Yehwadam by The Face Shop Review & Event


The Face Shop Indonesia has just launched a new Anti - Aging product line, "YEHWADAM". This line is inspired by traditional Korean beauty methods found in ancient books and teachings. Sparked by age-old skincare secrets handed down from one generation to another, YEHWADAM products are made with natural Korean ingredients processed by traditional methods. The product line prevents the signs of premature aging, the Revitalizing line makes dull skin radiant again. 


Before the launching event, I got the sample box from Clozette Indonesia x The Face Shop Indonesia. My first impression was how fancy the packaging is! It's in peach - pink color to reflect the main ingredients in the product. 


The main ingredients in this YEHWADAM line are:
  • SAFFLOWER FROM SANCHEONG, JIRI MOUNTAIN: Improves skin tone and complexion. 
  • GINSENG FROM PUNGGI: Re-energizes skin with ginseng extract, which some say is the secret to younger looking skin.
  • GOJI BERRY FROM CHEONGYANG: For radiant, glowing skin.

The FIRST step is to apply YEHWADAM Revitalizing Toner on your washed skin. It's very important to apply toner as it functions to prepare our skin before it 'receives' the rest of skin care products.


The liquid is clear and has watery consistency. It absorbs quickly on the skin. It's very refreshing !


SECOND step is the YEHWADAM Revitalizing Serum. The serum works from the inside, to help repairing the skin condition.


The liquid is a bit thicker than toner, but it also dries up pretty quick!


THIRD is to apply the YEHWADAM Revitalizing Emulsion. This one has thick consistency and is very moisturizing. I reallyyyyy like the emulsion as my skin becomes very smooth, supple, and glowing without making it sticky / oily! We should apply this emulsion during the day (as day cream). The minus point is that it doesn't have SPF protection. 


The LAST is the YEHWADAM Revitalizing Cream. It's a night cream, which is why this one has the thickest consistency among all. 



I apply it every night and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is still super smooth and supple! 
I struggle with dry skin, so I loveeee how the products help my problem. This picture is 10000000% not edited! ;)


Although it's an "Anti - Aging" line, women from 20 years old can already use this product. Lots of stress and pollution can cause early aging, so we have to prevent it early. 


During the talkshow at the YEHWADAM Launching Event in Central Park Mall on March 18, I also learn the reason why Korean Skincare products have so many steps, not just one. The many steps in the routine will give maximum result to our skin! Then, a good skincare will not give you instant result. Instead, the result could be seen after 2 weeks of regular application. 


The products are now available at THE FACE SHOP stores all over Indonesia!

Thank you The Face Shop Indonesia & Clozette Indonesia!

P.S: The review is 100% honest and purely based on my personal experience & opinion.


Review : Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum & Sheet Masks


Innisfree is finally coming to INDONESIA on March 24th 2017 in Central Park Mall Jakarta & Senayan City 2 weeks after ! I've been loving their products & tried few of them when I went to Korea last year. I love the natural ingredients they like to put in most of their products. 


This Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is one of the most popular products. This serum should be used after you wash your face, before applying toner & other skin care routines. It is formulated with freshly squeezed Jeju green tea and green tea seeds to create a dewy and clear skin! 


To apply this product, you just need to pump the top part of the bottle. Thankfully, it has a plastic cap that will prevent leak out if you accidentally pump the top :)


The liquid is clear, not sticky nor watery. It absorbs to the skin very quickly without leaving it dry. I love the fresh & refreshing smell too. 


I don't break out wearing this serum. I recommend this serum to any skin type! For oily skin, I think it won't make your skin oily. For dry skin, I think this product is moisturizing enough too ! 


Next, I tried their sheet mask. This one is Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Bamboo.


The mask has bamboo extract that will quench the thirst of skin and keeps skin moisturized for a dewy look! My first impression of the mask was the thin sheet! I think it's thinner and softer than most of other sheet masks I've tried before. It might break easily if you don't apply it carefully, but it doesn't mean a bad thing for me. In fact, I think it will absorb to your skin better and it feels nicer too when you're wearing this mask! LOVE!



Next, I also tried this Innisfree Anti - Aging Mask Smile Line. The function of this mask is to solve the problem of inelasticity and dryness around the lip area caused by aging and stress! I think the function is very good as smile line is very important! Don't you hate it when there are lines around your lips when you smile?



This mask was very moisturizing, but I think we need to apply it religiously to see the result!


There are also other sheet mask variants such as Skin Clinic Mask Hyaluronic Acid (to relieve skin dryness), Anti-Aging Mask Neck & Collarbone (to create a firmer appearance of the neck & collarbone), Skin Clinic Mask Collagen (to fortify skin & leave it feeling resilient), and It's Real Squeeze Mask Bija (to help skin problems while keeping it moisturized and clean) which I haven't tried yet. 

Overall, I'm impressed with Innisfree's products that keep my combination (mostly dry) skin moisturized without breaking it out!

I recommend you to visit their STORE OPENING at:
March 24th 2017 - Central Park Mall Jakarta (LG Floor)
and Senayan City Jakarta (2 weeks after).
They will give FREE GIFTS for every visitors without any purchase!!

See you there ;)

P.S: Thank you Clozette Indonesia & Innisfree Indonesia for sending me the products. Review is honest based on my very own experience & opinions. 


Those Goals

and the list goes on.

Those terms seem very familiar these days, right?
Especially when in this high tech era, we can see others' and share our own personal lives on social medias.
I often use this kind of terms too whenever I see a pic of someone pretty / a couple looking very great to each other or anything else.

But, suddenly I have a thought. 
Are those terms good or necessary?

Well, maybe depends on your actions. 
It might create a mindset where those #goals as the common "standard" to the society.
For example, a #bodygoal is a body with big boobs, booty, and flat abs. 

Where on the other side, 
Remember that each of us has our own uniqueness, our own plus and minus, and we're all incomparable to anyone else. 

I don't want the common standards of #lifegoal #bodygoal #couplegoal #blalablagoal make people think that they should be that way too in order to be happy and liked or accepted by others.

I want everyone (including me) to define our own happiness from our heart, not from what we think we should be.

I don't need to be like anybody else to be happy. I don't need to have a castle-like house, a fine dining everyday, nor a super beautiful face & body to be happy. Simple things like eating my favorite food, being lazy in my tiny yet cozy bedroom, having a good talk with my parents, and a fun hang out with my friends can truly make me happy. My life is just perfectly imperfect as it is. I'm working on my own dreams in life. 

Create your own #GOALS that truly come from your heart.





Last Saturday, I got the opportunity to watch GOT7's Flight Log: Turbulence Fan Meeting at The Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta with other Clozette Indonesia's ambassadors! I got the ticket from Samsung Galaxy J Prime & Clozette.

As many of you already know, I'm a korean lover (everything from the fashion, food, travel, beauty, dramas, music, movies, etc) and I used to be a k-poper in my high school days. I've  watched a few k-pop concerts like 2PM, Super Junior, and Winner! 


So when GOT7 announced their fan meeting in Jakarta, I was eager to go! Jackson and Mark are my favorite members. How about you??


The fan meeting was scheduled to start at 18.30. I came there around 18.00. The hall and queue were very well organized and managed!! I was quite surprise seeing that situation, as my past experiences of watching kpop concerts in Jakarta were such a mess. Bravo to MECIMA PRO & IGOT7s!


The fan meeting started on time. The fans were very enthusiastic and screaming before GOT7 even come out till the end of the fanmeet! LOL!

GOT7 performed most of their hits from Turbulence album and of course, Hardcarry was the best song!


There were also a play time session with lucky IGOT7s and chat session! It was so fun seeing how humble and playful the members are!

Before the encore, IGOT7 prepared a surprise to GOT7. It was a video compilation of IGOT7 from all over Indonesia. They were teary watching the video (so was I T.T).


Overall, I really had fun at the fan meeting! Thanks to Samsung Galaxy J PrimeClozette Indonesia for the ticket.
I also feel very grateful and want to praise the promotor, MECIMA PRO for bringing GOT7 to Jakarta and making the event run very welll! It was the best k-pop event I've ever attended ;)



Self Love



This pair of PEG BELTED PANTS from Cloth Inc is currently my favorite one. It's high waisted, comfortable, and can be styled easily! Here I show you how I wore them in 2 different outfits.


The first one is a casual look where I wore it with a white cropped top and a jacket. 




The second one is a semi-formal look where I wore it with a statement top! 



Which one is your favorite?


My previous blogpost was a bucket of the ultimate problem I'm dealing with myself. I never expect myself to be such an insecure person. Because 2 years ago, I clearly wasn't.
It's just that in 2016, things started to go out of my control and turned me into an insecure person, who saw herself as never being enough. 
I've realized the problem, but I never truly came out from that zone.

Today, I read a quote from Rita Mae Brown; "I think the reward of conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself."
I immediately asked myself, "why do you hate yourself so much?".
If it were my insecure soul who answered, "I'm not skinny enough. I'm not pretty enough. I'm super selfish."
But then I took a deeper thought. "Why are looks so important to me? I don't need to have be insecure of how I look. It's totally irrelevant."

Yeap, #selflove is definitely important. Start from today, I promise to not to let my insecurities be the source of my unhappiness anymore. There are other problems that are more important than a stupid insecurity. There are so much things I have to be grateful for. I have amazing parents, amazing siblings, amazing friends who love me just the way I am and give so much care for me, and I couldn't have asked for more. 

I'm also thankful for your supportive comments on my previous post. I loveeee you!


Heart to Heart

I'm always grateful for everything that I have in my life.
I don't think I could've asked for more.
When someone told me to work harder to earn more, I answered her "How rich do you wish to be? It's never going to end. If I could be richer, I'd be grateful. But, I'm already happy at where I am at now."

It's absolutely not wrong to work harder and have an ambition. 
But too much ambition can cause you stress of being too focused on reaching that goal. You'll neglect everything besides that.

It's also absolutely right to be grateful for what we already have.
But doing nothing without effort doesn't lead you to anywhere. Life isn't meant to be stopped at one point, right? You have to keep on moving and improving your life.

Striving for a balanced life is harder than making it 'perfect'. I feel like I'm always 'in between'. I'm either being a perfectionist or do not give a single f at all. Sometimes I'm so focused on doing a goal that I over-push myself for it, without looking at my surroundings. Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to do something, but I'm too lazy for it.

Up until now, I'm still learning to have a balanced life. It's okay not to do my routines when I don't feel like it. It's okay to accept changes, especially the ones I don't want them to appear. 
It's okay to go backward, because I'll learn and improve myself from the mistakes.

I'm still learning about acceptance. I'm still learning not to be so stubborn. 

When you're wondering... Why do problems keep on coming?
Think about... That it's the process we have in life. Problems are the challenges we have to face. Without them, we can't be a better person. At the end, it's about how we decide to face them. 

Solve our problems with acceptance and pick up the lessons. Not with sadness and anger. 


Stay Stylish in A Cozy Top


I've been wearing this uber cool and cozy navy knitted sweater by Cloth Inc a lot lately. For casual occasions, I wear it with my denim shorts. But I can also style it in a "dress-up mode" look like this outfit here. I paired it with my black leather skirt and my all time favorite black heels. 



Black shades always save my sleepy eyes! I feel like I don't get enough sleep on daily basis (only 6-7 hours) as I sleep around 11pm but already wake up at 6am. Even on weekends, I always wake up between 6-7am automatically. Some people say it's a blessing to be a morning bird, but sometimes I feel like I still don't get enough rest yet. Hahaha! I've even tried to close my curtains completely but it doesn't affect much. Any tips to have deeper sleep? Hahaha!




How's your first month in 2017 so far? 


Going backward

There are some days where I feel like I truly understand myself yet there are some days too where I totally have no idea what kind of person I am. 

I had always described myself as cheerful, confident - independent - hardworking (or shortly I know what I want and would work really hard for it), etc. Being a Leo girl, I'm truly aware of my ego and bossy attitude at some points. I also consciously learn how to reduce my ego when interacting with others (slowly but sure). When I was sad or angry, I'd always find a way to get back up in no time & stay cheerful. I never wanted to affect my sour mood to others.

I'm also a very logical person more than feelings (maybe 70% logic 30% feelings). I guess that's also the side effect of being a stubborn Leo. I find that useful when I have to find a solution, or to help my friends who are too soft-hearted.

When somebody hurts me (Hurting to me means 5 levels ahead of just making me annoyed. I don't give a damn to small annoyances), I forgive but never forget. I still want to be your friend, but I always keep a distance. 

I guess this applies to many of you too, right?

But what if that happens between you and someone who's truly close to yourself, that you can't keep a distance? It's not just an anger, but a disappointment. This thought has been bugging my mind lately. 

I got a new book titled "The Five Things We Cannot Change" that basically tells us to accept the reality of life's ups and downs where things don't always go according to our plan. 
I realize, there's no way out if I'm not willing to let go of my own emotion. 

But every time I tell myself "You have to truly forgive to be happy", the other side of me will tell me "Nope. That person deserves this treatment from me. I still haven't had enough. That person had hurt me, why can't I" So it's like stepping forward and back.

I feel so bad for it. I feel like I'm going backwards. I feel like I used to be much better human being before. Back then it's much easier for me to solve this kind of problem and forgive people. This is what a disappointment can lead me into. I know I'm wrong and what I shoud've done, but I'm still trying to figure when I'd be ready to let go all of my angers. Hopefully, soon.


Hello, 2017!


2017 is here and I have to admit that I slept on December 31st (obviously missed the countdown). My parents and I didn't really have plan on New Year's Eve, so we just had dinner nearby and went home. We decided to just have a New Year brunch on the 1st of January!


This was my outfit on Christmas Day. I really love the pants from Cloth Inc. This pair totally make me look taller and also very comfortable! I wore the pants 2 days in a row!





What is your New Year resolution in 2017? For me, I don't have anything too specific but I just want to be better and eliminate the bad things in myself ! I'm also planning to update my Youtube channel more frequently. Can you give me suggestions on what type of videos you'd like to watch??
Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!