Lace and Romper

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Last night I just got back from my school's retreat trip in Parakan, Temanggung. It was my 3rd time coming to the same place (the perks of going to the same school since elementary) but it's not boring at all. I'm so happy to be able to eat my mom's homemade food again (I had a craaazzyy dinner last night and super big lunch of my fav meals this afternoon to fulfill my cravings. thanks mom:*) and also to be able to poop at a closet with bidet.. lol.

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Photos by @clairshoots


Twin Outfit with Mom


#1: "We share clothes, shoes (sameee size!!), accessories, bags, make up, and food!"

Thanks to Catherine Soephadi's Design! Today I and my mom wore a matching outfit. We wore monarchy top and eden top from Catherine Soephadi. The cutting is really perfect and fit our body perfectly (just like what we asked/customized). The fabric, embroidery, are all sooo beautiful! :)


#2 FACT: My face doesn't resemble my mom. I inherit my dad's big, chubby face and also small eyes x')

#3: I don't take many photos with my mom, which makes my mom so annoyed and and always asks me "Why don't u want to take photos with me?? Are u scared that I'm prettier?" .


#4: I have many quarrels with my mom. We fight over the simplest thing like... my outfit. She's also my style consultant most of the times. She hates it very much if I wear a too simple / 'lancai' outfit. But nevertheless, we LOVE each other very much xD



Tomorrow I'll go to Parakan, Temanggung with my classmates to have a retreat trip for 3 days. So c yaa! ;)


My outfit pictures are taken by Clair Shoots


Miss Brightside


Sooo... here are the result of the second outfit of my photoshoot with Agatha (ig: @clairshoots). It was gloomy that noon. I was so scared that it would rain so I hurried up to change my make up / clothes for the next outfit. lol. But strangely, it didn't rain even until the photoshoot had ended.


I really like the result of this photoshoot. So bright, colorful, and about the first 3 photos, I tried to look like the mini dress-up paper dolls that I used to collect in elementary school! ;D (I know I'm so much chubbier than those mini figures >;'0)


I got the flowercrown from ZARA for only IDR 99.000. It was more than 250.000 when I first saw it , but I waited until it's gotten cheaper... I felt so lucky, hahaha x). My necklace is a locket that I costumized by myself on Odetta Style





Before this photoshoot was done, there were some funny things that happened. First, I originally wanted to shoot this outfit the day before (Saturday) with my friends Kevin. I already did my make up, picked my friends up (kevin, steven, jordan. the other two are my 'supporters'?. xP), and we went to the place where we wanted to, but It rained the moment I stepped out from the car, and since it was outdoor, there's no way to take photos of this outfit with bad lighting. So at the end we just went out to have a massive sea food late - lunch. lol.
Second, a week before last Sunday, I and Agatha had agreed to have a photoshoot on that day. She said we'd try to shoot the outfits at her house. So on Sunday, I drove to her place at 1pm. I wanted to do it earlier, but she had another photoshoot in the morning. While I was on the way, she texted me "I'm in Cxxx". "OK." I replied. I thought she had a photoshoot there and would return to her house right after, without realizing that she has 2 houses. One is the one I was heading to (where I usually pick her up), and one is her new house in Cxxx.
When I arrived in her house, she called me and we both realized that we just had a mis-communication and I went to the wrong house. I Panicked!! Because the road was quite small and dead-end. And I COULDN'T  do a u-turn yet because I'm a newbie driver, I was ALONE and I was just too scared to try driving 'backward'.
I had lots of weird thoughts. "OMG what should I do...". 'Should I call my friend..'. 'should I get out from the car and try looking for help (parking man/ security?)'.
So at the end I just BRACED myself UP and did the u-turn by myself (like parking with the butt of the car going in first, then I turned right to come out from that kinda-small road). ROFL.
I'm really bad at parking and going backward T_T




I love the fabric of this dress because it's not too thick yet not too thin, which is perfect for the tropical slash -currently rainy- weather! It's also not a body hugging kind of dress, which makes us comfy when wearing the dress and can hide our flabby belly, yet gives a cute touch from the flares at the bottom ;). ShelovesOnlineshop is definitely my favorite shop for cute dresses, girly tops, and skirts!


"Should I bite the flower?? It kinda matches my flower crown & dress! kkkk!"


Classical Stripes


Heeelllloooo~~ . Today I'm going to show you the first outfit of the 'marathon photoshoot' that I did with my junior, Agatha last Sunday. Since I'm always busy on weekdays, I'm only able to take outfit photos on weekends. We shot 4 different outfits on that day... Thank God it didn't rain although the sky was gloomy ;)



Can you guess the reason of this laugh? xD (hint: something wooshh~~ wooshh~~)


About my outfit, I really like the new shirt and leather skirt from @grinitty. It seems like I was wearing a striped long tee over my white shirt, but it's actually attached!! Cool, right? . My watch is from Daniel Wellington (remember to use the 15% off discount code: verenleecious before the end of November 2014) and hat is from Front Row.


Anyway, I'm going to make another GIVEAWAY soon! Follow my instagram to stay tuned ;)