Holiday Mood


I often think myself as a person with a boring lifestyle. I admit that my daily activities during holidays are almost always the same. If I'm staying home, the activities would be 80% of watching korean dramas from the sunrise until the sunset, 10% of going out with friends, 10% of my new 'addictions' like cooking or going to the gym with mom. And if I'm not home, I'd always be out of town like going to Jakarta or overseas where my activities there would be shopping and eating. 

There's another example of my 'boring' lifestyle; I always eat the same dishes at my favorite restaurants. It's so hard for me to change what I want to order since I always want to eat my favorites although on the other hand I want to try new dishes. If i order both, my stomach can't fit all of it.... hahaha. =_=


But LUCKILY, I have a hobby which is out from my 'boring' lifestyle. And that hobby is dressing up. My style is something which is hard to be explained by myself, because I always wear everything that I want to wear. I can wear skirts, floral dresses, or glitter heels today, but I can wear pants, boots, or tees on the other day. Although many people say I'm girly, but sometimes my eyes also land on boyish and quirky stuffs too. So yeah, I can hardly say anything about my style since it's constantly changing as I'm growing up. 

When I dress up, I always want to try everything. I always have that fun and happy feelings everytime I open my closet's doors, pick what I want to wear today,  choose my shoes and accessories to complete the look ;D.

  • black fucck tee from Her Spot
  • ombre & tribal patterned shorts from Platform
  • leather sleeves jacket c/o Cloth Inc
  • spiked headband & white high top creepers c/o oasap
  • studded bracelet from New look
  • silver cuff c/o Sacs et Chaussure



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  1. so pretty veren! love the jacket! <33

  2. loving the tee. super!

  3. i also have that jacket from ClotchInc! its so comfy rite :) love your tees!

    Missing Bee

  4. aww so pretty!!

  5. Really love your outfit!! <3 veren kurusan yaa? haha ^^ you're so pretty ;)

    Sweet Peppermint Girl

  6. love the look dear! :D love your tee and jacket ^^

    cheer, michelle

  7. love this outfit ci ! you look amazing !

  8. veren cantik! <3
    love everything from top to toe <3<3

  9. cute. suka bgt sama jaketnya ♥♥♥

  10. You're so beautiful veren! You look fabulous in all looks
    sunrise sunset? usually, my parents will stop me after 5 hours :(
    what I don't like from drama is that I'll be thinking about the story all day long

  11. Great outfit! I love your short <3

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  13. Fabulous dear! =)

  14. You look different here, but you still adorable dear! :)

  15. stunning outfit!! i really love your style veren, you could be so girly and boyish at the same time, love it! <3

  16. Nice outffit :)

  17. Love your top. <3


  18. you are so pretty!
    love the outfit here <3
    i also have a boring lifestyle lol
    maybe we should try to get out of the comfort zone to try something new :D

    Diary of a Dreamer

  19. Hello Veren! It was such a pleasure to find out that you read my blog sometimes.
    I know that you're Gabriella friends ;D hope we can be friends in real life too!
    Where did you live? I thought you were living in Jakarta :0 ! I know rightt, my life has been a little boring too, the only thing not bore us is only dressing up.

    Summer Flounce

  20. cute tee and jacket ver! disini cantik banget, i likeee :3 i think everyone feels boredom at some point in their life but i believe that as we grow older, we'll always have something that we want to achieve ;D

    Letters To Juliet

  21. cute! cantik banget...

    see my blog please:)

  22. cantik bgt disini!!! I love your shorts!

  23. Dressing up is always an excellent thing to do! That headband is cool, and those shorts are definitely the nicest pair of Aztec print ones that I've seen.


  24. love your ombre & tribal patterned shorts veren ^^

  25. What a cute ouftif, Vereen! How are you?? I miss hanging around the blogosphere so much! Love your headband the most!

  26. Veren, this is so chic! Totally in love with the tshirt, shorts, and jacket! btw, did anybody ever tell you that you look a lot like a Korean?

  27. I love this outfit! I think it's my favourite one of your outfits, i love the shorts!

  28. If you have a boring lifestyle, I don't know what to say about mine! xD The main problem about us teenagers is that we think we are boring and that we don't have time, that's why we don't appreciate at the fullest what we have and make the best out of it.
    I love the print of the shorts and its colors! ;)

    Have a nice day,

  29. I love this outfit! I think it's my favourite one of your outfits, i love the shorts!xxoo prom dress


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