Express August

This year's August might be the fastest one I've ever lived through. The first 2 weeks I was fully occupied with my college's final project. On the other hand, I also spent few days going back and forth to do job interviews. The final project is finally over and the bazaar was quite a success. I am forever grateful to God who answered my prayers, to my family for their supports, and to my friends who helped me through this project. I learned so much things from the bazaar, like for examples:
1. Waiting for customers during weekdays is very boring. I couldn't stop staring at my watch, waiting my shift to end. 
2. There REALLY are many types of customers. The very quiet and shy one. The extremely stingy & hardcore bargainer one. The curious & talkative one, and so on. I learned that you CAN'T judge a customer by her appearance.
3. I'm so grateful that our brand, SABBA has a very wide range of customers. From teenagers, young mothers, until cool GRANNIES ! It's just like what I wanted. I want the brand to be worn by any women!
4. That happiness from counting the day's earnings did erase all the pain away! :)

I can't believe that 2 years of college has ended. I feel glad that I enjoyed most of it. (Thanks to my crazy college babes!!! The classes wouldn't be fun without them, seriously!). I also didn't regret my chance to just get a diploma instead of bachelor because I think all of my courses in college are useful. I have to be honest that I didn't take my bachelor to Indonesia's universities simply because I dislike the mandatory courses like bahasa, religion, etc etc which I had enough in high school!! 

About the job, my good friend recommended me to try applying to this job I'm currently doing now. At first I had very little hope, as I never had any work experiences before. I haven't had any internship yet and the company I applied to is a big one! I only told my parents when I applied and did the interviews. But now here I am, sitting on my work desk and living this 9-5 life! It's a big challenge for me, transiting from a college student to a company worker with no breaks in between. 

The bazaar ended on August 20th, and the work started on August 21st. I was nervous on my first day, thinking about how I should hang with my team mates because I'm surely the youngest one. I'm not only very young by age, but also by appearance (which I still struggle on how to make myself look older.... make up & heels don't help much T.T).

Thankfully my teammates welcomed me well and they're very fun! My parents were in Jakarta on my first days of work, so they also helped me. My mom prepared my lunch box and my dad drove me to office. Lol. I didn't mean to be childish, but you know... the time spent with your family is very precious, so I just want to use it well. Back then when I was in college, I drove by myself most of the time. But now, I take public transports. I'll just tell you frankly the reason behind it. The parking membership fee in my office's building is thrice more expensive than my college's. My expenses on transport will sink to the ground if I drive. Hahaha. So now I either take gojek or busway to commute!

Well, I think that's all about the stories I want to tell you today... See ya! :)