Hello , all! Thanks all for your support on my previous post. :)
This time I will show you my outfit to a farewell party in my school. It held in the morning, the party was a simple one, so I only wore a simple outfit. I love these UP wedges and shorts so much, so I wore it again and I paired it with a blouse from GAP . I hope you won't get bored. Please forgive me :P.


This is my "not long but not short" bangs. I'm so lazy to cut my bangs :




I also want to apologize to you because I won't be able to post any new outfit post because I'll have final exam soon and my parents are prohibiting me to use my pc :(. So, I hope you don't mind if there's a long hiatus on this blog T_T. I also want to apologize to my lovely sponsors because I haven't posted any outfit with your products. I'm such a bad blogger T____T


Please wait for me, all! And wish me luck for my final exam . I promise I will directly update my blog after I finished my final exam :D . See you <3


The Winner is .....

The Winner of My 2nd Giveaway x Lub Lub by LS is 

Florence from Fantail Flo

Congrats, I will send an e-mail to you soon.

Thanks for all who participated on this giveaway. If  you don't win, don't worry, I'll make another giveway later. Cheers! :)


The Ugly Truth

Last Monday I had a bad experience. My sport teacher, threw a ball to me (tried to hit me) and mad at me because I touched my nails when he explained something. I really had no idea about this. I listened to him, I didn't make any sound, why did he hit me with ball?
He said that I'm a bad student, and I'm not a good example for my friends as the leader of osis (yes, I'm the leader of osis in my school). He also said 'If you want to paint your nails, go home!!". Wait.... so you think if I touched my nails it means I wanted to paint it??

ok, I didn't mean if I didn't admit if I made a mistake, but what made me angry is, why should he be that rude for a simple problem, Why did he say those 'hurting' words? Was my mistake that big? Until he hit me with a ball?
I know I can't do sports. I can't run fast, I can't jump highly, all I can do is dance But it's too harsh to say those words to his student, especially for a girl.

Mr.T, You're a teacher, I thought you know what should you do and shouldn't. I also thought a teacher know if he/she must think first before saying something. If you said I'm a bad example, what about you? This wasn't the first time you did something like this to me. Weeks ago, when I was going to join a dance competition against senior high school students/older, you said like this , "Are u sure if you could do that? Let me ask, Who's better , you or shs students?". Oh teacher... I thought it mean you're doubting me and my team... Few Months ago, You also doubted about my skill. when I told you I wanted to join an aerobic competition, you said "Do you have an ideal body?". Thanks a lot for those words!!!
I also knew if Last Thursday the headmaster made a suspension to you because she caught you mocked a student (my friend from other class). My friend told me if you said "you have pig's feet and body. You can't even lift your foot!". Until now, I can't believe why could you become a teacher . So, I hope you'll buy a mirror, and think again. Who's the bad example. you or me.


Sorry for being so emotional, I couldn't help my self to write down it all on this blog. 
Please enjoy my latest outfit photos below :)



shirt - zara kids, high waisted shorts - unbranded, wedges - UP





I gotta off now, I'm going to do a dance performance at pius shs' prom night tonight . Wish me luck!
by the way, The giveaway is officially CLOSED. I will announce the winner tomorrow. have a nice weekend :)




Pink is my favorite color. My bedroom is full of pink stuff. My bed, my wallpaper, my desk, etc. If you notice , you can see my wallpaper is hello kitty, and also my bed cover. Yes, I'm a hugeee fan of hello kitty, but actually I dislike cat. Weird, huh?


These photos below are the edited ones . Which one do you like? The original ones or the edited ones (I only changed the tone)


As I said in the previous post, I'm going to wear bracelets that I got from Lub Lub by LS. I paired them with tube dress from Gowigasa .





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