Two days ago I went to meet my ex-jhs-mates at McD's and it was really really fun. We had a chit-chat for hours then we went to the mall, went to the karaoke, took a lot of photos, and ate again.
As you know, some of my ex-jhs-mates are studying in some cities such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Bandung. We talked about our new schools and how we missed our memories in jhs . I'm really glad that we still keep in touch with each others :)


  • cat-ears beanie c/o La Dulce
  • stripes long sleeve top from Topshop
  • denim shirt from Pull & Bear
  • studded shorts c/o Cloth Inc
  • "dolce" tattoo stocking c/o Autumn Skye


The very kind owner of Cloth Inc, Julian Tanoto sent me some of cloth inc's new arrivals , and this pair of black studded shorts has become my favorite! Do check their webstore because they have lots of stylish items with amazing price!

I'm going to pack my clothes for tomorrow's trip. I will go to Jakarta! Yayyy! See you soon! :D




Yesterday I went to church for a Christmas Eve mass with my brother and friends. And this is what I wore :

  • Peterpan collar top : H! by Henry Holland
  •  Black leather skirt c/o sheinside
  • Green mini sling bag : Mango
  • Tribal wedges c/o Picnic
 I can't wait to spend my holiday in Jakarta. I will go on 29th because my bro who studies in Jakarta has just returned to hometown. Well, I don't mind about that because I'm planning to spend my holiday in Tegal by doing a lot of exercises (I really wish to be slim and to prevent myself from getting fatter on holiday) and hanging out with my friendsss! Hehehehe...

Once again, Merry Christmas and don't forget to join sheinside giveaway below! 
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Little White Dress


Holiday officially starts today! I've planned so much things to do such as taking outfit photos as many as possible, reunion with my junior high school mates, watching korean dramas without worrying any exams or homework, and I also want to learn how to cook !

I was free yesterday, and I took some photos in my garden with a new dress from Classyc. I felt so comfortable wearing this outfit because of its' soft fabric and it's also sewn nicely. I checked Classyc's website and amazed with other girly dresses, skirts, and tops which also come in affordable price.


A journal really plays an important role in my daily life. I always try to write my daily activities and to do list there. And when a month passes by, I will review my journal and see what I've done within a month. It will help to guide myself to be better, better, and better in the future.

These are my journals and diaries that I used in elementary until high school. I'm totally a sucker of pretty and cute journals. Look at the journals from Gogirl! Magazine. Each of them has unique design and touch of pink! How can I refuse them? <3 p="p">

IMG_2771 copy

Since the 2nd term is coming, I have these 2 journals from Gogirl! Magazine to accompany me. I've started filling this journal too! ;)




You can get the journals from Gogirl! Magazine December 2012 edition. Hurry up and get them from your nearest magazine stall / book store before they run out of stock! :)

A bonus photo from my instagram:

 Thanks to Dhievine for the flower crown!


Another Meowth

IMG_2642 copy

If you're following my twitter, you must have known that I had a strange dream last week. In my dream, there were 10 black poodles in my house and there's someone who told me that among those poodles, the 2 of them were actually pigs. Those poodles didn't bark at me nor ran to me, they look tame. I was so puzzled about that dream and told my friend when we had a chit-chat. I guessed that my dream actually meant that I have 10 good friends who are always support me, but 2 of them are actually black (have two faces, act good in front of me, but behind me they mock me and try to turn me down). My friend said that he has an aunt who's able to guess the meanings of dreams, and he would ask her and lemme know the following day. And guess what? My prediction was true! His aunt said the same thing like me. His aunt said that I must be careful and don't ever 'fall down to the black hole' guided by 'that' bad friend.

I just can't believe there could be some people who have bad plans to their own friends.. I have a classmate who makes me feel uncomfortable by his actions, and I don't wanna get closer with this person cz even one of my best friends said this person has had plans on me... T_T.
I'm so sad and don't understand all of this. I'm that kind of person who forgive easily and let bygones be bygones because I just hate a 'cold-war' situation T-T.
However this taught me a lesson not to trust and get too close with anyone easily.

IMG_2658 copy

Now let's discuss about this outfit.
As the cat prints stuff is so happening right now, I picked this cat-printed sweater from sheinside. I paired the sweater with my new houndstooth skirt from picnic. I don't usually wear a pencil skirt like this because I used to think this kind of skirt will only make me look older (cz many people use this skirt as a work attire). But now I think I was wrong! I found a way to make this skirt suits my age by pairing them with sweater, wedge-sneakers, backpack, and a cap! Hehehe. I know, my turquoise cap seems to be out of place from this outfit. I just wanna give a bright color to my 'oh-so-white' looking outfit. Hehehe.  I know, I've been wearing my wedge sneakers so much lately. But I just love it so much because they look chic, make me taller, and comfortable :)

IMG_2644 copy
  • sweater c/o sheinside
  • skirt c/o picnic
  • wedge-sneakers & belt : asos
  • backpack c/o romwe
  • cap : elstinko
IMG_2651 copy

IMG_2643 copy


Romwe Year-end Xmas Promotion

ROMWE Year-end Xmas Promotion
Everyone can get a Santa Claus’ Stocking with Mysterious Gift if your order over $60.
   This goes from from Dec 19th to 25th.
This promo is just perfect for you who are celebrating x-mas and wanna shop gifts for your loved ones. Romwe has all the trendy stuffs you need. SHOP NOW! :D


The Journal

IMG_2596 copy.jpg_effected

Gogirl! Magazine sent me 2 lovely journals from their December edition. The design is amazing and it's dominated with pink, my favorite color! I'm gonna start using the journals to school. It's really light too, so that it won't make my bag heavier ;)

IMG_2572 copy


Me, as an active student at school who's also a part of student council, really need a journal to write down my schedules and to-do-list. Since I was still a kid, I often buy journals and diaries, I fill them with my daily activities and stories (although most of times I couldn't finish writing them and would keep buying the new journals). On the next post I'm thinking to show you some of my journals and diaries collection. I'm a big fan of cute and pretty journals like this journal from Gogirl! :)

IMG_2563 copy


About the outfit, I wore this to go out with my english tuition teacher and her students few days ago. She's still young so we like to have dinner and karaoke together! ;)
  • Floral sleeveless shirt c/o Laceorie
  • Navy blazer c/o Cloth Inc
  • Acid high-waisted shorts c/o Red Cherry
  • Asos floral wedge-sneakers
  • Cambridge Satchel Company in fluoro yellow 11"
  • Gowigasa heart-shaped sunnies

By the way, my prayers go out to the victims of the shooting and their families in CT :"(. May the families will always stay strong :)

Annisa Aulia Maghfirani Sudarmadi
Congratulations! Sheinside will contact you as soon as possible. For those who haven't won, there'll be another giveaway this month. Stay tuned!! :D




Final exam is ALMOST over. Only two days left, and after that I don't need to touch my books anymore until January. Please God, let me pass all the subjects.... >__<.
I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left until Christmas. It's December 2012, where around 2-3 years ago most people in this world were being so fussy about doomsday. 2-3 years ago I thought in December 2012 people would be so panic and praying all day long. Now the situation is completely different. It seems like no one gives a f about this matter, including me. Whether the world is really going to end or not, I've promised to myself to live my life the fullest and enjoy every second in my life with smile. I will always think that I'm blessed and God will always protect me, my family, my friends, and all people in this world. <3 p="p">
I thank God for letting me live until now, and what I always want to be is to be a better and wiser person :)


Today I decided not to study the material for the last 4 subjects because I'm just so tired and bored. I missed korean dramas, running man, and blogging so much, and I just wanna have some rest today. Hehehe. So, during my spare time this afternoon, I dressed up and took some outfit pics. I didn't go out today and probably I will wear this outfit when I'm in Jakarta this holiday ^^. 



  • Cat ear beanie  c/o La Dulce
  • Striped navy long sleeve shirt c/o Picnic
  • Cat-shaped black bag c/o Romwe
Please mind my weird pose :p.
Cat-shaped or cat-printed stuffs are everywhere nowadays. Actually I dislike cat, but if it is only in clothes / accessories, I don't mind at all because they look cute. >_<
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necklace c/o Grinitty Shop (they also sell studded beanie, cat bowler hat, spiked cap, and lots of cool clothes)


acid shorts c/o Red Cherry & flatforms c/o chicnova


This outfit is all about comfort. Some people prefer to wear things that make them feel comfortable, and some prefer to wear everything that catches their eyes and don't care too much about comfort. Me, myself is someone who wears everything that I love. I don't really care whether this pair of shoes hurt / heavy or something else. As long as they're pretty, I love to wear them :P.
But that doesn't mean I don't like to wear comfy clothes / shoes. It's just that I often find most shoes / clothes that are comfy are ugly.
BUTT (again) this time, I found a super comfy and gorgeous pair of shorts and flatforms. They fit me perfectly and I believe this is so perfect for long-period of shopping :P.

Finding a pair of pretty and comfy shoes is like finding a needle in a haystack ! 
I give two thumbs up to Chicnova for this cool & comfy flatforms :)




I will also announce the winner of chicnova giveaway.
The lucky person is:

 Congrats! The chicnova team will contact you as soon as possible. For those who don't win, you may try your luck on the on-going sheinside giveaway ;)
I will have final exam starting next Monday until Dec 11st. I don't think I'll be able too update my blog during that period of time because I really want to focus on final exam so that I will pass all of the subjects with satisfying scores :) . Wish me luck!!

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