A Wake Up Call


Tomorrow is Christmas day and I'm alwayss excited about it. I've been repeating Christmas songs on my Spotify and humming to them in the car. 


For my Christmas outfit, I picked a maroon dress from Cloth Inc's new collection. The dress came with a collared inner lace top, but this time I replaced it with my green plaid shirt to create a christmas look! Since this season's color palette is around maroon, green, and brown, I wore my mom's brown heels to complete the look. What do you think? :D



Anyway, this month is definitely the most 'memorable' month of the year to me. I never expected that there would be sooo many things happened this month. First, I LOST my phone at Senayan City almost 2 weeks ago (sobs. It's #1 huge slap for me not to use a zipper-less bag to go shopping / always keep my sling bag in the front side). Second, I was hospitalized for 4 days 3 nights due to dengue fever. It's #2 huge slap for me not to overwork myself (I worked out 5-6 times a week). I have to admit that I feel really sad to lost the progress I'd worked so hard all this time and my feet are already itchy to walk back to the gym, but I have to constantly remind myself that I NEED to rest. It feels soooo weird doing nothing in the morning when usually I have my gym schedule T_T. OK. Stop it, Veren.. I promise to myself I'd be better in 2017 and I should appreciate myself more. I need to learn to accept myself as it is and give myself a break! I feel grateful to God for the reminders I got this month! 


Nevertheless, HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone! 



7 Days with KODZ

Hi, everyone! Today's post is about my 1 week Outfit Diary with KODZ. KODZ has been dominating my wardrobe lately with their collections. I love their clothes soo much as they suit my feminine style and the quality is also really good! I hope I can inspire you with the following outfits! 


I don't have classes on Mondays, so last Monday I went to BEAU cafe for coffee with my friend. The place is so beautiful and cozy, and I matched my outfit with their green decorations by wearing my army green knit top and white jacquard skirt from KODZ.


I often take the bus because the traffic in Jakarta is so bad and makes me lazy to drive. I wore this trench coat from KODZ to prepare for the wet weather, and it matches perfectly with the blue skirt from KODZ. Thankfully I managed to take some outfit shots before I hopped on the bus!

After school, my friends and I decided to go to PAUL to have a meeting for our final project as we love their pastries! I layered my striped top with the gray knitted tunic from KODZ, simple yet chic!



As a fashion student, our lecturer often encourages us to visit Art Galleries to look for inspirations for our projects. My outfit for a day out to the Art Gallery is a sleeveless shirt and blue suede shorts from KODZ. The shorts are something I'd been looking for a long time as suede is the 'it' trend for Fall. To top off my ‘preppy student’ look, I wore socks to pair with my cute heels! Hahaha. 



I needed some "me time" on Friday so I visited my favorite bookstore to pick up a new book that I'd pre-ordered. As I couldn't wait to read it, I spent some time reading it at the bookstore. To keep warm, I wore my cozy sweater and skirt from KODZ.



When I’m not at the malls, I love to visit museums in Jakarta on weekends. This time I visited my favorite museum, National Museum of Indonesia. It's really big and no matter how many times I go there, I never get bored! It was quite chilly, and thus the most suitable outfit is my pink knit dress from KODZ. I styled it with a cute twilly that I wore as a scarf to give that 'artsy' touch to my look! 


On Sunday, I went to Pacific Place with my brother after church. My maxi striped dress from KODZ was not only appropriate to be worn to church but also very chic as my outfit for a stroll through the mall! 

So from these 7 looks in 1 week, which one is your favorite? 
Tell me about it and you can win the look by participating in the Read and Win contest on Clozette HERE !


Short Escape


Last week I went to Singapore and Johor Bahru with my parents for 4 days and 3 nights. One of our relatives got married in JB! As it's been a longgg time since the last time I went there, I decided to join my parents :P


For my airport outfit, I wore my favorite drawstring shorts for ultimate comfort during the flight (i hate wearing tight pants) and matched it with this stylish Noia loose outer in black from Cloth Inc to keep me warm.




I was in SG for only 1 night as I had to go to JB the next morning. But I managed to try this yuuummy acai bowl from Project Acai in Takashimaya. It's so expensive for this small bowl. I can get 2 bowls of this kind of smoothie bowl in 2x bigger bowl than this in Jakarta. But it's the most delicious acai smoothie I've tried tho! 


Before my flight back to Jakarta, I took a pic at Changi's Christmas set ups & hugeee pikachu!


Some snapshots in my hotel room in JB before attending the wedding party!



Review : Ovale Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera


Membersihkan muka dari make up itu penting banget ! Kalau sebelum tidur muka belum bersih, bisa muncul jerawat di kulit kita. Padahal kadang kita sampai rumah udah capek & males banget buat bersihin muka. Harus pakai tissue basah, tambah lagi kalau pakai eye makeup yang berat hrs pakai cleansing oil khusus, terus cuci muka lagi... So... finding the most convenient cleansing gel is very important !


Nah, baru - baru ini aku cobain OVALE Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera with Magnolia Extract & Pro Vitamin B5. Pas pertama kali liat product ini, aku langsung gemes sama packagingnya yang warna pink (my fav color). Hahaha!


Produk ini mudah banget buat membersihkan make up & kotoran dari kulit kita tanpa perlu dibilas yang juga punya manfaat whitening ! Komplit banget kan? Now,.. let's try!


Gel nya bening & ada cooling sensation yang segar! Aku gak suka cleansing gel yang lengket, so produk ini sesuai harapan aku banget!!


Cara aplikasi OVALE Cleansing Gel ini cukup dengan menuangkan gel ke tangan secukupnya , lalu aplikasikan ke seluruh kulit muka & leher. Setelah itu, tinggal bersihkan dengan kapas!





Dengan hanya sekali usap, OVALE Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera udah bisa membersihkan muka aku seluruhnya~~.


Overall, I'm happy with OVALE Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera !

  • Segar di kulit & ga lengket
  • Mudah cara pakainya
  • Bisa mengangkat make up & kotoran di kulit wajah tanpa perlu di bilas (jadi bisa langsung tidur habis itu dan ga males lagi buat bersihin muka. hoho)
  • Setelah beberapa kali rutin pakai produk ini, kulitku juga jadi lebih bersih dan putih!
Do you want to try this product too? ;)

Kamu bisa beli produk ini di supermarket terdekat~~