Milky Way


Hello! The school's prom night is getting closerr now I'm rushing out to do everything in my 'to-do'list'. There are many daily tests too these days. Arghh pimples start coming out because of my stress =___=.







Well I have nothing much to say today.. Now I'm off to study math! Byeeee (^o^)/~~~

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Shine Bright in Yellow


I went to support my class' soccer team at the school's soccer league yesterday and I just felt like wearing a 'sporty' outfit with my mom's shoes. Hehehehe xP. Today, Mom and Dad just got back from China for 2 weeks. Aaaaaahhhh I'm sooooooo happyyy I miss them so much! ^^

  • Blue floral t-shirt c/o sheinside
  • Yellow sleeveless shirt worn underneath from bershka
  • Ripped denim shorts c/o sheinside
  • Trainers from rebook
  • Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel in fluoro yellow (11")


Those memories and feelings that I've buried.... I never knew it may come again. I can't turn back the time. I don't know... I just don't want to interfere someone's happiness and hurt the same person twice..So.. I'm going to step back..hehe...

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Rosey Mint

IMG_5721 copy

I think my brain is about to burst right now.. I have so many things to prepare, think, and do. I don't know why but I always end up being the busiest one.. Huhuhu. T.T

I have to prepare for my class' performance at the school's prom. I edited the song and had to teach my friends some dance moves, think about the costumes,etc. 

As a part of osis (student council) I'm also assigned to schedule the event's programs (before that I need to make rundown which I'm extremely sure I'll keep changing/revising it due to the performers' type of performance). From the seating location, the event's rundown, choosing the person in contact, sound, technical or lighting for the program's each traffic, the disco party's playlist, stage's slideshow project for the break time, games, promnight's nominations, meeting with the MC, photographers, prepare the prom's photobooth and changing room at the backstage and then assign some staffs to look after it. Goshh... there are soooooooooooooooo many and I'm very confused to divide all these tasks to our team's members. But I really hope I'll do well all the things that I need to do and the event will run weeeellll , successfuulll, and be a very very memorable prom to our seniors. :')


I'm currently addicted to wear long pants. I received this pair of light-blue (mint) pants from sheinside. This fits me perfectly and it's very comfortable!




IMG_5723 copy





By the way I'm so addicted to kiyomi(gwiyomi) song! So cuteeeeeeeee >_____<. 귀요미!!

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Girly Bat-Girl


This was what I wore to hang out with my friends last Wednesday. We went out to have dinner at a new resto that has a good interior and pretty-much edible food but not service , then went karaoke-ing together, andddd went to another new cafe with yummy desserts and fast service at night.. I had so much funnnn <3 br="">


The first day of school was pretty good... I totally forgot to do my chemistry homework and did a mandarin homework which turned out to be only a hoax a.k.a there's not any mandarin homework actually. My hands felt so numb because I hurriedly wrote my chemistry paper and also mandarin.. =__+. But overall, It felt great to be able to joke or fool around again with my friends during the class!
  • light blue batman shirt c/o Red Cherry
  • white long pants from stradivarius
  • flatforms c/o Sammy Dress
  • necklace c/o Greentelee
  • hair clip from my cousin in law (bow house)
IMG_5656 copy
I actually wanted to wear this shirt with shorts but I was too scared with mosquito bites that I'd get from outdoor cafes. And since it's just a casual day out. I simply wore the shirt with white pants & flatforms! So comfy!


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Helloooo! After I poured all my nags about 'people who don't bother to read before they ask' on previous post, I still get many questions about "where did u get this?" on my instagram photos. Sigh... I TOTALLY CAN NOT UNDERSTAND those kind of people. Some of the photos that they commented on already have the caption saying "Visit my blog to know what I wear" or I've once replied to a comment about where I got my shoes, yet, that girl still CAN NOT SEE the comment above hers and ask the same question. There were also some people who even contacted me directly on line and ask about such things without paying attention to the caption of my photos. Seriously? Call me annoying or snob. But if u're in my position, won't you feel pissed? Sigh I'm soooooo sorryy I keep talking about this matter.


Anw, I wore this outfit last Monday to meet my junior high school mates. We currently have a short 'break' due to our seniors' national exam. Thankfully it's going well in my school without any problem. 

  • white jewels-embellished sweatshirt c/o @NVshop (instagram)
  • tribal denim shorts from platform
  • black satchel from topshop
  • wedge sneakers from new look
  • unbranded stripes socks
  • cross necklace c/o @Rrobateen (instagram)
  • mom's headscarf



I 'messily' hooked an earing that I got from Romwe. It's actually an earing for those who have 2 piercings but since I only got one, I just left it hanging -_-


Andd today I'm also going to announce the winner of Choies Giveaway:

Congratulations to:
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Choies team will contact you asap. I had a really hard time choosing the winners since I can only choose two. I'm sorry I can't pick all of u T.T. For those who haven't win, do keep following my blog because I'll hold another giveaway this month!! yay!! ;)


Not Just Another Ordinary Geek


When I received this skirt from CHOIES, I was a bit confused what should I wear with it. Many girls wear a peplum skirt with a shirt, blazer, and high heels. But then I got an idea to style this skirt into a 'fun and teen-ish' looking outfit with a t-shirt, colorful socks, beanie, and flatforms ! A lotttt of people say I have 2 different sides. I can look very mature in some photos, and can look very childish in other photos.. =_=. I think that's because of my face and height. But that's ok, it'd be an advantage when I'm old... hahha


When I was taking these outfit photos, I decided to wear a ribbon hairclip on my beanie. Which one do you think is better? With ribbon or without? :)





In this post, I really want to pour all of my annoyance towards lazy people who don't even bother to read. 
I might be so emotional because of my period, but actually I do feel really annoyed.

If you're following my instagram, you can see that I put my blog's url on my profile and on every photo of my new outfit post. I sometimes say "please read my blog for more details before u ask". U know, I always try to write where my stuffs are from on my blog. But some lazy asses can casually ask me "where do you get this bag from?" or something like that. In the bottom of my heart and brain, I was like.. "HELLO? Are u blind? Can't u see that I've clearly wrote that you can VISIT my blog to see more details first BEFORE you ask?!?!" but fortunately I didn't do that to those people and chose not to answer them instead.

If it were me who's curious about someone's stuff, I'd try to read the caption of the pic carefully, check his/her blog first, or even ask google. I'd be very ashamed if I left a comment on someone's photo about something that has clearly been written there. So please, BE SMART and PAY MORE ATTENTION... Geeeezzzzzz


Okay, enough with my nags, now let me finish this post with a pic of my happy feet! This pair of flatforms from Sammy Dress is just so cuteee and comfy. Do visit Sammy Dress to see other cheap yet beautiful shoes/clothes. If you're Indonesian and not familiar with international shopping, you can check this post or contact their customer services if you're still confused. That post was made by me and that's the furthest I can help. :)


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Choped off


Here it issss..... A further look of my new hair cut! I took these photos 2 days after my hair was chopped off, which was around 2 weeks ago. I totally had no plan to cut until this short, but apparently my hairstylist was too excited cutting my hair till it reached this length... haha =_=. I didn't feel confident at first with my new hair, but after getting many compliments , I started to realize that it's not bad and actually made me look fresher and lessen my hair fall problem... :)







Necklace c/o Greentelee Shop, Tribal top c/o Miss Rubby, Bracelets c/o Les Douceur , Silver 'veren lee' bangle c/o Aero Maquirette