Back in Hometown

(This post was actually written on 26th) . 
Holiday is here, everyone! Finished off the first term of college felt like heaven. I've received my grades and they're all above class' average! I'm so happy. Don't ask me about my GPA because my college doesn't provide that... 


Right after I and my friends finished our last final exam, we went to Shaburi Grand Indonesia to have a bigggggg and satisfying luch. We also went for a karaoke session and released our stress! Hahaha.



The day after that I went to have a haircut because my mom couldn't stop nagging about how she hated my long hair (she said I'm too thin to have long hair, hence my face doesn't look fresh when actually she also got annoyed when I cut my looong hair to short in April and said I looked pretty with long and curled 'badai style' hair. lol), dyed my hair into darker brown, and also got a lash extension (look at my instagram for details!). That weekend I also went to Grand Indonesia to hang out with my high school bestfriends.


On December 21st, we had a Christmas brunch and exchanged gifts. It was so fun because we had to describe and impersonate the person that will get our gift!


As my spendings on December were crazy for my final projects (blame the expensive printing shops), Christmas+Bro's bday+Mother's day gifts, weekend lunches & dinners at malls, andd buying my train ticket to return home... I was so happy when I got back in Tegal on December 22nd. 


Even when I'd just arrived home, my mom had cooked me my favorite mapo tofu, semur ayam (chicken stew) and bought me my favorite Ketoprak. She also made me a very delicious choco avocado ice. My tummy has started to bloat since that day.. What I love about being home is that everything in my hometown is much cheaper than Jakarta and my mom cooks all the time so I don't really spend money on food. 



I've eaten soooo much food (just look at my snapchat. I think I have the potential to be a competitive eater like Kinoshita Yuka) and barely move out of my bed everyday except to catch up & eat out with friends or go to church. So yeah, I can't wait to go back to Jakarta again on Monday with my parents (YAY! I won't spend a penny! lol) because in Jakarta there are many malls to walk around hence it won't be as boring as in Tegal :(. I just can't stand doing nothing everyday....... At first it felt nice to just sleep and eat and repeat all day long, but later on, OMG I feel like a bum.




Marina Smooth & Glow UV Review


Marina, brand kecantikan ternama di Indonesia sekarang merambah ke dunia make up. Marina baru saja merilis Marina Smooth & Glow UV yang terdiri dari Compact Powder, Two Way Cake, BB Cream, dan Powdery Foundation.


Nah, 2 minggu yang lalu aku datang ke acara Bloggers Gathering yang diselenggarakan Marina di Veranda restaurant (The Groove Suites).



Selain launching product dan gathering, di sana juga ada make up demo by MUA Vizzily (duh aku fans bgt sama kreasi make up dia) yang bisa diikuti langsung sama peserta gathering. Jadi kita bisa tau cara yang tepat dalam mengaplikasikan dan juga kelebihan produk - produk Marina Smooth & Glow UV



Wuhuuu~ Ini dinner aku sebelum acara dimulai. All you can eat buffet di Veranda enakkk banget! Hehehe ;p


Waktu Make Up Demo dimulai, kita dibagiin produk - produk Marina Smooth & Glow UV buat langsung dicoba. Nanti yang make up nya paling bagus dapet hadiah dari Marina!



Waktu aku cobain BB Creamnya, aku suka banget sama teksturnya yang ga terlalu tebal, tapi ga terlalu tipis juga. Jadi coveragenya bagus banget pas dipakai. Noda hitam dimuka langsung jadi lebih samar, terus formula BB Cream ini juga mengandung moisturizer yang menutrisi kulit kita & juga mencerahkan. Wow, salut bangett sama Korean Technology yang digunakan Marina.


Goodie bag dari Marina yang komplittttt produknya buat aku cobain. So happy!


Ini Compact Powdernya.
Kalau kamu ga butuh coverage yang lebih, pakai compact powder ini setelah mengaplikasikan bb cream. Compact powder Marina Smooth & Glow bisa bikin make up kamu tahan lebih lama, bebas kilap, sekaligus mencerahkan & menghaluskan kulit mukamu!


Two Way Cake
Produk ini terdiri dari 30% Foundation & 70% Powder .
Pas aku cobain produk ini, kulit langsung terasa halus & lebih cerah.  Aku recommend pakai ini buat sehari - hari, soalnya terasa ringan dan juga praktis! :)


Powdery Foundation
Nah, produk yang satu iniii aku paling suka. 50% Powder & 50% Foundation. Produk ini meskipun bentuknya bedak, tapi coveragenya bagus karena dia 50% foundation. Powdery Foundation Marina Smooth & Glow UV ini pas banget buat aku  yang suka make up look yg agak dewy dan tidak terlihat cakey (ketebelan). Kulit wajah terasa halus, cerah, noda - noda hitam jg tersamarkan. Produk ini juga mengandung microfine powder yang bisa menyerap kelebihan minyak.

Ini make up aku setelah pakai BB Cream dan Powdery Foundation Marina Smooth&Glow.
Bagus kan? :)
Oh ya, semua produk Marina Smooth & Glowmengandung SPF 20 PA++ yang melindungi dari sinar buruk UVA dan UVB, Vitamin C yang bisa mencerahkan kulit, Mulberry yang menjaga kelembaban dan kehalusan wajah, dan Natural Microfine Powder yang menyamarkan noda, menghasilkan tekstur halus, dan menyatu sempurna sehingga terasa ringan di wajah.

Buat info - info dan tips - tips lainnya, kamu bisa check website MARINA, follow twitter / instagram / facebook page nya yaaa!


One Fine Friday


I love food & I love trying new restaurants in town so much. Last month my friend and I got the chance to go to Society at Plaza Indonesia after a quite crazy and exhausting week at school (not to mention the crazy traffic jams that have been driving me nuts lately). I still have final projects and exams waiting, but let's chill and relax a bit!


The place has a really nice and cozy ambience!


I ordered Alle Vongole and my friend had Chicken Aglio Olio. My Alle Vongole was nicely seasoned and addicting (not too light, not too heavy). I literally ate everything until the plate had nothing left on it.. They gave a generous amount of clams too! Yum!


Many people have been asking me about How I Mantain My Weight. I actually gain weight easily, so I have to exercise regularly (2-3x a week) and have a good digestion system.  Sadly, I got the genetics from my dad where we often get constipations (slow digestion). Although I drink lots of water and consume fruits/veggies regularly, sometimes I still get the same problem. It makes me drink laxative medicine, which is not good if I consume it too much! :(


Nowadays, I find out that BEAR BRAND Gold can help my digestion system. I drink this milk once a day. It tastes delicious yet guilt-free because it's also low fat. Now I can poop regularly and maintain my weight! Yay! Nothing feels better than having a flat & empty (ready to be filled up) tummy in the morning! ;p

IMG_6833 Do you drink Bear Brand Gold too? Join the contest HERE

You can find this product at any supermarket / minimarket!


This was my outfit on that day! Please check my clozette account for the details of this look!


Special thanks to my bae Leslie for taking pics of me and being my date on that day!


A Reminder

Photos were taken during La Mer California Beach Party at SKYE
Hi, everyone. 
I'm currently not doing anything important beside munching my favorite apples & strawberries (I have a guilty pleasure of buying super huge strawberries which cost me quite a heck of money) in my bedroom, alone.

Well, I admit that it's been a while since the last time I had a real leisure time (or in Indonesian slang: gabut), because most of my leisure time I always go to the gym (which I've told u numerous times lol). I know it's not good to keep stressing over my weight, how much I eat, and how many calories I should burn in a day T.T... My mom had reminded me over and over again to eat properly & not going to the gym so often.

Top: stradivarius - Pants: jolie clothing - Heels: jeffrey campbell - Sunglasses: kate spade

Finally yesterday, I just got warned by God not to over-do that habit.

I fell sick again and went to the hospital last night. I am quite shocked because I thought I am just fine even with the amount of fruits I consume regularly. 

But thankfully, I'm still able to go to school. It's almost the last week of the semester, and also the most important one, hence I am totally forbidden to miss the classes!! 


My final projects were quite crazy and I spent a month working on them. Assignments didn't stop coming and they pilled up like a mountain. The hardest ones were making a Textile Album (an album of 15 different fibers with their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses) and a fashion Comparison Book (12 comparisons of 12 different eras with the interpretations in modern days). My apartment was full of fabrics and my laptop's desktop was full of pictures. 


For the textile album, I went to many fabric stores, asked my friends' help, my mom's help, and even went to a local market to look for the fabrics. After that, I had to cut the fabrics, burn them to test their characteristics, stick them on the album, and write the details. 


For the comparison book, the layouting part was the hardest. My friends are super creative in making a simple yet interesting layout design. I used to think that creative is in my blood, but now I feel that it doesn't count in terms of layouting.... Making the print was also very hard. The deadline for this book is tomorrow (for fashion phenomena lecturer) and I went to printing store to print the book 2 days ago. I checked the result this afternoon. Well overall the quality is nice but the printing guy put a blank page behind my cover which makes the facing pages after it dissapear (so it's not a left-right pic, but front-back). I hope my lecturer doesn't mind and just pay attention to my content T_T. GOD PLEASEEEEE GIVE ME YOUR MERCY AND SEND ME ANGELS FOR MY JUDGEMENT TOMORROW .
I printed another version of the book for my computer lab lecturer, but this one I used perfect binding and smaller size. I went to different printing store than the first one because I also feel that the color isn't really nice there and spent 1,5 hours only to test-print at this another store and make sure they'll print it right. I WILL PRAY HARD THAT THIS ONE WILL BE MUCH BETTER. 

watch c/o LA MER COLLECTION, photo credit:
So guys, please pray for my final projects... WISH ME LUCK!... and I hope my body will get better soon! CIAOOO! :'>


My First Yoga Experience

I've been exercising regularly since September. I do lots of cardio work out. I've been wanting to try Yoga, so when Female Daily x Gly Derm invited me to join their Vinyasa Yoga class at Golds Gym City Walk, I couldn't resist it.

Photo credit: here
Before the class started, I was informed by the beautiful doctor, dr. Nadia Octavia about stretch marks. There are many things that can cause stretch mark on our skin. Weight loss / gain, hormonal changes, pregnancy, decrease in skin's elasticity, and it can also happen to kids who have skin structure abnormality. And GLY DERM can help us to reduce stretch marks!

The yoga class was a fun experience to me. It's harder than I thought! I struggled a lot doing many poses... I think my body is so stiff T.T. But I didn't expect that I'd get a prize for winning "Best Yogie" award when it's totally my first time doing Yoga. I really want to learn more about Yoga soon! Not only for my body, but also to refresh and clear my mind. Thank you so much Female Daily x GLY DERM!