random inspirations

Constance Jablonski by Alex Cayley for Vogue Spain . source : here

I want the hat and of course, the patterned jacket! So unique, and I think it looks like batik? :D . source ; here

Emma Stone looks really gorgeous in Lanvin S/S2011 dress. the color of the dress matches with the red carpet perfectly :P. Emma Stone has a blonde hair there. She has brown hair in Easy A. Which one do you like? Brown / blonde? I prefer her in brown.. I don't know why, but she looks better in brown! hehe.
Easy A is one my favorite movies 

Katrina Bowden at the QVC 25 to watch party in NYC. Floral top + leather skirt = must try :D

Camilla Belle is so beautifulll . I love the color combination and also the tassel belt!
source : here

some looks from my favorite bloggers/lookbookers ; Jess Loves Fred , Streetwithlove , Jenny from the block , hot chocolate and mint, Anastasia Siantar
vogue girl korea . cute 

hello all! Finally I get a chance to meet you againn ♥, hehehe. I love this year so much because I've gotten 2 achievments ! The first one is my dancing competition, my team won the 1st place that time :D. And the second is cerdas cermat (quiz) competition. It held this morning, and my 2 other friends (Jojo and Samuel) and I just knew about the competition yesterday. -_-". we didn't prepare / study too much for 5 subjects, so we won the 3rd place. Although we're kinda disappointed because our points were so close with the 2nd winner, but we're so thankful to our God. Without His companion, we wouldn't get a good achievment like this :).
anyway, since I activate my formspring page again, I get some questions or compliments from some people, I really appreciate it. And I get bad comments too. There's an anonymous said "ur fashion sucks" "loser" "LOSEEERRR" , etc. but I never answer any of it, and I just delete it from my page. yes, honestly I feel upset and hurt, I might not have a good style like you have, I'm not that stylish, but I'm trying, I always try to improve my style to look good. So, whoever you are anon, don't ever try to make me down . show who you are instead of being an anonymous :)

that's all friends! thank you so much for the nice comments, compliments, and your supports to me. I really don't know how to repay this . hehe :)

p.s : (it doesn't look like the real me in that photo. foto menipu. lol)
see you on next post, ciao! ;)


  1. lovely post :)

  2. congratulations dear Veren for the achievement of dancing competition and cerdas cermat. you guys are smart!
    the inspirations are inspiring though. but the girl on vogue korea looked scary but nice veren :D
    never care to some anonymous. theyre only jealous because their styles are f*ckin bad hehe


  3. Aamzing outfits, like them ♥

  4. inspiring!
    you look so cute, dear!
    like my little sister <3
    how about following each other?

  5. very nice post!
    those are really inspiring! :)
    lovely pictures <3

  6. Great blog! :)

  7. you can get that red hat from tomodachi boutique in bandung ! i bought mine last weekend there :D
    cuman skitar 200rb an verenn

  8. i like your blog ... I have just restored my blog just to read other blogs like yours. Cute.<3 - faye from Philippines.

  9. These are such great photos! I love the one of Emma Stone and Camilla Belle!

  10. I think your style rocks, but it kinda disturbs how you smile on every picture. Your pictures would look so much better if smile with open mouth orsmth! ;)

  11. Great post! I love it!

    Just found out i'm going to London fashion week so check out all my upcoming posts!
    Check out my blog and follow if you like...

  12. veren! don't mind those brainless people! envy shows that they aren't as good as u! :) so cheer up!


  13. emma stones in lanvin is just soooo great!

  14. Such an inspiring post Veren! Btw congrats for being featured on Teen Vogue :)

    Arnold Teja

  15. nice post!!

    Teen vogue honey? congrats!!! :D

  16. they all look so gorgeous!

    Check out my blog and follow me so you can stay tuned to my daily updates!

  17. lovely inspiration here, love all the colours and lace.
    about those anonymous comments/questions, just ignore them, I do, when I get them too. I know it's hard to get but they're just jealous and rude people that only deserve you not to even care about them. you have a lovely style and you're such a cutie, I'm sure it's all jealousy.
    have a nice weekend Veren! :)

  18. photo #1 and #2 is sure very very nspiring to me! <3 <3 <3

    ah.. darling.. that junk comments in formspring.. I once got them and almost give up blogging. After deleting it, I feel super better, and even more than just 'feeling better'! hehehe

    You know.. you're cute, adorable, and stylish. no matter what those craps say.

    The Picnic Girl

  19. i love Camilla Belle's look. The color blocking theory is worked well!

    Visit my blog then,

  20. hi Veren! :)
    this is the first time I read your blog and you have good sense of fashion my dear, seriously.. :)
    Tyra Banks used to say : no matter where u go,there will be some1 who wants to break u down but u have step up & make sure that bad comments make u stronger!!

    congrats on your dance and quiz competition and 4 being featured on TeenVogue!! *clap clap clap* :D

    and yes Emma Stone does looked good with brown hair..she looked younger in brown... :)

    nice blog! :DDD

  21. wow,anastasia siantar is a great dancer and also, models! we're in a same dance class, long time ago :D


thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!