shoes, shoes and shoes

ok. so start from Monday, I'll have midterm test. Time flies too fast, I feel like I've just done with my 1st term test and now I must be ready for midterm test (2nd term). Hope I'll study well and get great scores! Wish me luck! :P

someone asked me on formspring to show my uniform. This is my school's uniform for Saturday. (yes, we go to school on Saturday).

some random pics that I love :
D & G Fall 2011  . 
love the tutus , wedge-boots (look like converse. but really gorgeous . especially the orange ones. )and the alphabet prints 


vogue china . 
I didn't really like the runaway (SS2011) but I realized that this collection is really typical, so, when I saw this pic, I directly remembered if it's Prada! 

wish list :
Chloe Sevigny for OpeningCeremony 
Jeffrey Campbell's Skate in beige
it's new and sold out already on solestruck!
Jeffrey Campbell's Swansong. 
I want at least one pair of floral wedges in my shoe closet.
I keep adding shoes in my wishlist. I've ordered 3 shoes this month :|. hope my mom won't know about this. she will mad at me and prohibiting me to buy shoes :|

I'm sorry for not posting my looks. been to busy with school and tuitions, and I don't have time to take photos :[
and today, I wanted to do it but the weather doesn't want to cooperate with me. the sky is so dark, it's raining everyday! sorryy, all :( . I will try to do some outfit posts after I finish my midterm test,ok! :)

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.  ~Lee Mildon


  1. -wishes you good luck- :) xx
    That shoe by Jeffrey C. is love but of course it's Jeffrey!
    Have a happy weekend.


  2. lovely pics ^^
    I really like those shoes <3

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  3. Indonesia always come to school on Saturday... x) but it's fun! :)
    I really LOVE the sneaker wedges~~

  4. I agree with the time things. Just cant believe mid term test is coming soon already :(
    and the JC skate shoes is awesome! all the best for you, princess =)

  5. Aw ! Going to school on Sat seems hard ;__:! And eee, good luck with your mid term test ><

  6. Good Luck for the exams! And you look adorable. And Wow, school on Saturday. Nice. You've got a cute uniform!

  7. the JC skate and floral wedges are AMAZING! i want them both too!! good luck on your midterms!

  8. wow,love those beige shoes! absolutely awesomeeeeee:D

  9. The floral shoes are adorable:3 I have to come to school on saturdays to study for the national exam:( sucks, right?hha anyway, do you want to exchange links? My blog is new soo.. hha I've added yours anyway

    Pastel Satchels

  10. I love this floral shoes :) Good luck with the exams!

  11. Good luck for your midtest ya Veren! I hope the best for you.
    I love the converse-like boots!! Oh my these are so colorful. Great post veren! <3


  12. I want one pair of floral shoes too!
    Nice post :)
    btw, i'm following you. Gluck for your midterm!


  13. i love jeffrey campbell skate once anaz posted it on twitter!

    anyway goodluck kecil!


  14. hey veren you know, i have the same case with you. i keep on wondering how mad my mom will be if she knows, ive ordered another shoes, right2 now! ehehehe


  15. I love those alphabet prints, and the floral Campells... So perfect for summer! Panda xo

  16. AW YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE. All of you. I love it. Same with the pictures you've posted - especially the colourful ones. FANTASTIC.

  17. Good luck for your midterm tests, Veren. I'm loving those Jeffrey Campbell!

    Laces on My Dress

  18. I want a pair of floral wedges too !

    let's follow each other!

  19. you look cute
    and i love those killer shoes
    visit mine sometimes and don't forget to follow:)

  20. goodluck for your mid term test dear!
    and i love those shoes


  21. LOVE the Jeffrey Campbell floral wedges! Wedges are so in.

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