Stripes & Pearls


Hello everyone! I've just got back from Jakarta today and if you're following my twitter / instagram, you must have already known that I had a haircut and unexpectedly, my hair is now very short than before. T.T. But before I show you how I look now, let me publish the 2nd part of my photo-session with Paulyne. ;)


To tell the truth, I'm a biggg fan of stripes clothes. I can't count how many stripes tops I have. Most of them are in horizontal lines but they got different size of stripes. hahhaa =_=.


When SHEINSIDE asked me to choose the items I'd like to get, I couldn't help but to pick this beautiful striped long sleeve pearls pockets dress. It's so beautiful and fits me greatly, isn't it? I also love the pearls on the pockets.  ;). I wore this outfit for last night's easter mass but with different shoes and hairstyle since I've cut my hair. I will post the different styling of this dress later :)






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Hello! I'm currently spending my easter holiday in Jakarta and have been busy going around the town visiting my family and cousins. hehehee! These photos were taken when I was still in Tegal (last Tuesday). I wore this outfit to go to a newly built amusement park in my city with my friends.



This jumpsuit is so comfy and perfect for a day out with friends. I got it from my sponsor Miss Rubby. They also got many beautiful stuffs at their store. ;)



I wore the jumpsuit with my all time favorite beige-floral wedge sneakers from asos. I can no longer count how many times I've worn this pair of shoes. Other than comfortable, this pair of shoes is so easily matched with my outfits :D


Anyway, don't forget to join the giveaway ft. choies below and Happy Good Friday :)


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La Petite Dame


 Today I had a photoshoot with my senior, Paulyne . Unfortunately it was cloudy and the sky was so grey but it didn't rain. Still... I had to edit the photos because of the awful weather T.T. We didn't expect today would be raining because yesterday was sunny :'(


My outfit theme was a mix of red-white-blue. Because this reminded me of France's flag, I braided my hair to make a 'french-girl' look although it's not a french braid since I didn't know how to do it. ==". hahha



Do you notice that we 'accidentally' wore the same tattoo stockings? ;)


I'm not gonna ramble about anything tonight because I currently got flu and my nose is so runny right now. I think it's because last night I slept over at my sis' place and the air conditioner was so freaking cold. I also didn't get enough sleep. I have to sleep early today. Ciao! ^^ 

thanks to : my seniors paulyne & eka <3 p="">




I know this is a very simple outfit where I only combined a top with shorts. But I totally love the bright fluorescent colors in this outfit and it's so perfect to wear this outfit for a quick day out in a sunny weather.

  • Yellow Sun Flower Embriodery Top c/o Choies
  • White Shorts & gold cuff from Stradivarius
  • Red Braided Skinny Belt from Doota, Dongdaemun (S.Korea)
  • Balenciaga Giant City in Mandarin 
  • Wedges from Nine West



The top that I wore above came one set with the skirt. Thank you CHOIES for sending me this. Click here to be directed to the item.

For a more feminine look, I changed the wedges with the heels and wore a floppy hat that I bought in Venice, Italy. I didn't (haven't) wear this outfit to go out and wore it only for styling purposes. hehehe :p

I'm going back to school tomorrow. Excited to meet my friends but not excited to meet those boring lessons. *sighhhhh*. Now I'm going to finish my assignments. Byeee! ;D.
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She Wolf


This morning I opened my instagran feed and read Marilyn Monroe's quote ; "To all the girls that think you're fat because you're not a size zero, you're the beautiful one, its society who's ugly."

I have to say I'm agree with what Marilyn Monroe said. It's not a problem if the person who gets the comment is a strong and the 'i-don't-care-what-people-say-' type. But truthfully and actually, most people in this world do care about what others say about them and those judgements that they got can make them feel insecure, not confident, or even pressured. Those anorexia girls or those people who did suicides, who made them like that? Of course it's the ugly society. It starts from a comment that hurts one's heart and start pressuring them.

The ugly society keeps growing everywhere. It can start even from your neighbors, your friends, and now the internet where you can just go anonymous and leave a hateful message. That ugly society is the ones that always say whatever they want, say to people to "be your self" and yet still judge the others. 

There's another example of an ugly society. And this example is the 'kepo' kind of society:
"Someone left a comment on a rich girl's instagram where she uploaded her photo with her luxury stuffs; "You're so arrogant. You should donate your money to those who are in need rather than buying luxuries.""

That kind of people hate to see others' happiness, envy on them, and at the end they will criticize all they want, think they're the right ones where the fact is they are not close with the person that they criticized.

What I mean is, they judge people by a picture, without knowing the person in real life. It's the girl's own money, although it might be her parents', but her parents let her buy it, right? Because it's hers, of course she's free to do anything she wants when no one around her feels bothered with it. Why do those people hate on it? She might be donating in real life or do charities even though she never shows it to the public.

I just can't stand the ugliness of that kind of society. Those people with rotten mouths should change their attitudes and mind their own business. Yes, all of us judge each other and some thoughts will always come across our minds when we see something, BUT, You can't judge people so easily especially when you don't know them in real life. If you're envy, don't make it as a hate, make it as a motivation to work harder. When you think "why am I not rich? why don't I get achievements like her?" , you shouldn't hate her, you should work harder and achieve your own dreams. You're not going to move forward if you're just envying people and hating on them. Because envy and hate will not make you succeed. Those will only make you stay at the bottom.


Okay, enough for the absurd ramblings, and here's the detail of my outfit:

  • new era x hello kitty snapback
  • wolf printed sleeveless shirt from Wanderlust_store
  • denim circle skirt from HerSpot
  • maroon socks from forever21
  • mustard platforms from june+julia





Holiday Mood


I often think myself as a person with a boring lifestyle. I admit that my daily activities during holidays are almost always the same. If I'm staying home, the activities would be 80% of watching korean dramas from the sunrise until the sunset, 10% of going out with friends, 10% of my new 'addictions' like cooking or going to the gym with mom. And if I'm not home, I'd always be out of town like going to Jakarta or overseas where my activities there would be shopping and eating. 

There's another example of my 'boring' lifestyle; I always eat the same dishes at my favorite restaurants. It's so hard for me to change what I want to order since I always want to eat my favorites although on the other hand I want to try new dishes. If i order both, my stomach can't fit all of it.... hahaha. =_=


But LUCKILY, I have a hobby which is out from my 'boring' lifestyle. And that hobby is dressing up. My style is something which is hard to be explained by myself, because I always wear everything that I want to wear. I can wear skirts, floral dresses, or glitter heels today, but I can wear pants, boots, or tees on the other day. Although many people say I'm girly, but sometimes my eyes also land on boyish and quirky stuffs too. So yeah, I can hardly say anything about my style since it's constantly changing as I'm growing up. 

When I dress up, I always want to try everything. I always have that fun and happy feelings everytime I open my closet's doors, pick what I want to wear today,  choose my shoes and accessories to complete the look ;D.

  • black fucck tee from Her Spot
  • ombre & tribal patterned shorts from Platform
  • leather sleeves jacket c/o Cloth Inc
  • spiked headband & white high top creepers c/o oasap
  • studded bracelet from New look
  • silver cuff c/o Sacs et Chaussure



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Floral Denim on Denim + Ribbon


Heck. So many things happened within this week and it feels so surreal that tomorrow is already Saturday, the last day of school before a week of holiday. Yay! Who doesn't love holiday? My dark circles are getting worse and I need to hibernate during my holiday. I also can't wait to start cooking and meet my ex-junior high school mates. We also have a plan to go to Cirebon together (it's near to my city and has better entertainment spots. hahaha)


I got an idea to wear my new denim peplum skirt c/o FlorieStyle with my floral semi-denim skirt from Stradivarius. My new skirt fits me perfectly, stretchable and the denim fabric is very soft! Do check out FlorieStyle's webstore and find awesome and chic clothes in friendly prices !




  • Denim peplum skirt c/o FlorieStyle
  •  Floral shirt from Stradivarius
  • See by Chloe Poya Satchel 
  • Mauro Leone platforms