officially 13

Happy Birthday to me! I'm officially 13 years old now. so glad for getting older :).
I should be a better girl, change my bad attitudes, and be more mature :)
I celebrate my birthday today with go swimming at waterpark with my lovely bestfriends! I swim from 2pm - 6pm lol. My skin get tanned! I feel like Kimora Lee Simmons now. hahaa (Asian with tan skin) xP
Okay, less of words of this post. I'm so dizzy right now. too tired. shall sleep earlier tonight....
thank you to Yosan, Jimmy, Yan, Hans, Audy, Marchel, Jessica who give me a HUGE birthday gift package for me! <33. and also thanks to Yunita, Eve, Kristina, Agatha, Rio, Hendi, and Samuel :).
Thanks all for the wishes . lovee <3333



cardigan - zara , t-shirt - hk disneyland, skirt- f21, shoes - tiamo


I don't take photos with the boys because they're naughty and they don't want too -____-"
I will share you my photos with my friends from a photoshoot for city local magazine :]
2 boys behind me : hans - yan (twin), jessica, nia (blewing bubbles)

thank you again all!
Love love lovveee 
see ya ;D


stripes on denim

headband : itc mangdu, white tank - giordano, tube - f21, skirt & vest - for miss, wedges - charles & keith

hi guys. sorry for the lack update ! school is killing me! too much assignments to do! x(
aaaa. I'm super duper can't wait for my birthdayyyyyy! although I'm still confused where will I celebrate my birthday...hmm...  and oh! I'll announce my giveaway's winner on July 30th!
err... do you believe in astrology in magazines? I often feel the same with what astrology said about my star that month. and... I read something this morning that told me if I'll know what's the real of 'someone special'. and I really knew it this morning at school and it made me sooo upset -__-.
aaaah. T_T. Okay, get up. stop crying. 4 days later is my birthday XD!
My mom promised to me she will buy me everything that I want ! I'll do online shopping, hehehe :P
Recommend me your favorite online shops please! :D

tagged by : ci Alvi and ci Patricia !

1. Did you ever had a secret crush on a tv actor/movie star?
yeaaaa. I likeee kim bum, logan lerman, and kevin mchale. hahaha ;P 
2. Is there a TV serie you never miss a episode from?
3. If you had to choose: A (love)relationship or two good girlfriends? (not both!;))

Two girlfriends for me of course :D
4. Do you have an addiction, something you can never resist? (like chocolate or shoes…)

I looooveee shopping VERY MUCH
5. Do you have a dream you try to chase in your life?

hmm... I have lotss of dreams. I wanna be a good and fashionable housewive in the future :P 
6. Describe your ideal day. What would you do?
shopping in the morning-afternoon with friends then swimming together :)
7. It’s Saturday night. You are: chilling on the sofa, watching television/movies and enjoying snacks OR going out to a hot club with your girlfriends, dancing like you had only one day to live?

neither!! on Saturday I often go to the mall with my best friends :) :)
8. Which colour do you wear the most and is that colour telling something about your personality?  

hmmm... white. but white isn't telling something about my personality :)

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pretty geek

hi all!
how are you?
seems like so many people have their birthday this month? including me! I can't wait for my birthday! maybe I will celebrate it with my close friends only. hehe :). I haven't make my birthday wish list yet. I just think I've bought lots of stuffs this month and wasted my parents money.. so..yeah.they could give me anything , I'll accept it with all of my heart. hahaha x).
I really like this month, because my brother is home already! I love chatting with him, he's so funny, even there are so many things I hate from him too. He likes to get angry to me don't know why, he's so naughty to me, he likes to fart in my bedroom!! :(.

about the new post, I like this photoshoot very much ! Because I have 2 concepts of it. haha. one is a geeky girl, one is pretty girl.hahaha (even I ain't that pretty :P)


porkpie hat - (forget the brand. bought it from Seibu), white tee - zara basic , skirt - Royal Princess, shoes - unbranded, necklace - lenor by Lenny Agustin



necklace - ITC Mangga Dua, headband - DIY, shoes - gosh, bag - kate spade

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see you :)


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the return of princess

headband - evita peroni, sunnies - bought at Genting, dress - forever 21, shoes - tiamo (bought at Malaysia)

hi all!
how's your holiday?? is it fun?? share with me! ;)
sorry for the loooonggg-loooooonggg hiatus.
Now, I'm back :). I really enjoy my trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Jakarta. I bought lotsss of things!
we went to universal studios Singapore too! It was soooo fun, especially the mummy! :). The photos are coming soon because most of the photos are in my bro's camera and he isn't here. hehehe..
Ahhh. the holiday almost ends.... boo! I'm so lazy to back to school -_____-, I'm not ready to be stressed out because a mount of assignments and tests. zzz.

oh ! I have 2 good news!
1. I'm serious, I'll make a giveaway to celebrate my birthday! be patient and keep update by follow this blog / my twitter !! :D
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see u all.
love love loveee,
veren ;p