bunny ears

hi all. I'm back from camping.
I went camping on Thursday until yesterday. It was quite fun and it made me sooo tired. I even slept for 14 hours yesterday because I couldn't sleep when I went camping.
have you ever sleep without air-conditioner, without bed? I felt sooo horrible and I almost cried because I couldn't sleep in the tent. it was super hot inside, I couldn't breathe, I slept without blanket/bolster/pillow too :(
the fun thing was when we played in the river. I know the river has bad-smell and bad-color-of-the-water -_-, but yeah, it was quite fun! :D. after camping my face and skin look awful, I got tanned and also my cheeks are chubbier bcs in the camp I was too lazy to cook and I almost always ate indomie ! -_-

Anyway, by went camping I learn so much lessons. we try to live like poor people, we share with poor people...
I met 3 kids in the camp, they're garbage collectors. I guess they're still 5-6 years old. My friends and me felt pityful... we gave them foods, money... they told us and our teachers if they didn't collect the trashes their dad will hit them :'(. and now I feel how lucky and how beautiful is my life :')

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bunny ears-phoebe and chloe, top - only i, shorts - unbranded, wedges - michelle cl.a, sunnies-f21, ring-diva

I'm loving this Fendi bags from SS2011 collections. sooo colorful <3

and also this mulberry + peanuts bag. isn't this cutee? :D

I just fall in love agaaiiinnn <33
dolce & gabbana use floral prints, polkadots, bright colors... and look at the shoes. there's flower in the side in each shoes. aren't they lovely & so fresh? ;)



soo... on Tuesday I had a little photoshot with my brother (Kevin) *finally* in Central Park. He's a newbie in photography and he tried his new lenses. so these are the results. sorry for the "kepinmon" words in the photos because I forgot to copy the photos to my flash-disk and I grabbed the photos from my brother's facebook and he already edited the photos and added these funny words -_-

I wore : unbranded mid-length stripes dress, forever21 bag, retail therapy wedges
current favorite from SS 2011 RTW. 
I like how the designer (Peter Som) used variety colors, cute prints, and textures. 
love the tweeted jacket, unique shades, colar worn underneath the dress, floral brocades, and the shoes!! Peter collaborated with shoemaker Charlotte Olympia for the shoes. aren't they adorable and cuteee??

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracle - Audrey Hepburn :)

lots of love,


two in one

floral tube drress : forever21, wedges : bought at Osaka, Japan
my face is so round in this photo >.<

the reason why I adore Tavi :

I'm super busy right now. My mom is shouting at me to turn off my computer because I've played this computer since this morning. Don't have time for blogging right now :(
I promise I'll will reply your sweet comments as soon as possible.
thank you, sweethearts <3