Pink Ice Cream


The pink in this outfit is my favorite shade of pink. We usually call this shade as Magenta / Hot Pink !
The pink is not too dark yet not too bright . But it liven up the black and white shade in my outfit ;D. I wore this outfit to meet my friends at the mall and this was taken at the parking lot.

  • Studded jacket c/o Meinu Shop (IG: @meinu_shop)
  • Never coast tee c/o Fangs House
  • Skort from Cloth Inc
  • Sunglasses from Minkpink
  • Wedgesneakers from New Look
  • Socks from Topshop


This jacket from Meinu Shop is definitely one of my fav jacket ever. It's not too thick , so it's perfect to be worn in Indonesia. If you want this jacket, you can contact Meinu Shop via Line: metaga0208 / Sms : 085883007822. They also sell a bunch of stylish clothes, and the price is mostly cheaper than other shops! 

Thanks to my bestie Nadia for capturing these pics :)


Fantastic Four


Around 2 weeks ago, I had a photoshoot with my best friends. We've planned this photoshoot since months ago but it kept getting delayed because of our bussiness. So, after final exam ended, we could do this photoshoot right away since we're practically free from school / other stuffs.




After looking more mature in my previous post, this time I'm back to school girl style!



Next to The Beach


Yeay! Here are the results of my quick shoot with my bro. It's taken at Pantai Alam Indah, Tegal. We didn't go to beach though. This is like a group of grasses, trees, and plants near the parking area ;p


I lovee clashing patterns. This time I wore a striped bustier and pearl choker c/o @LadieShopSheNeeds , plaid shirt from New Look, and denim skirt c/o chicnova.


Sadly the sky wasn't blue despite the hot heat which made me falling sick instantly after I went home. I've been having sore throat and flu for 3 days, plus fever for a day (the next day I had another photoshoot with my friends which we had planned since months ago). *I'm such a failed model-wannabe. lol* T.T


Thanks to my brother, @kepinmon . Come home often and take me lots of beautiful shots, kay? ;*


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Recent Updates !


My final exam in the 11th grade finally ended on Tuesday. I was so scared and stressed over my physics and chemistry exams as I thought I messed up the essays :(. But Thank God I passed all of the subjects! I couldn't stop screaming and jumping with my friends who also passed all of them. lol.

As I have nothing to do these days ( I'm currently having a short break before classmeeting starts while the school's holding a remidial exam) , I spend my days by catching up the new episodes of Hotel King, Running Man, and Jessica & Krystal (uhh Jessica is my style icon!) that I missed. 

I also went to meet my JHS bff yesterday and went grocery shopping together. I bought the stuffs I need to make a dish from dory, and soy milk cream stew (ochikeron's recipe :9). I've always liked cooking on holiday. I watched many cooking videos on youtube, and my fav recipes are korean dishes. Believe me, I'm good at making bibimbap, kimchi jiggae, and japchae!!  :D

Today I had a mini photoshoot with my bro who just bought a mini camera. I can't wait to share you the result ! Be sure to see it first on my instagram; @verenleecious !

Ok! That's all about my recent updates. I'm gonna have another photoshoot tomorrow, but this time I'm gonna do it with my friends ;P *busy bee*~~~~


Jolly time in Jolie


There were so many public day off during the last week in May, and I spent one of those days by having photoshoot for my blog. I'm so glad my friends helped me!



We went to a beach called Purwahamba Indah (PurIn). It's actually quite dirty with trashes everywhere , but I managed to get some good pics though, hihihi!


I wore this TIFFANY Jumpsuit in Blue c/o @Jolie_Clothing . I always love cute clothings with good quality, bows, and pastel colors! 



  • straw hat bought in Thailand
  • Tiffany jumpsuit c/o @jolie_clothing  (Line:tjandrafanny / stefanitan | email: They ship Worldwide!)
  • Shoes from New Look

My mom said I look taller in this jumpsuit despite my height which is only 5"1' ;p


The bracelets I wore are from @prettyrize (LINE:prettyrize) and the hat is from Thailand! 






We bought a soap bubble in front of the entrance as the photo's 'property'. My bestie Steven blowed them while Kevin & Sarah took the photos :'>







A bonus - the behind the scene of this shoot!
Steven gave me a piggy back ride because I couldn't jump to sit on the boat (it was too high) and also, it was so hard to walk with heels at the beach. Lol. 
Hugeeee thanks to my buddies for this fun photo session :*