Loui Accessories

These photos below are from my photoshoot with @louiaccessories back in October 2015. I totally forgot that I haven't posted these on my blog! It was such a pleasure experience to be their muse! I was so happy to be dolled up by a very talented make up artist, @rainmakeup, shot & directed by playful photographers @ferry.ls & @joshhendries from @cappiophoto and dressed up in beautiful dresses from @monicaivena and @shellanatashia and awesome accessories by @louiaccessories. Enjoy the photos!









Love the headpieces, hats, and accessories I wore? Check out @louiaccessories !
Special thanks to ci Eva :)



Hellooo! Truth to be told I'm not in my highest spirit of blogging nowadays, but looking at my 'empty' blog makes me sad. So I decided to post my OOTDs with the complete details of the brands I wore today. I hope you'll enjoy this post!

  • Floral vest & black maxi high slit skirt from ZARA
  • Black sleeveless cropped top 
  • Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du Jour in Turquoise
  • Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals
  • Wool beret hat, bought online
  • White tee worn as inner from ZARA
  • Flannel plaid pinafore dress c/o @grinitty
  • Heels from Schutz
  • Bag from Samantha Thavasa
  • Sleeveless stripes turtle neck top from Gowigasa
  • Black short cullotes from Cloth Inc
  • White clear heeled oxfords from @favelist
  • Black lace jumpsuit from Zalora (Something Borrowed)
  • Plaid shirt c/o sheinside.com
  • Heels from Schutz
  • Light blue long sleeves shirt from F21
  • Denim shorts from ZARA Kids
  • Celine nano bag in Indigo blue
  • White clear heeled oxfords from @favelist
  • Ribbon gray cardigan worn as top from Mango
  • Batik midi skirt c/o @icorisio
  • White clear heeled oxfords from @favelist
  • Red dress from Love Bonito Indonesia
  • Heels from Schutz
  • White tee & black maxi high slit skirt from ZARA
  • Nike Airmax sneakers from The Goods Dept
  • Fuchsia fringe mini sling bag from Rebecca Minkoff
  • Yellow batik tail top c/o @icorisio
  • Denim button up skirt from Stradivarius
  • Platform sandals from Jeffrey Campbell
  • Bag from Samantha Thavasa
  • Black ribbon backless top from F21
  • Lace bralette from F21
  • White high waisted shorts from Stradivarius
  • Black platform sandals from Michael Kors
  • Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du Jour in Turquoise
  • Polkadot peplum tank from @juloryul.id
  • Jogger pants from ZARA Kids
  • Fendi Petite 2Jours in Pink Ecstasy
  • White clear heeled oxfords from @favelist
  • Long sleeved gray knotted crop top from Stradivarius
  • Green plaid skirt from H&M


Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion


Applying body lotion has always been my daily routine before going out. My daily activities consist of going to school, to the gym, and several events that I'm invited to as a blogger! Everyday, I am exposed to the direct sunlight especially at school or when I walk to the gym from my apartment. It's not good for my skin! Therefore, I always get myself a bodylotion that contains a UV protection to protect my skin. Recently, I've been using Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
as it's perfectly suits my needs. Keep reading to read my review about this product ;)


Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is a body lotion that contains seaweed, lime, vitamin B3, and UV protection that can nourish, brighten, and protect our skin. The 'gel' form of the lotion also makes this body lotion easily absorb to our skin and it's also not sticky! That's just perfect for people with many activities to do everyday, because a sticky lotion can distract and make us feel uncomfortable.


When I first tried this product, it gave me a cooling sensation on my skin and absorbed to my skin just seconds after I applied it! The smell is also very fresh and fragrant. I never feel any sticky effect on my skin every time I use this product, which means it's proven that this Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is non-sticky and the best product for busy ladies!


If you meet me at the gym, you can see that I always apply Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
body lotion after I take a bath. I just loveee how cooling it is after a hot sauna session that I usually have before showering! hahaha! 

Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is specifically created for busy and successful ladies who have many activities on a daily basis. (And oh! This product also has halal certificate from MUI, so moslem women don't have to worry!). There are many inspiring successful young women in Indonesia nowadays. Entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and many more inspire me to be better and better everyday. Being productive is a very nice thing! As a full time college student and part time blogger, I feel that this is the best body lotion for me! I start my daily activities in the morning, so I apply this product before going out and also in the evening after I finish my work out routine at the gym.

By the way, Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is having a competition!


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Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion


Dear myself

Just my midnight thoughts:

Why do people get affected by common mindset that is created in a society easily? For example, 
A pretty face, a beautiful body, a smart brain are the main traits to be attractive ?

Do you even wonder how many women fall into insecurities because of society's standard? Well, maybe not all of them. But most of women, including me feel insecure easily about how we look. Why am I not skinny enough? Why am I so chubby? The feeling of not being good enough haunts me, everyday.

I am aware that it's not good. But it's not easy to change my mindset, tho I've told myself all over again and even my friends and family (who absolutely have gotten bored with my constant rants about weight) that I don't have to stress so much about appearance.

Dear myself,
There are so much people that are totally happy without having a vs-model like body or kpop-star's beautiful face. There are so much people that are totally happy when they eat soooo much although sometimes they gain weight (even you used to be always happy when you're 4kgs heavier than now), because at the end of the day, we're all humans with imperfections.

And imperfections aren't meant to be stressed over so much. Count the blessings you have, be grateful and explore more on what you can do.