just a story about my trip to Pontianak

Hello, all! I miss blogging already! :(
This afternoon I just got back from Pontianak :D. I eaaaaatttttt a LOT everyday there. And... I'm really fatter x(
The foods there are really delicious. If you follow my twitter, I make u droll with the 'tweetphotos' about Pontianak's foods... :P
At Pontianak, I went to my uncles house. I met my cousins! Really happy to meet them :)
And I went to my grannies' cemetry that located in a smaaaaalll village and far from the city. I feel like a jungle traveler or a TV reporter. U can see swamps and river with brown water because trees around it!
You must walk for meters after use a boat to accross the river.. I wonder how if I live there.. No electric too! The people there must use boat to go to school or office, etc.
It often floods too... I don't take any picture there. I don't bring any camera or handphone!
And.. The hard thing was when I must woke up at 4am :(. Soooooo sleepy.. My parents sayed if we didn't wake up early, it will be so hot!
After got back from the cemetry, we eat a lot! Ahahahaha...
At Pontianak we're just walk-eat-walk-eat :P. How can we aren't fat??

Okayy.. I think that's enough to describe my days at Pontianak. I blog this via my blackberry.. So I don't upload any pictures.. Will upload it soon! I'm sure u'll droll if see it. LOL
Now, I'm at Jakarta and I'm really happy because I'll go to malls for days and buy a new camera. I'll buy canon g11 two days later! ;) *soo excited

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Thank u and have a nice day !♥☺♥


red bohemian

a long trip is infront of my eyes..
My family and me bring a lot of suitcases...
okay, actually my mom is. she brings a lot of things to my siblings at Pontianak and Jakarta -_-
I feel like we will move to new house....hahaha...
I'm happy because I'm free from school's assignment.
I've finished my holiday's assignments... :D
I'm not really happy these days..
there are happy moments and bad moments...
I love when my favorite blogger kak Diana Rikasari gave me a comment on my blog...
I love when my friends joke like comedians...
I love when my blogger friends cheer me up when I get bad comments from anymous in formspring..
I love when I get the highest midterm test score for some subjects in my class
I love when my mom gives me a new dress...
I love when my readers give me lovely comments... I always smile when read it... :)


I hate when someone gives me bad comment on my formspring account which I deleted it yesterday
I hate when she/he says that I'm Evita Nuh's copycat. really I never think to copy her. she's just inspired me..
I hate when she/he mocks me on formspring
I hate it....
I hate when my mom is soooo fussy. asks me to do this, that, etc.

yes. I couldn't sad anymore. I must be happy with my long trip with family. I must happy because I'll meet my buddies there... Thank you for being my readers,followers,etc... :)

I just try to edit my photos. sorry for the bad result ==. and I curl my hair too! :P

DSC04805 copyDSC04828 copy

DSC04811 copyDSC04813 copy

DSC04830 copyDSC04838 copy

cap - mom's, tank top - giordano, necklace - mangga dua, skirt - pretty rossa (japan) , square bangles - sis' - wedges -  michelle cla, sunnies - forget the brand name, but I bought it in Debenhams

p.s : -on the 3rd photo... I wear my sis' Juicy Couture sandals ;p. I wear 2 shoes actually... but most photos are using the wedges... I just feel both of it match with my outfit :D
-the previous post... many people guess I cut my hair. Actually my sister iron my hair with an iron which has 'noodle' shape. my hair turned into like that T_T

at last, bye, see u! keep updating with me via my twitter . thanks :)


the red tomato

HELLOOOOOOOO my readers, my followers, my commenters, my friends, my stylish people, my lovers, my haters, etc. I'M BACK from HELL (read: school). THE EXAM HAS DONE. OVER! OVER! hahahaha.
I really be thankful to Jesus Christ... I'M FREE from this stressful week!

HOW ARE YOU? :D. tell me what happen with you on this week :]. I want to share with you. hehehe

even the exam is over, that's not mean i'm on holiday... The holiday will start next week. but I will go to Pontianak , west kalimantan, Indonesia, within 26 March - 31 March. then from 1-3 April... I'm on Jakarta ;D:D. Please contact me on twitter if u wanna meet me on Jakarta! :P. I'd like to meet my blogger friends!




can you guess there is something different with my hair? -_-
P.S : DON'T SEND any e-mail to VERENLEECIOUS@LIVE.COM.  IT HACKED. I don't know why!! :'(
I make a new e-mail account ; . contact me there :)

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thanks and HAPPY SUNDAY, all :D


violet touch




kibibe beanie hat - la senza tank top - custom made skirt - lavinda belt - gowigasa shop long cardi - randa wedges

this is the quickiest post I ever do!
my parents doesn't allow me to play computer on exam days but now, They're sleeping. So, I do a blogpost because I've studied for tomorrow's midterm semester test :). *naughty*
wish me luck guys!

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let me introduce my sister

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  ~Amy Li

hi everyone!
probably there will a long hiatus on my blog start from tomorrow-20 march
because I'll have a midterm semester test...
Wish me luck guys! I want to try the best in that test to make my parents proud with me.
I want to 'kick' all of my lazyness and want to be dilligent.... ;D

this is my sister

DSC01114 copy


she wore : goigasa shop tunic - yellowline tights - charles n keith heels - forever 21 necklace - up2date earings - cartier watch 

about my sister and sister and me almost never fight because I always surrender when she angried to me or what else. haha
I'm such a good sister because I almost NEVER angried to her. pity me, huh? hehe

we often dress up together and shopping together too. She loves to make up me, curls my hair, etc.
I can call her : my make up artist. hahahaa!

I love to have a sister like her... even though sometimes I feel she is so fussy and fierce. lol

I think it's enough introduce my sister. So, let's we see my photos!


Untitled-7 copy

*full of hearts*


I wore : DIY ribbon hairclip - gowigasa yamada shop long cardigan - itc mangdu dress - unbranded belt - gosh wedges

that's all for today.
see u later...
pray for me , okay?


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hey lovelies!
sorry for the hiatus in my blog....
i'm so busy-so many homework and test.... (all bloggers who still school, i guess they have same problem with me)
and... next week I will have a midterm test. hiks. it will make a hiatus on my blog for 1 week. sorrry :(

okay, as the title F.A.T 
i'm soooooooooooooooo fat now. I eat a lot! my mom said if It's normal because I'm a teenager and still growing up. so I need to eat for growing up.. yeah.... honestly I dont know what is my weight now. I'm so scared to know... ahahaha ;P

sorry for my fat tummy on these photos below :


wore : lolypop shop hat - yellowline long tee - up2date tights - randa wedges - up2date necklace




details of my tights. so stunning, right? ;P

the last!
gif image again... hehehe. i hope u laugh or smile :D

SEE YOU on next post!
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