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First, I wanna apologize for my absence on this blog. Last week I went retreat to Parakan for 3 days (Monday - Wednesday).
I had so many wonderful experiences there! Should I publish the photos on this blog? 



flower wreath : DIY, bow-tie top : esprit, pantskirt : Mrs Clothes, wedges : Michelle Cla


Not so long ago, I got another freebie from Mrs Clothes. I got a fuchsia pantskirt. I'm really happy to have a sponsor like Mrs Clothes, the owner has sent me 3 different clothes, and I must say honestly, if the clothes she sells are all in good and high quality materials, but the prices are really cheap and affordable ;)

And I wore this pantskirt on Thursday, I went to my sister's house to see my nephew. 


I didn't go to school on that day because on Wednesday evening, I've just arrived home and I'm too tired + too sleepy to go to school, since I didn't get enough sleep in Parakan. Plus, many of my friends decided to not go to school too on that day. :P . The reason why I didn't get enough sleep, on the first day in Parakan I only slept for 2 hours because there wasn't any air conditioner / fan in the retreat house, it was so hot and I was sweating and then I couldn't sleep T.T. Luckily, on the second day I slept really well. hohoho~ . And in Parakan, the water was really cold and it's as cold as the water in refrigerator. I've never taken a bath with such a cold water like that. It was fresh , though. One of my friends didn't take a bath for 2 days because he couldn't take a bath with that cold water... And he sat in front of me in the bus on the way home.. He was so stingy, I and my seat-mate almost threw up because of his smell. LOL. Ok, I will tell you more if I have a chance to publish the photos on my blog ;D


Okay, I have to off now. I have so many tasks to do. Tonight I must finish studying story-telling, tomorrow I have to practice dancing in the morning, and go to my sister's house in the afternoon. On Monday there's language and bible month celebration at school, I'm going to compete in english story telling and also dancing, and the most important thing is I'm the head girl (osis) and I have to manage the event. Everything has to run smoothly! Amen :D *busybusybusy*

p.s : here's a little treat for you. When I went to Korea last holiday, I managed to snap a photo with same pose that I did 8 years ago (I visited South Korea twice). hehehe...  I was eating samgyetang in both photos! 

SNSD - The Boys



top - gowigasa, shorts - wonderplace, watch - lacoste, belt - bershka
Hi! :D
My midterm test's over already and I'm feeling realllyyy happy. Last week, I always slept late and woke up early to study T_T *too diligent, eh?*
But now I'm free and next week I'll have a religion trip to Parakan for 3 days. :)
About today's outfit, I matched pink, yellow and blue . I still can't get enough of bright colors! 

As I've promised, today I'll announce the winners of my latest giveaway ft. Hanake Shop.
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Pink Dolls - White (Ost. White : The Memory of The Curse)

About today's song, it's a soundtrack from a korean horror movie that I watched this morning. (I didn't dare to watch horror movie in the evening because honestly I'm really scared watching horror movie, and I rarely watch it, the last horror movie I watched before this, was Drag Me To Hell which was really disgusting and shocking -__-) . The story is about a korean girlgroup who use a song from unknown writer, which is actually a curse song. The members slowly died one by one. Everytime I listen to this song, I feel scared like I'll be cursed too . I'm not brave enough to sing this song! lol! 
Anyway, for this post, I'll disable the comment function because I haven't had time to reply your comments, probably I'll reply it next week. Thanks for always supporting me! ;)




This is a scheduled post, so I don't have much words to say. I don't have time to play internet because I'm going to have midterm test start from Monday - Saturday. Please wish me luck!! :D
Thanks for the comments and I promise I'll reply your comments when I'm done with my midterm test. See you! ;)






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I was wearing a new top and ring from my new sponsor, Queenbee Shop


I can't describe anything about today. I'm feeling happy and also bored and sad. I'm feeling happy because I'm officially an aunt from my sister's son. My sister gave birth yesterday :D. I'm feeling sad because I haven't seen my nephew because my sister gave birth in Jakarta and I can't go to Jakarta because of SCHOOL. T_T
My parents and sister went to Jakarta last Wednesday, and actually all of us thought my sister's son would born in mid October, not September 30th. So... I think my parents will stay longer in Jakarta than the actual plan, which means I'll be moreeee bored at home. I feel weird when my parents aren't home.. Usually there are a lot of noises at home, my mom's screams and shouts at me, but now.. my house is really quiet! I even don't know what to eat for breakfast / lunch / dinner. I miss my  moom's home-made food :(. Almost everyday I eat McDonalds, KFC, etc. uh... those are junkss! I don't even watch television this week :"(. Luckily this week I still had fun with my friends, my friends picked me up and we went to have dinner together for twice. 
I always hope to continue my high school in Jakarta / Semarang, so that I'll be free from my mom's nags, but I don't think I'm independent enough . I can't imagine when I'm sick, there aren't my parents with me, when I'm hungry and I don't know what to eat. While now, I never think what'll I eat, because when I'm home my mom has prepared my lunch . But the way to make myself independent is... to live by myself without my parents. I think that way..But I don't think I'm ready for it. 


It's Saturday and I'm not going anywhere. My driver went home before 6pm. 2 of my best friends also went back to their homes today (they don't live in Tegal, always go back on Saturday) . so I couldn't go anywhere . :[ . I should learn to drive!! But I'm only 14.. and not tall enough -,- .

I rent some dvds yesterday (I'm to lazy to go to the mall to buy fake dvds) and it seems like I picked some wrong films. Geezzzz. I rent 5 dvds, I tried to watch 2 of them , none of them was good. I only played 10mins and I already got bored and I changed it with another one.. The best film was Wild Child.. That's my all time favorite film.. Alex Pettyfer was really handsome there. I'll never get bored watching Wild Child :'>






and.... here is my cute nephew, Jayden Skylar Hu.
If you're following my twitter, you must have seen these photos. I love him so much and really can't wait to see him. :D

Anyway, Baby J and me have a same thing in common, both of us born on 30th ! Although we're born in different month, but still... he has to be as cheerful and as 'smart' as me . huehehehe B-). I'm gonna be his best auntie !! *I wanna munch his cheeks*

2PM - I Can't