


Tried their Pink Flamingo Iced Tea and Gyokuro Samurai Green Tea. Both were sooo special~~~


It's such a beautiful place so lots of photos were taken ;p




I'm heading back to Jakarta next week for a GARAGE SALE at The Fairytale Market Fest, Lippo Mall Puri (19-21 June).  I'll be selling my preloved clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories in cheap price. So make sure to stop by, say hi to me, and be the new owners of my goodies . SEE YA ;P