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I think I'm gonna disable the comment feature on this post because I feel bad to you as I can't reply your comments these days. I was about to post a new post yesterday but it was canceled because my bro came home and I thought it'd be better to have a photoshoot with him on the next day (today) BUT at the end he didn't bring his camera. geez!
But that's ok, I'll just use my camera, but we'll have outdoor photoshoot since today is Jayden's 1st birthday party and it'll be held in a hotel. Don't you get bored seeing my house as the background? ehehhee

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If you have any questions, you can ask me anything on formspring. see you!


Wheel of Life

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top c/o cloth inc, bow bangle c/o romwe, floral jeans by kibibe, wedge-sneakers by asos

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Today I'm really sad because I've got 2 bad scores in a week. It's all my fault.  I'm really ashamed with myself. It's not that I care too much about my scores, but the results that I got just slapped me hard and it explained that I was lazy and I didn't study seriously before the tests. I had been too careless. This is a big lesson for me. I will not let the same mistake happens twice. Once is enough. And  I promise to myself to learn my mistake, be more diligent and smarter at managing my time.

People say life is like a wheel. Sometimes we're at the top, but sometimes we fall to the ground. I can't always win, and I have to learn how to accept loss.  When I lose, it's a motivation for me to work harder. When I win, it means I have reached my target, and all my hard work has paid off. I will also keep reminding myself to be grateful and to keep improving to be better and better. :)


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The reason why I didn't post anything for around a week is because I was busy with school. I had lotsss of tests and assignments this week, and I didn't go anywhere beside school and tuition places (that's why I had no outfit post).
Yesterday I went out with my sister and nephew to have dinner. And this was my outfit. 

IMG_1401 copy

It's just another simple outfit actually. It's just a quick dinner, and I didn't want to wear something too much. I took the pics at 5pm and to cover my sleepy eyes, I wore sunglasses, so please don't wonder why I wore sunglasses for a dinner. Hahahaha

I wore my new yellow sweater from my sponsor Red Cherry, ikat shorts sponsored by Shop at Noona (a perfect destination to those who love batik & ethnic prints), creepers sponsored by Oasap, necklace sponsored by Greentelee Shop, and bag+sunglasses by forever21.

IMG_1399 copy

It's finally Saturday. Rather than going out, I choose to stay at home. My parents are away for a short trip and I'm just too tired. I just want to hibernate like a bear, charge my energy for another week of tests and assignments. ==".
My junior high school life was too simple. The teachers were kind enough and rarely gave me assignments, and that's why I feel like senior high school life is just so different and I'm still trying to adapt. 
In Senior high , I also want to be more active. I signed up to join the school committee, had the interview session, and yesterday they announced the list of grade X students who are chosen, and I'm in! yay! 
Although that means I will be busier, but I just like to be in an organization. It's a certain consequence for me to manage my time when I signed up to join the school committee. So please..... wish me luck!!


Electric Blue


Hi all! I've just got back from the camp. It was fun, exciting, and also very tiring. The weather was very hot in the afternoon and became very cold at night. As usual, I couldn't sleep properly inside the tent without bed and pillow :'(. But the camp was definitely the best camp I've ever been.  There's wide game on the second day, where everyone (with their own groups) had to walk around the forest and stop at the posts (where we had to solve the tasks given by our seniors). The distance was around 15 km.. It's really far... plus it was a forest on a mountain, we had to hike, and that's the most annoying part ! 

My skin is so tanned now, although I've applied sun block everyday, it didn't help. This camp was also the very first camp where I went to the camping area by truck, and went back with truck again, fighting against the heat during the ride... There are still lotsss of amazing moments and stories that I can't tell here, but it's totally an unforgettable experience for me.


I took some outfit pics a few days before camping, and just got the chance to post it on this blog today


I wore my new maxi cardigan c/o ROMWE. It's very light and comfortable! I paired it with tank top from New Look, shorts c/o Sheinside, wedges from june+julia, and  a bowler hat.


I arrived at home at 3pm yesterday, and slept from 8pm until 6 am this morning, and I still feel soooo tired. So lazy to go back to school tomorrow :'(


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Rainbow Love


I've worn this outfit twice. The first time was when I was in Bandung, and the second time was yesterday when I went to church (with different shoes). I took the photos in the afternoon and it was so freakinnn hottt till I couldn't stop sweating T^T


Yesterday was definitely a super tiring day. Pocari Sweat came to my school and held an aerobic session in the morning. And after that I had p.e lesson which was badminton. Thank God I passed the badminton test... 

Next Thursday - Saturday, there'll be camping activity, and it'll be held in a camping area outside Tegal. I gotta start preparing the things that I have to bring. There areee really a lot of things. From stove, bottles of drinking water, food, frying pan, etc. (my bags will be really heavy and I'm so lazy to carry/lift them). This isn't my first time, but I always feel anxious. I and my friends will sleep inside the tent, and we're not allowed to bring pillow / bed cover, we have to cook rice manually (not using rice cooker), we're not allowed to bring our cellphones , etc. But I believe that this activity will be an unforgettable and meaningful experience for me. I'm looking forward for the wide games an I belt that activity will be the best part of camping. Through camping, I will learn to be more independent, responsible,  tolerant, and manyyy more. I will surely miss my bedroom and my family very much. Please wish me lots of luck, I hope the camping will go well, my team will perform a nice performance at the cam fire, and all of us can return home safely.



I wore my very first dream catcher necklace from my sponsor Hanabira Shop, cropped top from Cotton Ink, skirt from Rumah Mode, heels from Mauro Leone, and sling-bag from mango.



Current favorite song : That XX - G-Dragon :D


Peachy Pink


Finally! After non-stop-ly studying for a week, there won't be any test till the rest of this week!  Although I'll have another round of tests next week, at least I can breathe and rest now. Senior high school is definitely busier than junior high school. It's beeennn a really long time since the last time I rambled about things on my blog. I just feel so busy till I don't have much time to write, and when I have some spare time, I don't know what should I write here. I have lotssss of thoughts in my mind, but I don't know how to let them out.


I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday last Saturday. I wore a striped sweater from kibibe, divided skirt (skort) from Pile of Thread, belt from asos, bag from mango, and wedges from sheinside.



This pair of wedges is really comfy and light and I felt like I was walking in the air ;p


pic from my instagram : @verenleecious



Bracelet from Infinity Shop & ring from Urban Glam Aksesoris


Vintage Rock


I decided to combine vintage and rock. I wanted to create a sporty yet still girly school girl. This look actually represents myself. I'm an active student, I'm not tomboy, but not too girly too. I'm brave and confident. 

I wore a spiked cap from Oasap, vintage printed shirt from sheinside, necklace from Infinity Shop, studded bracelet & high waisted shorts from new look, and belt from asos.


I also wore my very first wedge sneakers from asos. They're really comfortable and also make me look taller :D





Starting tomorrow, there'll be a lot of tests and activities. I have additional tuition on Monday, additional scout on Friday (to prepare camping which will be held next week), Mathematics, Bahasa, English, and IT tests until Wednesday. I think I'm going to............ T_T



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