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hi all. I'm so busy these days. there are bunch of homeworks waiting me everyday and also my schedule is so full of courses. So I sleep early everyday to charge my energy so that I'll be fresh in the next day. but luckily, less than 2 weeks I'll go to Jkt! Yippie!  :) *talking about holiday again*

shirt & shorts : forever21




my dad bought 2 new lenses for my bro's camera. I forced my bro to take photos of me although he didn't want because I'm not sexy. However, He must take photos of meeee or I'll borrow my bro's camera to make photoshoot with my friends! :P


currently listening to these songs :
and SNSD's songs

see ya! ;)



IMG_3780 copy
sooo yeaaahh. meet me again here. Today is Saturday, usually I spend it with go to the mall/church with friends. but today I don't go to the mall neither church :/. The reason is my dad and sis went to jkt yesterday. so, there're only mom,me,and maids at home, if I go out, mom will be alone with maids and I dislike it. so I'd rather stay at home with my mommy :D. 
AH! Do u know friends? my school has lots of plans. 28 August-1 September=holiday, 8-16September=holiday again, 23-26september=live in, october=camping. aweeeesomeee! ;D *errr. I think I talk much about holiday here :/. I just loveee holiday, who doesn't? even holiday with friends is more fun, right? For example go to somewhere with friends, camping together, shopping together, sleepover, that's just greaaaattt!
IMG_3752 copy
shirt - my sister's, skirt&brooch - gowigasa, flat shoes - tiamo
IMG_3762 copy
I'm in love with this skirt from my favorite online shop, Gowigasa. owned by two super-pretty ladies, Jessica and Elissa! They're sooo kind. They love to give freebies to their costumers. the brooch what I wore in these photos is a freebie from them. I got a red belt and a cute tee too! ;) I can't count how many clothes I bought from gowigasa.haha
Gowigasa sells lotss of pretty clothes such as :

aaw.. I feel like wanna buy all of the clothes <33

quote of the day :
Do you know that place between being asleep and awake, where you still remember your dreams? Thats where I'll always love, that's where I'll always wait for you - Tinkerbell


sweet orange

So yeah, while waiting my best-est friend, Jessica to come, I decide to blog. I'll share you my favorite runaway collections   :)
Miu Miu Resort 2011

gosh. this is just too adorable! Apple earrings, polkadot heels, polkadot tanks & shorts, colorful bangles & belts, all in one. thumbbbbsss up!! This Resort 2011 collection is so playful. I love bright colors, cute patterns, etc. I feel like wanna buy all items from resort 2011 :P.
Must try --> belted tank + shorts + heels! :D

LOVE the wedges :)

Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 RTW

I pick 4 looks from PS Fall 2010 rtw. yeah, I adore the young designers of Proenza Schouler. What I like from the first and the second look : the pattern and color. and if you have sexy belly/hips, you will look great if you wear the dress in the first look. ;D. I love the model in the 1st look too. she looks so fressssh. And for the third look, I love babydoll dress so much. so cute, even the material is half leather. that's just sweet yet rocky. Taylor Momsen would be great if she wears it.  last, 4th look, reminds me of gossip girl... hahaha. I don't like the model in the 4th look. *in Indonesian : kempot/peot*. she looks so old, super thin cheek, not too fresh face.

Erdem S/S 2010 RTW
loooveee  the dress so much. I imagine if my mom wears this dress. she will look super-gorgeous. flower corsages on the top. perfect.

must have : floral wedges! :D

yesterday I did a super-quick photoshoot before went to chruch :
tried my sister's stuart weitzman heels. it hurt. -_-"

Have a nice day everyoneee!! :D



I'm such a photoshop fool. I wanted to add some special effects on my photo but I can't T_T. I've edited some photos but I'm failed. -_-. so yeah. keep it original. hahaha :P

red short cardigan - my sister's, ruffle top - just wanderlust, skirt - zara, tights - yellow line, shoes - bought from China, bracelet - chanel


this ruffle top is kinda short. when I raise my hand, it will show my fat belly. lol

the ribbon shoes. cute, yes? hurt, yes!

I'm free from school yesterday and today. The school gave 2 days off for students to greet "fasting month".
I'm so happy (lazy student loves days off a lot). no homework, no tests. gyaa! xD. This is life!
But yeah, tomorrow I should go to school again. no probs, I'd love to meet my friends again. :P


p.s : I want to made FAQ page on this blog. So that, please send me any questions that you want to ask as many as you want to / leave your question here is okay. thanks :D
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safari fun

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope you will have fun in this weekend.
I don't go to anywhere today except church. My friends are lazy to hang out today, so do I. haha
I've spent lots of money this week, so yeah. better if I safe it and only use it when I really need it. :D
hm... I rarely share my private story in this blog. but don't know why. I really want to write this story in this post.
let's we discuss about... broken heart? jealousy? I think almost all girls in this world ever feel broken heart.
fall in love- rejected, fall in love-in a relationship-broke up, fall in love-the boy/girl already has girl/boyfriend, etc.
I feel that too. maybe if you're in my yahoo messenger contact list and read my status. you've known what happened to me. I feel so dramatic. I'm scared if I tell you about this then you'll think (in Indonesian : "anak kecil ud pcar2an. ud naksir2an) . but yeaaaa. I WANT to tell this.
my first love was in the 6th grade. I was so happy that time. my first boyfriend is a twin :P. I got one of them of courseee.hahaha. but then we broke up because my stupidity and super stupid reason T_T. Then I don't know why, I fall in love with my first ex-bf again. and many friends of us told me that he liked me too. he's my classmate. sits 2 chairs behind me. I can't stop looking to the back everyday-everytime -_-. and my friends and also his twin mock me everyday. but I don't think he loves me too. T_T. one of my bestfriends said to me; "what do you want to choose? 1.he will be your boyfriend but doesn't enjoy with you, or 2.he won't be your boyfriend but he will happy?". so, I think I'd rather go away, forget that I ever fall in love with him and let him happy :). I don't want to be selfish, and don't you think better if I focuss on school-thingy first ? hehe :D

okay. So, I did a mini-photoshoot. my bangs are too long, it cover my small eyes and I haven't get time to cut it. ==". So I decided to wear sunglasses :D

porkpie hat - seibu, sunnies - forever21, top & belt - unbranded, khaki shorts - my sister's, wedges - mango


have a nice weekend lovess! xD


lazy sunday

hi everyone! 
in this so random. I don't post my outfit here. I share a photo and videos that I like :)
this morning, someone asked me on my tumblr to post songs that I like on my blog so that my blog would be more interesting. I appreciate that . thank you anonymous! :)

My parents went to Jakarta yesterday, they left me T_T. I want to go to Jakarta too...hahaha

I like almost all of music genres. especially pop,jazz, and RnB.
I like ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Glee, Sabrina, Boys Like Girls,etc.
and here, I'll share you my favorite "youtube" singers :

sorry if I share too much videos! I'm confused to choose! haha :P

what's your favorite song/ music genre? let's share with me! :)

This huge doraemon doll is from my best friends. they know what I like! I love them very much!
although sometimes they annoyed me, they're still the best. No one's better than them :)

Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly
True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere
A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have
love my blogging buddies too!
I'm feeling lucky to have them in my life. 
that's all for today. I shall study & prepare the books for tomorrow!
Good night!

the winners

The Winners of My 1st Giveaway are :

*drum rolls*

Anastacia Cecil  from A Smalltown Girl (the padlock necklace) and Sanam from StopAndStareStyle (the crown necklace)

Congratulation to the winners . if you haven't win this giveaway, don't worry, someday I'll make another giveaways ;)