My First Garage Sale Ever ft. Carousell & LIMA


Hi guys! I'm sure most of you already know that last weekend , I went to Jakarta to hold my first garage sale ever at Carousell Indonesia x LIMA's Pop Up Market. It all started at the end of September, when the Indonesia Community Manager of Carousell, Olivia contacted and offered me this awesome collaboration. I was really happy that I was able to participate because it's held on 25th October (which was a public holiday, so I was free) and 26th.

Now.. what is Carousell? What is the connection between Carousell and my garage sale? I'll explain this app at the end of this post! So... keep reading and scrolling down ;)


Before the pop up market opened at 11am, I came to LIMA Cafe, PIK at 8am with my parents. My mom and dad helped me to set up my booth and arranged it. I feel really blessed to have supportive and caring parents like them. I guess I'm still their little 'baby' >___<




Look! My booth was near the corner (can u spot me in my red top??)



I felt so happy when people shopped at my booth and told me that they're following my blog / instagram! I made many new friends :D


With Catherine, Stella Lee, Cominica, and Liz ! ^0^







It's the second day! Time to take a photo with my pretty mom !!


The bloggers who participated in Carousell's past event (Margareta and Valerie, along with Tania, and Ravi) also came to have a dinner celebration with us. We had so much fun and laughed during our dinner xD


During one of the games ~ won the first round where I put my item on sale on Carousell the fastest among the others. With Tata from Carousell Indonesia who is so prettyy! I forgot to tell her that her outfit was so chic and stunning that day! xD



Group photo!! I'd like to say thank you so muchhhh to Carousell Team, for giving me the chance to hold my first garage sale ever, and to meet such awesome and inspiring people like you guys!! I'd als like to thank LIMA Cafe, for providing such a beautiful and cozy place with awesome food and staffs! I was so glad to meet my fellow blogger friends too and didn't expect that we'd chit chat and laughed together quite a lot!! ahahah. ;p

Now, let me explain you about Carousell.
It's my FAVORITE app of the year. It works like instagram, but you only post ANYTHING you want to SELL. You can be the seller, and you can be the buyer.


When you want to SELL something,
just DOWNLOAD CAROUSELL on App store/ Playstore. They're FREE!!, next you need to create a Carousell account, then;
  1. Upload the thing you want to sell (it's up to you to sell a new item/ your own brand / pre-loved item)
  2. Write the name of the item (example: Zara Black Lace Dress)
  3. Set the price
  4. Write the description (example: size S, Authentic from Zara, etc.)
  5. DONE!
    When you want to BUY something;
    1. Choose a Category (there are many categories ranging from For Her (women clothings), Beauty, Snacks, Photography, For Him, Cars, and maaaany more)
    2. Or write the thing you're looking for on the search column (example : red plaid shirt)
    3. You can also FILTER your search to match it with your preference , which makes your shopping much easier (example: 
    WHAT I LOOOOVEEE (plus points) about CAROUSELL:
    1. I can chat directly with my buyers (Just click "chat to buy") without moving to other chatting apps like line / whatsapp (ugh u know how complicated it is to remember a long number to be added to our contact, cuz instagram doesn't allow us to copy letters from captions /bio. lol)
    This is the Inbox , where we can easily chat with the buyer/seller without moving to Line/wa/bbm
    1.  Instant in-app editor to edit our pics just like on ig!! So I can just snap anything I want to sell, then edit it right awayy, then list it up on my account!
    2. They don't take any comission / profit from us. We're totally free when using this app 
    3. I love everything about this app, reallyyyy! It's very convenient and easy to use. I think rather than selling on IG, Carousell is much simpler and better, and doesn't interfere our instagram feed too! :)
    If you want to buy my preloved clothes, I'm actively updating my Carousell account:@verenleecious. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOWW from app store and start using it! I bet you'll be addicted ;)


    1. Ohh this looks like it would have been such a fun way to sell things you are not using anymore! ^ ^

    2. There's a pict with mee too in that photo!😀😀

    3. The garage sale looks really fun >< but sadly i was not be able to comee T.T really regret it :(

    4. Look so fun to me ^_^

    5. Looking so much fun! And glad that you got a lot of new friends :)

    6. I spot my photo with you :) , such a great meet up ! nice to meet you ci, I hope we can meet again


    7. AAAHHH:( I wish I could come :(


    8. wish i were there!
      looks so much fun!


    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!