The Addiction Continues.....

"Hi, Everyone! This is my first day out!"

"I'm flying~~~"



Captured with my canon g11 :)
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Helllooooo~~. I'm currently enjoying my 4 days off with cooking and eating.. I guess I gained weight but I just wanna eat.... Why do I gain weight so easily =.=.


I've been having the holiday since Monday and will go back to school on Friday which means I only have 1 day left. ARGH! On Tuesday I followed my mom to her aerobic class because I don't want to gain too much weight and need some exercise. But it was truly awkward when I'm the only teenager between all mommies .____.". My mom asked me to join her again tomorrow but I'm still thinking about it.. I never expect the moves would be that hard and quick. *sob* *hiding behind the wall*  *sweating*


By the way, my pe teacher finally allowed me to resign from the swimming competition and I was so relieved he didn't even angry at me and encouraged me to practice more and to try next year ^o^.

About this outfit, I've been seeing so many dungarees on my instagram feed lately.. Then I remembered about my old denim dungaree and decided to style this look :D. I also wore my DIY "Hello!" Style Nanda Inspired cap (I used my black spiked cap, shaped the alphabets using paper, and stuck them using double tape. haahahha), red studded plaid shirt c/o sheinside and maroon socks from f21.


I also put my kewpies from Sonny Angel Indonesia (c/o Greentelee Shop) in my dungaree's pocket. They're all so cute right?? c Anaz sent me the radish & calico cat ones. I love theeeeemmm !!


I took many photos of these cute little kewpies and I'll share 2 on my blog. Follow my instagram if you wanna see more ;).


radish : "oh no!! I'm going to be planted to the ground!!!"
calico cat: "i don't care. k bye~"
radish: "omg! please don't!!" (please imagine radish's panic expression)


calico cat : "ok ok let's just move to the branch. you're safe now."


Romwe White Valentine's Day Sale

Romwe White Valentine’s Day Sale:  

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Spaghetti Arms ?


I actually don't know what should I write here because I have too much things in my mind. 
I'm a person who likes to try new things, but there are some times where I feel like I can't do it, this is not something I'm not good at, and this will just create more problems.

There's an annual sport competition in my city (or Indonesians usually call it Popda). My PE teacher asked me to join the swimming race (yes, swimming). I'm not very good at swimming actually. I swim so slow and even my mom said when I was still a kid I swam with half of my body going to sink =_=. I'm just pretty good at swimming for a quite long distance (or good at enduring ?), and joining that swimming race will only be a joke . I joined the practice session 2 weeks ago and  I already felt like I'm not going to make it :(. I've told my pe teacher twice that I think I can't join because I can't do it. He asked me to join the 100m breaststroke race or try the backstroke one (never once in my life I swim with backstroke style). There'll be a practice session tomorrow and I'm really going to tell him that I can't join the competition. I already feel tired with numerous activities that I had this month, but on the other hand I don't want to make him upset.. Especially when he's my favorite teacher at school. A teacher who is always full of spirit and give his students a lot of inspirations. :( :( . I hope he won't get mad at me...



Talking about this outfit, I reaalllyy love this new sweatshirt that I got from sheinside. The material is just so softt and fluffyyy till I feel like sleeping with it. It's not just a thick cotton, but inside the sweater there's a very soft material that I don't know what is it.. Hahahaha. Sorry =v=. But I do toottaaaaaallyyy recommend sheinside's sweatshirts :D


And now, what's in my mind is I couldn't thank God enough for all of the blessings and the obstacles in my life. God gives us a new day to be better and stronger :)



The hectic week is finally over. I'm so happy I can breathe normally again without worrying this or that. The Valentine's Day Celebration at my school was a success. OSIS' team work was amazing and it felt so great to hear the good feedback from the attendants. I can't wait until the photos of the event are ready! :D


My sister and Jayden spend their weekend at my house, and this morning I asked my sister to take some photos of my outfit because I just can't wait to update my blog. Can you believe that the place in the photo is actually an empty house which is exactly in front of my house? It's been empty for more than 10 years but there's not any 'strage' things though. xP. This was my first time taking outfit photos in front of my house since there are always many passerby that make me shy to come out =__=.


Everything that I wore here is comfortable. I have many beautiful tops from Devotee (you can click the 'devotee' tag at the bottom of this post and you'll find my past outfits wearing devotee's stuffs) and they never disappoint me. Then, I'm also always amazed with sheinside's collections. If you really browse their collection thoroughly, you'll always find amazing pieces with affordable price (although I got their stuffs for free, but their price is starting from $10/$20-$30ish which is only around idr200k >.<. here

Now it's my time to do online shopping and watch "That Winter, The Wind Blows" drama~. See yaaaa~~~ ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


Year of The Snake




First of all I wanna say thank you to my brother who took these photos using my 'standard' cam, G11 . I didn't know my cam can take 'nicer' photos. Thankksss to my talented brother ;P



I wore a red dress from Sweet Peony, nude heels from Steve Madden, and necklace from Queenbee Shop.




During CNY, I wore a black-wavy hair extension clip c/o Lookdeloop Shop! I curled my own hair with curling iron, and the hairclip was already wavy. Everyone thought it's my original hair and they said I looked nice with longer and thicker andd wavy hair. *kyaaakkk* :$





I felt so happy during CNY, I gathered with my families and relatives, got lots of angbao, ate delicious food, lapis legit cakes, haisom, porks, and maaaanyyy more! I really wish all the best for this new year! :D
I've just got the chance to blog about my CNY outfit because I'm really busy this week. I've been preparing for a Valentine's Day Celebration at school since Monday and always come home late everyday. I also got some daily tests this week and the speech competition is this Saturday!! aaaackkkk I'm so scared and my heart is thumping!!  x___x . And this year also the first year after all those years since I was in the elementary school where I don't prepare anything for Val's day . I just really don't have time to make / buy chocolate huhuhuhu T___T. I hope I won't be this busy next week.
Anyway, Happy Ash Wednesday & Happy Valentine's Day :)


Red Ribbon


This is just a quick update before CNY dinner in my house. My cousins will come here tonight and we only meet once a year during the CNY. I can't wait to meet them xD



  • sick girl sweater from gowigasa
  • blue denim shirt from pull & bear
  • black leather skirt c/o sheinside
  • tattoo tights from urban glam
  • DIY ribbon hairclip


And this is my naughty nephew, Jayden who was 'mondar-mandir' in front of my camera. hahahaha XD.
Have u watched his video on youtube? He likes listening to kpop songs like gangnam style, g-dragon's crayon, etc. :p. Clickhere



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Finally an outfit post after more than a week! I feel like my brain is going to explode because I have so many tests, osis works, and preparation for a competition this week. I feel so bad and feel like there's something missing when I can't update my blog. So when I have free time, I always try to update my blog ;P.

  • military cardigan c/o Grinitty
  • comme des fckdown shirt
  • ripped shorts c/o sheinside
  • june+julia gray wedges
I really love my new cardigan from Grinitty. Do check their shop! They got loads of awesome imported stuffs that you can barely see from other online shops :)



Chinese New Year is coming!!!!!!!! I'm so excited please excuse my exclamation marks! I can't wait to get angbaos, meet my relatives, and eat delicious food! Too bad CNY falls on Sunday and I got no extra day off. I have to go back to school on Monday and I got biology and bahasa tests that I can't miss. Huhuhu T^T. I thought I will take a day off on Monday but the reality turns different. WHHHYYYYYY =____+

A bonus pic from my instagram feed : I was wearing studded beanie from Grinitty!
Photo by verenleecious 


How to shop

For my fellow Indonesians, lotssssssss of you have been asking me how to shop on
I understand that most of you are unfamiliar with this kind of shopping since Indonesian online shops provide bank transfer payment.
*romwe, sheinside, chicnova, etc are my SPONSORS. So I never make any purchase. But I did an international online shopping on and I used credit card (I dont have paypal)*

So, I wanna help you although it's just a little .

There are top 3 most asked questions from y'all:

1. How to Pay?
You can't do bank transfer like what we usually do when we shop on indonesian webstores. Most of them only offer payments through credit cards and paypal account (example: sheinside provides payment through Credit card AND paypal, you can choose one of them. Choose credit card if you don't have paypal account.) 

You need to AT LEAST have a credit card (visa/master card), and yes it can be from anyyyy  bank (bca, niaga, mandiri, danamon, bri, etc.) as long as it has 'visa' or 'master card' written on it. Then, You can create a paypal account if the stores only can do payment through paypal (please ask google for an explaination about paypal)  or if you don't have a paypal account, if you do some search on google, you'll find some Indonesians that let you buy things from international stores through them (they will order them for you with their paypal / credit cards, but you have to pay MORE than the original price as a fee to their service).  (online shop which is doing this thing that I know is June&julia. Line: juneandjulia) . When you're proceeding your order, just fill the coloumns with your credit card number, expire date, credit card holder's name, csc code, etc. And then the bank will automatically charge you at the end of the month. The amount will still be in usd when you pay, but later when the bill comes, the bank will automatically convert it to rupiah based on the current currency.
2. How about the shipping?
There are 3 options. Free shipping (2-3 weeks), express shipping 4-5 working days ($7), express shipping 3-4 working days ($15). The webstores will provide you with tracking code, so that you can track the position of your package. Up till now, I've never experienced any trouble with the shipping. It always arrive to my house , but I can't guarantee about how long it takes for the packages to arrive. Sometimes it can be 2 weeks, sometimes it can be 2-4 weeks.

3. How about the tax?
Yes, when the package arrives at Indonesia, the post office will charge some amount of money. If we shop on romwe/sheinside, they usually mark the parcel as a gift wit cheap price, so that we don't need to pay so much. I can't tell you how much will the post office charge, because indo's post offices are just absurd in some areas.I don't know how they calculate the amount of the tax that we have to pay, you can ask them to explain you at the post office.  They can charge you only a little (in my area, i got charged IDR8000/package for shopping below $100), or a ridiculous amount (100k or above). But that rarely happens because romwe/sheinside don't show how much we shop on the package. That ridiculous price only shows up when you shop at a website who doesn't mark down the price on the package (usually if u shop above $100).

For more detailed information, you can click these links :
  1. How to Order on sheinside
  2. How to Pay on sheinside
  3. Shipping info on sheinside
  4. FAQ page on sheinside
  5. Payment steps on romwe
  6. FAQ page on romwe
  7. Payment on Sammydress 
  8. Payment on Mart of China

This is the furthest I can help you, so pleaseee contact their customer services instead of me if you're still confused D:.



Live in Wadas Gumantung


I've told you before that last month, from January 17th - 19th, I had a school activity that we call "Live in" in Wadas Gumantung Village. It's an activity where the students in the tenth grade will live in their foster parents' house and do daily activities with them for 3 days. We're not allowed to bring our phones but we may bring cameras.

The village is located in Brebes Regency. We took a bus from Tegal and we arrived at the road after 2 hours ride. We had to cross a village, a river (pic above & below), fields, and very long+muddy roads until we finally reached Wadas Gumantung, on foot. Yes it was very tiring because of the 'super' track and it was also raining at that time, but that tired feelings went gone after we met our foster parents. 

We can say this village is rural, there's not any school, market, or even health clinic. The residents here have to walk a quite long way to the 'bigger village' buy daily necessities everyday. It's a good thing that they got a pretty good bridge now. The previous bridge was so frail and it broke. :(


the very muddy paths. they're all soil!


This was the house where I and my other 4 friends lived in. It was a half tiled and it got a TV xD. The atmosphere in the house was very cozy. And luckily the weather was cool! Sitting on the bench while watching tv and eating bananas was my favorite thing to do in the morning.


Our parents gave us a lot of snacks, bananas, peanuts, and corns to eat. They're all so yummy I think I ate 10 bananas in 2 days >___<

Bedroom. 1 bed for 5. We slept 'sate' style :P.
In the village, most of the residents there don't have toilets at their house. They have to go to the mosque / church / wells to take a bath/pee/poo. It was very memorable to us where in the morning we had to walk to the church to take a bath (the paths were veryyy mudy til you need to take off your sandals or else they would get stuck to the soil), and we had to go back to our house and our feet got muddy & dirty again after we reached our house. It didn't cause a big problem though since we would go to the fields and played with our friends. xD





For 3 days, our daily activities were helping our mother to cook, clean the house, watch tv together, harvest the crops at the fields, and go to our other friends' houses XD. At night we also gathered at the church to watch movies together.

Bamboo shoots (rebung), tempe, chickens, and gorengan

This was when we washed the dishes after we had lunch. It was at the back side of our house. There were A LOT of chickens and those chickens would come in to the house if we forgot to close the door. Then all of us would be in panic mode and became so busy to take them out. *freaking out*


There's also a coconut tree behind our house, and this was when our father climbed up and picked some coconuts for us. The people in this village sell coconut only for IDR 1500 and we got it for free from our parents!



Me, Bernadette, and Ibuuu <3 br="">
This was our parents' fields and they planted 80% corn and 20% rice during this season. At night our father and the other men would go to the fields and guarded the field all night long to avoid wild boars.


Pak Cahyono & Bu Sukinem & US! <3 br="">

We took a photo together before we left. It was a very unforgettable experience for us. I learned so much things about life here and I couldn't wait to visit them again. They're so caring to us . I won't forget the warm greetings from the residents in Wadas Gumantung. I promise I'll be more independent, moree grateful with everything that God gave, and never give up. :)