shoes, shoes and shoes

ok. so start from Monday, I'll have midterm test. Time flies too fast, I feel like I've just done with my 1st term test and now I must be ready for midterm test (2nd term). Hope I'll study well and get great scores! Wish me luck! :P

someone asked me on formspring to show my uniform. This is my school's uniform for Saturday. (yes, we go to school on Saturday).

some random pics that I love :
D & G Fall 2011  . 
love the tutus , wedge-boots (look like converse. but really gorgeous . especially the orange ones. )and the alphabet prints 


vogue china . 
I didn't really like the runaway (SS2011) but I realized that this collection is really typical, so, when I saw this pic, I directly remembered if it's Prada! 

wish list :
Chloe Sevigny for OpeningCeremony 
Jeffrey Campbell's Skate in beige
it's new and sold out already on solestruck!
Jeffrey Campbell's Swansong. 
I want at least one pair of floral wedges in my shoe closet.
I keep adding shoes in my wishlist. I've ordered 3 shoes this month :|. hope my mom won't know about this. she will mad at me and prohibiting me to buy shoes :|

I'm sorry for not posting my looks. been to busy with school and tuitions, and I don't have time to take photos :[
and today, I wanted to do it but the weather doesn't want to cooperate with me. the sky is so dark, it's raining everyday! sorryy, all :( . I will try to do some outfit posts after I finish my midterm test,ok! :)

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.  ~Lee Mildon



Hi, everyone! Here I am, sitting in front of the computer screen, on a Sunday night. At first I planned to go to church today, but this morning, I've just known that my dad went outside city , so that no body could drive me to church since my driver went home at 5pm, my sister and brother are in Jakarta , and my mom couldn't drive -___-. Ahhh, I wish I can drive so that I can go to anywhere I want -__-. but I need to wait until I'm 17 years old :/
When I have no thing to do, free from tuitions / other activities, I love to take some outfit shots . I took these photos yesterday, about the clothes I wore, I hope you won't get bored with these shorts because I've worn & featured it on this blog for around 3 times :p, and these nike shoes, I bought it right away after I watched street dance (movie) . heheheh
cotton ink shawl - unbranded top & floral shorts - nike dunk




The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. - Audrey Hepburn

I won't care anymore about what the haters say about me, I will be a strong girl :)
thanks all for your support about this! Have a nice weekend! :)


random inspirations

Constance Jablonski by Alex Cayley for Vogue Spain . source : here

I want the hat and of course, the patterned jacket! So unique, and I think it looks like batik? :D . source ; here

Emma Stone looks really gorgeous in Lanvin S/S2011 dress. the color of the dress matches with the red carpet perfectly :P. Emma Stone has a blonde hair there. She has brown hair in Easy A. Which one do you like? Brown / blonde? I prefer her in brown.. I don't know why, but she looks better in brown! hehe.
Easy A is one my favorite movies 

Katrina Bowden at the QVC 25 to watch party in NYC. Floral top + leather skirt = must try :D

Camilla Belle is so beautifulll . I love the color combination and also the tassel belt!
source : here

some looks from my favorite bloggers/lookbookers ; Jess Loves Fred , Streetwithlove , Jenny from the block , hot chocolate and mint, Anastasia Siantar
vogue girl korea . cute 

hello all! Finally I get a chance to meet you againn ♥, hehehe. I love this year so much because I've gotten 2 achievments ! The first one is my dancing competition, my team won the 1st place that time :D. And the second is cerdas cermat (quiz) competition. It held this morning, and my 2 other friends (Jojo and Samuel) and I just knew about the competition yesterday. -_-". we didn't prepare / study too much for 5 subjects, so we won the 3rd place. Although we're kinda disappointed because our points were so close with the 2nd winner, but we're so thankful to our God. Without His companion, we wouldn't get a good achievment like this :).
anyway, since I activate my formspring page again, I get some questions or compliments from some people, I really appreciate it. And I get bad comments too. There's an anonymous said "ur fashion sucks" "loser" "LOSEEERRR" , etc. but I never answer any of it, and I just delete it from my page. yes, honestly I feel upset and hurt, I might not have a good style like you have, I'm not that stylish, but I'm trying, I always try to improve my style to look good. So, whoever you are anon, don't ever try to make me down . show who you are instead of being an anonymous :)

that's all friends! thank you so much for the nice comments, compliments, and your supports to me. I really don't know how to repay this . hehe :)

p.s : (it doesn't look like the real me in that photo. foto menipu. lol)
see you on next post, ciao! ;)


Teenvogue's Best Dressed Reader of The Day

I've just selected as's Best Dressed Reader of The Day (February 18th  2011). It's my 2nd being featured on ! So happy ;)

click HERE to see. 
Thank you so much, teenvogue!! :D


floral, bows, and oxfords

Hello! Aloha! It's me again . Sorry for my absence .I've been very busy this week with my school activities :(.  I think this blog is full of spider nest now. Gonna throw it all with these photos below! hahaa :p

soo. Tomorrow is Monday, harpitnas (I don't know what's this in English) and also Valentine's day. I feel very lazy to go to school tomorrow because on Tuesday, it's a day-off. My friends who have boy/girlfriend are really excited for tomorrow. me? I bet tomorrow will be a boring Monday with full of activities. 2 tuitions and also will do a dance performance at Pius SHS tomorrow night. oh pleaseee God, I'm sooo lazy :/ . 

porkpie hat - bought at Seibu Grand Indonesia, dress - miss selfridge, socks - hello kitty , oxfords - bought at Taiwan
this is my current favorite dress. I bought this last month at Miss Selfridge Senayan City, when I saw this dress, I directly asked my mom to buy me this dress :P. Thank God she allowed me :P


Happy Valentine's Day! Hope I'll get a lot of yummy chocolates :9. Enjoy your date with your boy/girlfriend!

lots of love,
Veren :3


Rabbit Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Wish in this year is full of happiness and lucks!
I really lovee CNY because my mom always cooks lotss of delicious food and also angpao (money)! :P
I remember when I was child, I hated when we stayed in my parents' friend's house for a long time bcs my parents couldn't stop talking with them, but my parents' friend gave the children a little money. lol
This is the outfit that I wear today. I wear shirt-dress + vest from my mom, wedges from UP (superr comfy!) , necklace from Lennor by Lenny Agustin, and bag from chanel :).

anyway, my interview with is up! do take a look here  ! :)
and this is an artwork made by Desi Perwita . thanks a lot! :)