My First Garage Sale Ever ft. Carousell & LIMA


Hi guys! I'm sure most of you already know that last weekend , I went to Jakarta to hold my first garage sale ever at Carousell Indonesia x LIMA's Pop Up Market. It all started at the end of September, when the Indonesia Community Manager of Carousell, Olivia contacted and offered me this awesome collaboration. I was really happy that I was able to participate because it's held on 25th October (which was a public holiday, so I was free) and 26th.

Now.. what is Carousell? What is the connection between Carousell and my garage sale? I'll explain this app at the end of this post! So... keep reading and scrolling down ;)


Before the pop up market opened at 11am, I came to LIMA Cafe, PIK at 8am with my parents. My mom and dad helped me to set up my booth and arranged it. I feel really blessed to have supportive and caring parents like them. I guess I'm still their little 'baby' >___<




Look! My booth was near the corner (can u spot me in my red top??)



I felt so happy when people shopped at my booth and told me that they're following my blog / instagram! I made many new friends :D


With Catherine, Stella Lee, Cominica, and Liz ! ^0^







It's the second day! Time to take a photo with my pretty mom !!


The bloggers who participated in Carousell's past event (Margareta and Valerie, along with Tania, and Ravi) also came to have a dinner celebration with us. We had so much fun and laughed during our dinner xD


During one of the games ~ won the first round where I put my item on sale on Carousell the fastest among the others. With Tata from Carousell Indonesia who is so prettyy! I forgot to tell her that her outfit was so chic and stunning that day! xD



Group photo!! I'd like to say thank you so muchhhh to Carousell Team, for giving me the chance to hold my first garage sale ever, and to meet such awesome and inspiring people like you guys!! I'd als like to thank LIMA Cafe, for providing such a beautiful and cozy place with awesome food and staffs! I was so glad to meet my fellow blogger friends too and didn't expect that we'd chit chat and laughed together quite a lot!! ahahah. ;p

Now, let me explain you about Carousell.
It's my FAVORITE app of the year. It works like instagram, but you only post ANYTHING you want to SELL. You can be the seller, and you can be the buyer.


When you want to SELL something,
just DOWNLOAD CAROUSELL on App store/ Playstore. They're FREE!!, next you need to create a Carousell account, then;
  1. Upload the thing you want to sell (it's up to you to sell a new item/ your own brand / pre-loved item)
  2. Write the name of the item (example: Zara Black Lace Dress)
  3. Set the price
  4. Write the description (example: size S, Authentic from Zara, etc.)
  5. DONE!
    When you want to BUY something;
    1. Choose a Category (there are many categories ranging from For Her (women clothings), Beauty, Snacks, Photography, For Him, Cars, and maaaany more)
    2. Or write the thing you're looking for on the search column (example : red plaid shirt)
    3. You can also FILTER your search to match it with your preference , which makes your shopping much easier (example: 
    WHAT I LOOOOVEEE (plus points) about CAROUSELL:
    1. I can chat directly with my buyers (Just click "chat to buy") without moving to other chatting apps like line / whatsapp (ugh u know how complicated it is to remember a long number to be added to our contact, cuz instagram doesn't allow us to copy letters from captions /bio. lol)
    This is the Inbox , where we can easily chat with the buyer/seller without moving to Line/wa/bbm
    1.  Instant in-app editor to edit our pics just like on ig!! So I can just snap anything I want to sell, then edit it right awayy, then list it up on my account!
    2. They don't take any comission / profit from us. We're totally free when using this app 
    3. I love everything about this app, reallyyyy! It's very convenient and easy to use. I think rather than selling on IG, Carousell is much simpler and better, and doesn't interfere our instagram feed too! :)
    If you want to buy my preloved clothes, I'm actively updating my Carousell account:@verenleecious. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOWW from app store and start using it! I bet you'll be addicted ;)


    One Fine Afternoon


    I did this quick photoshoot with my brother last week when he came home to celebrate dad's birthday. Sorry it took me so long to publish the photos due to the hectic-ness I had while preparing for my school's annual expo & competition last Friday & Saturday X_X. Thankfully the event was successful and the weather was bright and so sunny! Imagine how awful it'd be if it were raining!


    I don't know why but I'm quite addicted with red lipstick. I used to hateee it so much. But after my fav make up artist did my make up for my presweet17 shoot last April, I just fell in love with red lipstick!! This time I borrowed my mom's Dior lipstick. I wrote this post at 11pm , so I can't tell you which shade it is since my mom's sleeping alrd! hehehe


    This noon I accidentally took a super long nap from 2pm till 8pm. I had been so sleepy since Friday - Sunday because I was so tired and barely had enough sleep. I already took a nap last Sunday, but this morning I was so sleepy at school and even took a nap in the class (sorry, sir! couldn't help it T.T). I couldn't help to skip my physics course too (this included turning off my alarm after snoozing it repeatedly and asking my mom not to wake me up anymore with 20% soul) while I'm gonna have a test next week and I haven't really understood the materials. T____T omg grade 12's physics is no jokee......



    Anyway, I'll COME to Jakarta this Saturday to do my FIRST GARAGE SALE EVER! with other bloggers & Carousell_ID . Please come to LIMA Cafe, at Pantai Indah Kapuk - North Jakarta on October 25th - 26th. I'll be there from 11am - 8pm. I'll sell this KIKO MIZUHARA Jacket for only IDR 100k there!! I'll also bring other gorgeous clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories start from IDR 10.000! Do say hi to me / shop at my booth / let's take many photos together ;D ;D. I'm so excited to meet y'all!




    • unbranded tee
    • forever21 plaid drawstring shorts
    • h&m necklace
    • kate spade sunglasses
    • pull & bear platform sneakers

    If you're following my ig, you probably have read a sad story about these sneakers. These shoes were actually white, but they were ruined after being washed (I didn't know the canvas material would turn yellow-ish when I tried to remove the stains with water). I brought them to a laundry too but they couldn't fix it and the sneakers' color turned even worse than before. So, they told me whether I would mind or not if they painted them black to cover all the stains. I thought why not! So here they are. Hahaha! Handling a white canvas sneaker is a new lesson for me! 

    Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed right now or I'll be sleepy again tomorrow morning xD.
    Do follow my instagram @verenleecious :)


    How I Curl My Hair with Curling Iron

    I received so many questions about how I usually curl my hair. After many considerations, I finally made a video tutorial! I actually got my hair permed last year (my natural hair is too straight and sleek, so I permed it to get more volume), but it's gotten  a bit loose. So, when I'm going out, I 're-shape' my curl with curling iron. The result is also so much better than the actual perm. One benefit from my permanent perm is that my hair becomes a bit stiffer than before, so when I curl my hair with curling iron, it stays loooongerrr than before!

    So, here's the step by step! It's very easy actually, moreover I've just got myself an automatic curling iron which makes it much easier and faster to get my hair done. The result is also very natural & stays for a long time without any hairspray!

    THE KEYS of this tutorial are very simple:

    1. FOR THE LEFT side of your hair : Press the white button (the claws) with your Forefinger to make your curls go OUTward, and with your Thumb to make your curls go INward. As for the black button, click the right button when you're curling outward, and the left buton when inward.

    2. FOR THE RIGHT side of your hair: It's the OPPOSITE from your left hair.  Press the white button (the claws) with your THUMB to make your curls go OUTward, and with your FOREFINGER to make your curls go INward. As for the black button, click the left button when you're curling outward, and the right buton when inward.

    Review of BESTIDE Automatic Curling Iron:

    (+) It's made of titanium ceramic, coated with a sol gel nano-technology and ionic which is SAFE & also makes our hair stay moist and healthy!
    (+) Doesn't burn my hair (I use 180 degree Celcius). There's NOT any burning smell!!
    (+) verryyy EASY to use & can create beautiful and natural curls in a very short time rather than using a normal curling iron (non-automatic)
    (+) It doesn't take a long time to heat up
    (+) I can adjust the temperature up to 240 degree C
    (+) VERY AFFORDABLE for such a high quality product. It's only IDR 349.000. I was very shocked when I knew the price, I thought it would cost at least 800-1.000k! :O
    (-) Your hair may get stuck if you take too much hair at once! Oth
    er than that, the iron will rotate very smoothly if you take your hair in the right quantity

    Contact /Line: yurike789 !! :)


    Think Pink


    Supporting "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, here is my PINK outfit!  

    I love my new floral cut out dress from Femme Bravile. It hugs my body perfectly from top to the bottom! The sewing is very neat too :). Do you like the design as much as I do??


    Honestly I'm quite afraid to wear a body-hugging dress because I want to hide my fat belly *xD, which is why I wear a flare dress most of the time ! But look at the photos! The dress looks as good as a flare dress. Soo... all girls can wear this dress prettilyyy :). Go check out Femme Bravile!



    • Floral cut out dress c/o @femmebravile
    • pink furry sweater from valley girl
    • shoes from shoecult by nastygal
    • necklace from romwe




    "We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have"


    Pale Pink


    As Saturday is the only free time I got to take outfit pics, last Saturday I went to have lunch again with my friends. Then after that they helped me to take these photos.
    Actually I wanted to take pics at a restaurant in Tegal. I won't mention the name, but I've done a photoshoot a few months ago there. One outfit photoshoot, and one on my mom's bday.
     But surprisingly, their rude employee approached me and told me not to take pics there. He even asked me to pay a sum of money. I told him it was okay before, but if the rule has changed since then, I'd try to understand that but let me take a few more photos since it's just me taking my outfit photos without concerning the location / situation there.
    Then he left. But not long after that, another different employee approached me again and kept telling me the same thing I've heard enough in not-so-polite-way. The previous person allowed me to take a few more photos for the last time on that day. How come I didn't get pissed off?
    Lots of better restaurants or even hotels in big cities that I've visited even didn't do this to me. Those big restaurants have strict rules for photoshoots too, but as far as I know those rules only apply to magazine / commercial photoshoots, and those kind of pre-wedding photoshoots. Where MINE is only a small photoshoot, only me and my friend who become a photographer, without any equipment beside a camera. My photoshoot's point is also my face/my outfit. Errgghh.. I was so angry ,they should've been nicer, plus I wasn't that shameless to only come there to take photos. NO! I ordered many meals for myself and my friends!


    Ok, let's stop for my ramblings.. Back to the outfit, I styled this beautiful skirt for a semi formal look. You can wear this kind outfit for an afternoon party, a Sunday day out, tea party, a date, or your friend's floral / girly-themed birthday party!


    The semi formal look is created from the combination between this flouncy circle skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt. Since my long sleeve t-shirt doesn't have pattern and look kinda plain, I decided to wear a necklace. I picked this pearl necklace because it's elegant but not to much. :)


    This kind of mini circle skirt is perfect to show your long legs, so wear a pair of pumps to make your legs look even longer!

    • long sleeve t-shirt from bershka
    • skirt from @icorisio
    • belt from topshop
    • heels from bebe
    • necklace from @ladiesshopsheneeds
    • bracelet @prettyrize

    Last, I tied my hair up and ta dah! This is my comfy yet chic outfit! :D


    Another styling tips from me; you can also recreate this look for a more formal outfit. Wear the skirt with a crisp white long sleeve shirt or a structured sleveless top / tunic. Don't forget to wear a statement necklace if your top is plain ;).

    See ya in next post!