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Months ago I posted an outfit post about my 'dream' school uniform. Well, this might be the 2nd version of it. I wore a navy blazer which is sponsored by Cloth Inc, stradivarius plaid shirt & high waist shorts. Cloth Inc is currently holding a 2 days Halloween SALE. Do check out their facebook page for further information. They sell trendy and affordable clothes. Don't miss it!




Auburn & Ginger Giveaway

This time I'll be cooperating with my sponsor Auburn & Ginger for a giveaway. 
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Helloooo! Finally I have some spare time to blog a new post today. My schedule has been so full lately. I practiced non stop for a week last week to prepare a dance performance for yesterday's concert. After the performance had finished, started from this morning, I have to come home late from school everyday to prepare the decoration for an event at school. Well, it's been my decision to join the student council and dance club, so I have to do my jobs. I always choose what I want to do, although sometimes they're tiring, I always enjoy doing it.. :)

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It's freaking hot in Indonesia. I really want to feel and join the autumn feeling, so I chose this blue jumper from sheinside and paired it with metallic skirt from romwe. I also wore a collared shirt from sacs et chaussures underneath. For the accessories, I wore spike cap from oasap and wedge sneakers from asos.

IMG_2005 copy


I hope I won't be too busy this weekend because I realllyyyy miss blogging! ;(

You can follow my twitter / instagram for faster updates (hint: I'll hold another giveaway soon) ;D




I took these photos last Sunday, wearing my new pastel dream catcher from the best dream catchers online shop ever, Hanabira Shop. Their dream catchers are very beautiful compared to other shops! I totally recommend this online shop for those who are looking for cute dream catchers ;)

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IMG_1875 copy

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I also wore a floral haircrown from Dhievine. They tagged me their floral-crowns collection on facebook and I fell in love with this simple lily pearl floral haircrown. Do check the full collection of their floral haircrowns here. :)


Well, I've been busy preparing a dance performance for next Tuesday, speech competition at school, and another student council stuffs. I'll get back to y'all later.
Have a nice day everyone!! ;)


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YAY! I'm really happy to declare that the most stressful week of the month a.k.a mid-term test is OVER. Although the result hasn't come out, I'm a half relieved that I don't have to wake up super early in the morning to re-study the subjects and studying 3 subjects/day which was very hard for me. I hardly concentrated, especially when I studied 'memorizing' subjects. The materials were so many T^T.

IMG_1708 copy

Yesterday after I got home from school I watched new episodes of dramas / tv-shows that I follow and then I decided to take outfit shots wearing new stuffs from my sponsors. There are so many new items in my closet and I can't wait to wear them one by one :)

IMG_1744 copy

I wore printed jackets  from PICNIC (the fabric isn't so thick and it makes me feel comfortable wearing jacket in such a hot weather) , Hippie Gone Mad tanktop (thank you c Ceka!), zara kids glitter sneakers and orange skirt, asos belt, and Union Jack Agenda from Caseurphone (This agenda is so stylish! I'm gonna use this to school everyday xD)

IMG_1721 copy

I woke up early this morning because I forgot to turn off my alarm last night *wtf* and couldn't go back to sleep. Well, I almost always wake up early everyday. It's like my body has an alarm inside. I really want to know how to wake up late on holiday...... =_=
And... my nightmare will start tomorrow when the teachers start sticking out the test results on the board. I'm not so confident about my scores at some subjects because those teachers made such a hard questions. Hopefully I will pass all of them. Aaaaackkkk mommy please forgive mee!!

And, for the first time ever, I wore contact lens. I don't have myopia nor any eye problems, so I never tried one. There were times where I wanted to wear contact lens, since they make our eyes look bigger, but I didn't have any courage to try. Theeennnn the very beautiful sisters from Gowigasa, Elle & Jess contacted me and they said they wanted to send some lovely stuffs from Gowigasa and Gowilens for me. Because I didn't know anything about contact lenses, I asked them which one is the best for my small eyes. They picked CK-105 for me. The diameter is only 14.2mm , but it can make my eyes look bigger and sparkling . (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Hehehehe. Do check Gowi Lens' collections. Their best sellers include Princess mimi bambi, summer doll, and maaaaany more! (☞゚∀゚)☞


Modern Sailor


 This is a scheduled post. I'll be studying at the time when this is live on this blog. I took these photos when the school ended early last week and the head-scarf was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana SS13. If you're following my instagram, you must've seen this ;)


The scarf is bought from Rome, the blue denim shirt is sponsored by Queenbee Shop, and the skirt is from forver21.

By the way, I have a good news for you:
ROMWE is holding an Autumn Kickoff Sale now.  Only 3 days left.
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I received a super beautiful polkadot dress from my sponsor PICNIC a few days ago and I took some pics on the next day because I just couldn't wait to wear it. This dress is sewn beautifully and perfectly suits my style. I imagined I will wear this outfit at the prom night. Luckily I found this European-style headband and it's my sister's. And I also wear this dress with my favorite heels by Mauro Leone.


To be honest, I get annoyed easily when people commented me not to wear high heels at this age. Hello I'm fifteen and a senior high school student. My mom also always recommends me to wear heeled shoes (boots-wedges-platform-etc.) because they make my legs look longer since I'm short. 
I only have 3 pairs of flat shoes at home and I only wear them to tuition places. And if they say heels cab affect our health, I have to tell you that as a busy student, I don't wear heels that often. Maybe around once a week or even once a month if I didn't have any chance to hang out. I even wear sneakers if I'm lazy. But still, wearing high heels always make me feel more confident :)




Well, I'm really sad that I won't be able to blog for a week because the midterm test will start next Monday - Saturday. But don't worry I've prepared a scheduled post. Thank you so much for always reading my blog and taking your time to leave sweet comments. I LOVE YOU ALL. Please wish me luck, I will study hard so that i'll get into the science class next year.


Floral Bunny

Yay! I finally managed to take pics outside my house. We were in a hurry to prepare Jayden's birthday party, so my bro only took a few pics. But that's ok, I was quite happy to leave my tripod even i it's just for once.  My bro already returned back to Jakarta since he has to work tomorrow, so yeah.. I'm thinking to ask my friend to help me taking outfit pics. I'm just really really bored taking pics inside my house =__=.


top : gowigasa , cardigan : stradivarius, shorts : primark, wedge-sneakers : asos


The floral top I was wearing is sponsored by my favorite online shop, GOWIGASA. The top caught my eyes at the first glance because it has such a beautiful floral pattern and bright color. Later when it arrived to my house, I found out that it also has a good material that makes me feel comfortable everytime I wear this top. Thanks ci Elle & Jess for this beautiful top, I can't wait to reveal the other stuffs that they sent to me ;)



1. Visa
2. Fenice
 You'll get contacted by sheinside soon. Thanks all for participating :)