steps to freedom

korker hair clip - bow house, hat - bought from Australia, tunic - sister's, shorts - unbranded, vest - kibibe, shawl -, wedges - chrissie *these are the comfiest wedges ever....*

pic taken by me when a plane flew across the sky above my house..hahaha

i can't believe time flies as fast as plane
i feel like i've just graduated from elementary school and started to study in junior high school..
but now... it's almost June. and I'm in the 2nd semester of 7th grade. anddd start from June 3rd. I'll have the final exam. i must study hard to get the best result! sorry if i won't update my blog for 1-2 weeks :(. i promise i'll update my blog after the exam has finished... then.... i will have a looonggg holiday a looonggg freedom..hahaha! :D
wish me luck , friends!
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about the vivienne westwood sandals... thanks for the infos, i'll search it at Jkt next month! :)
big thanks :* <3.
veren lee



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i loooooooooooveeee my hair

friendssss.... do you love your hair?? 
The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther
i love my hair very much! i hate when my hair becomes dry because i often iron/curl my hair.. but... now.... Linda Kam from L'OREAL sent me L'OREAL Elseve Royal Jelly shampoo and hair conditioner to  safe my hair... it uses for my dry hair to re-nutrition it.. after i use it my hair isn't dry anymore and it becomes so healthy, silky, and bouncy. The conditioner makes my hair becomes easier to be brushed. Really happy with my hair now! L'OREAL uses rare and precious natural ingredients for their products. this L'OREAL Elseve Royal Jelly shampoo is ab exceptional concentration of combined elements. that's the first time L'Oreal laboratories have incorporated Royal Jelly in a caring, creamy formula that bathes the hair in nourishing ingredients without weighing it down!. . and... the happy thing... L'OREAL Elseve's price is cheap. it's only Rp 19.900,00 for the shampoo and Rp 22.000,00 for the conditioner! both prices are for 180ml :). After I use L'OREAL Elseve , my friends ask me what hair products that i use and they say they like my hair! :D. who doesn't want to have healthy hair? :)
friends, if you have hair problems but different with me, go to to find the complete products of L'OREAL Elseve. They have products for too glossy hair, tousled hair, and the another hair problems.
trust me, it work!
you don't need to buy expensive hair products to get healthy products!!
this is my video about a review of L'OREAL Elseve! this is my very first video... sorry if i wrong in some pronounciation & bad english accent T_T (will practise it moreee). hahha. enjoy!


i love my hair on these photos so much!! thanks L'OREAL :*

hairclip - up2date , top -noowee's closet , skirt dhievine by dhika (thank you so much kak dhika for the free skirt. it's so beautiful!) :), wedges - gosh.

bangle - shop princess , ring - somewhere in malioboro mall ;D


call her Jessica!

hi my readers!

i made an interview with a beautiful girl, named  Jessica . an 16 year old girl who will turn 17 this June. she lives in Australia. She loves to shop in thrift stores. I know her from her lookbook. The interview's questions i got from various blogs and magazines..  here's the interview :)

How would you define your style?
 An elderly grandmother with an affinity for smuggling drugs into strange countries.
How and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about pointless things that nobody really cares about way back in  Year 7 (5-6 years ago). Your typical pre-teen blog. Detailed descriptions of what I did that day, constant mentions of inside jokes that nobody understood. My blogs became more veered towards fashion around a year ago. The transition from personal blogging to fashion blogging was synonymous with when I started shopping at charity stores. :)

Do you have any inspirations? Please mention it with the reasons!
I'm constantly inspired by dreary weather, by chocolate, by my amazeballs friends, by the people I see on the street, Lookbook, photography, a certain boy, sleeping, things I find in the thrift store. I primarily am inspired by the pieces I find in thrift stores - I usually build outfits around one piece.
What fashion items do you think are the next big trends?
I think mainstream fashion is heading towards the whole hipster direction. Lace up booties and motorcycle boots and the like are in trend right now, so naturally I think the next things everyone's going to want to buy into are: floral, high waisted anything, blazers, destroyed denim cut offs etc.

Mention one fashion item that you wouldn't ever wear it!
CROCS. CROCS. CROCS. Also, high waisted jeans. they don't work for me. BUT CROCS, OH MAN. Someone needs to throw all the crocs into a void and set fire to that void and just UGH. CROCS. I understand that it's comfortable, but there are so many other options you could choose that are comfortable. 
How long does it take for you to put together an outfit?
When I'm feeling lazy - under a minute. By lazy I mean my default outfit - a random shirt tucked into some nondescript floral high waisted skirt. If I'm bothered - generally half an hour, I go a bit mental in choosing outfits. And when it actually counts - formal occasions, half an hour to an hour. 

What is the most comfortable outfit combination for you?
My default outfit - nondescript high waisted floral skirt and a random shirt, with fake docs. Or, my PJs. Or my birthday suit. Actually, my birthday suit is pretty damn comfortable.
Who is your favorite designer? Why?
 i don't really follow designers, but recently I can remember I liked Rodarte an awful lot. And Charles Anastase, that collection that was so saturated with geek chic it was practically like a library in clothing form.

What do you want to be in the future?
Right now it's all a bit blurry, even though a lot of my peers are set on what they want to do. I'm definitely veering towards a more creative (read: Lazy) career, possibly in Visual Communication. Or maybe PR, advertising. I'm not sure yet. It would be lovely if I could open my own second hand clothing store though. Like I need any more of an excuse to hang out in dusty charity shops.

big thanks to Jessica for sparing her time to be interviewed by me! :)
check out her blog here 


desperate of a teenager



dress wore as top - GOWIGASA , skirt - Zara 

ok. you can call me a kid.
but i'm already in Jhs.
you can say my face is a baby face.
but i'm already in my teenager (puberty) life. 
i just want to tell you, if i have been in love.
a simple word contains of 4 letters which dictionary can't describe it exactly too.
a situation when my heart beat when i see someone that i can't stop thingking of it.
a situation when i'm angry because the boy who I love close with someone.
do you ever feel like this too?
i felt it this afternoon.
i really mad... -__-"
i never wonder if I...................

sorry i stop the story... it's too private :p. hahaa...
i don't know what can i do.
i just don't want to flirt in front of someone...
it's just sooooooooooooooooooo.... *argh*

i'll going to Jogja tonight!! (extremely can't waittt)
but I haven't packed anything yet :P

ehmmm... at last...
are you looking into bangles, rings, ribbon headbands, belt, shoes, dresses, etc.?

click HERE !! :D

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. really love it and make me happy :D

hugs and kisses,
veren lee ;)


super woman

Happy Mother's Day to all moms in this world!!
(actually in Indonesia, Mother's day is on December :))

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.  ~Washington Irving
Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds.  Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends - but only one mother in the whole world.  ~Kate Douglas Wiggin

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
-- Agatha Christie

ok, i cried yesterday when my teacher told me about MOM.
I never realized mom is full of efforts...
she struggled between life or die when she gave birth her child..
she brought up her child with all of her love & strength

i always think my mom is fussy.
i often angry to her...
i feel so guilty
i never think before what she does for me from i was a baby till now...
sorry mom. ;(
i often make u feel disappointed.. i make u angry and cry
i will always love u mom.
u're the only my mom
the best mom in this world
the most beautiful mom i've ever seen
you're the only mom with young way of thinking..
i really love u mom. :)

this is my mom

i <3 my mom very much more than everything in this world.
*my dad too :p

friends, do you love your mom? your hero... a person who gave u birth to this world??
the fussy person at home?? hahahha. i'm sure we're all love our mom :)

hmmmm... this month will be a busy month for me. 
i'll go to Jogja from Wednesday-Friday.
it's for visiting Mother Maria's caves (pilgrimage). then we'll visit other places in Jogja too. :).
i'm very excited but i know it will make the students super tired.
because one day after back from Jogja, we'll go camping T_T (i'm not excited with this, i hate it... i can't sleep in the tent. so hot, damp,etc.)
i don't think i could meet jogja bloggers.. because my school doesn't give free time. because we're still 7th grade student. i know, my teachers scared if someone losts. haha...
we get time to walk around just for few hours (maybe) at Maliboro. I even don't know Maliboro is a market/mall. -__-"

okay... i inspired by D & G SS 2010 RTW and Alexander Wang SS 2010 RTW to make a mini photoshoot,
not really exact anyway... Just "look-a-like"

what do you think? :p

ehmmmmmmmmmmm.... i feel really bored now.
i have no-thing-to-do- except sewing ! i make crafts from flannel! i make dolls. haha
i'm joining a worldwide craft swap! interesting,right?
but i need 6 people who like to make crafts to join this swap!
if you interested, please kindly send me an e-mail to
i'll explain it to you clearly =D (worldwide!!)

p.s my online shop is officialy opened! click here to visit my online shop :)
i sell accessories there! hope u interested and buy some :P

see u on next post everyonee!
thank you so much for reading my blog!
love you :D
veren lee




V neck tank : mango , floral lace vest: unbranded, cardigan : kibibe, floral skirt : gowigasa  , rose hair clip f21
heatwave wedges

i just wanna be my self. i must be proud of it,
God gives me complete body's organ..
i could walk, i could hear, i could see, i could touch, etc...
sometimes i ask to God.
"why my eyes are so small?"
"why i can't be slimmer?"
"why i can't be higher?"
then.... I know...
no body's perfect in this world...
I still could do anyhting that I want. I talk in my heart "lucky i'm not like other people who can't walk, can't see, can't hear...."
"lucky i could live happier and less of misery... have a beautiful home.... good family members...."
"lucky i have funny friends...."
now... i should be proud with anything that I want.
I must be grateful with anything that God gives to me....
if I want to be higher and slimmer... i must attempt ! don't just pray! attempt+pray= hopefully our dream will come true ;)

see u n have a nice day folks :))
veren lee