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As Saturday is the only free time I got to take outfit pics, last Saturday I went to have lunch again with my friends. Then after that they helped me to take these photos.
Actually I wanted to take pics at a restaurant in Tegal. I won't mention the name, but I've done a photoshoot a few months ago there. One outfit photoshoot, and one on my mom's bday.
 But surprisingly, their rude employee approached me and told me not to take pics there. He even asked me to pay a sum of money. I told him it was okay before, but if the rule has changed since then, I'd try to understand that but let me take a few more photos since it's just me taking my outfit photos without concerning the location / situation there.
Then he left. But not long after that, another different employee approached me again and kept telling me the same thing I've heard enough in not-so-polite-way. The previous person allowed me to take a few more photos for the last time on that day. How come I didn't get pissed off?
Lots of better restaurants or even hotels in big cities that I've visited even didn't do this to me. Those big restaurants have strict rules for photoshoots too, but as far as I know those rules only apply to magazine / commercial photoshoots, and those kind of pre-wedding photoshoots. Where MINE is only a small photoshoot, only me and my friend who become a photographer, without any equipment beside a camera. My photoshoot's point is also my face/my outfit. Errgghh.. I was so angry ,they should've been nicer, plus I wasn't that shameless to only come there to take photos. NO! I ordered many meals for myself and my friends!


Ok, let's stop for my ramblings.. Back to the outfit, I styled this beautiful skirt for a semi formal look. You can wear this kind outfit for an afternoon party, a Sunday day out, tea party, a date, or your friend's floral / girly-themed birthday party!


The semi formal look is created from the combination between this flouncy circle skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt. Since my long sleeve t-shirt doesn't have pattern and look kinda plain, I decided to wear a necklace. I picked this pearl necklace because it's elegant but not to much. :)


This kind of mini circle skirt is perfect to show your long legs, so wear a pair of pumps to make your legs look even longer!

  • long sleeve t-shirt from bershka
  • skirt from @icorisio
  • belt from topshop
  • heels from bebe
  • necklace from @ladiesshopsheneeds
  • bracelet @prettyrize

Last, I tied my hair up and ta dah! This is my comfy yet chic outfit! :D


Another styling tips from me; you can also recreate this look for a more formal outfit. Wear the skirt with a crisp white long sleeve shirt or a structured sleveless top / tunic. Don't forget to wear a statement necklace if your top is plain ;).

See ya in next post!


  1. True! We choose their resto and paid the meal in purpose to take photos,but sometimes resto's employee didnt allowance,how annoying!

    You're outfit makes you looks mature nowadays! Luvvvluvvv~
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  2. loveee this outfit! you look so stunning :D

    Pudding Monster

  3. nice skirt and shoes.

  4. lovely outfit
    love you give a touch of traditional things to classy outfit

    visit my post :

  5. i love this traditional pattern on your outfit


  6. I ever get through the same situation like you...yes, what's the main point with taking 'small' shots in the public place? I think some 'people' have their own problem with trying to get unexpected benefits then...huft.

    Nice outfit btw, you look so girl and cute. Love the shoess too xx

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  7. Aaa~ you look gorgeous :))
    love that skirt so much <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  8. so beautiful, Veren


  9. omg that skirt <3

  10. Cute skirt and heels veren ! Love it !


  11. Beautiful photos. You look amazing. I am in love with your skirt.
    Have a nice day ♥

  12. woooow! you look veery cute. :)

  13. I love that skirt <3 looks pretty on you <3

  14. I experienced it too here in Surabaya!
    They act like we want to steal their design, when in fact a lot of places better than theirs.
    Some Indo people are so close minded :((

    Wulan Wu on Bootsy Doopsy


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