uhmmm.... Good night everyone.. what am I gonna write?

First.... I'm going to tell you about today..
Today's weather was reaaaaallyyy hot.. The school ended at 1 o'clock and the heat made me feel dizzy and I could faint... Thanks God holiday starts tomorrow because the roads in my city become really crowded these days.. Plus the road in front of my school become 1 way only, and it makes the students come late because we have to take another way which is farther. So it's like the road in front of my school becomes the road for travelers.. There were a looootttt of motorcycle passed by today. It was really scary O_O

Second.. I'll go to Jakarta tomorrow and go to South Korea on Saturday (YAY!), I hope there won't be any traffic jam :[

Third.. My ipod is now in my friend's hand.. The courier didn't send it to my house because they said their staffs returned to their hometown already and couldn't send the package to other city outside Semarang.. I was like.. WHAAAATTTTT??? So it was in Semarang since Tuesday, then my dad told the courier to send my ipod to my friend who lives in Semarang.. And luckily my friend will also go to Jakarta tomorrow ;D. *I beg my friend, I'll smack him if he forgets to bring my ipod :/ . I can't live without ipod during my trip to Korea.. I can't imagine my self sitting in the bus for hours without ipod.. It will be extremely boring! (I think I've typed this sentence twice :p*

And fourth,... even though this is too early, I wanna say "SELAMAT HARI LEBARAN" for those who celebrate it . Please forgive my sins :D. and HAPPY HOLIDAYYY <3

See you soon! :D

p.s : BYEEE daily test, assignments, etc.!!!



There was Independence Day celebration in my school on Friday, August 12nd 2011. 
There were some traditional competitions on that day , such as drawing, makan kerupuk, pentung air, estafet kelereng, masukin pensil ke dalam botol, and many more. I and my team (osis) were a little bit disappointed because our 'old style-minded' teachers don't allow us to hold balap karung / fustal sarung competition because my teacher said they're risky. But.... we're high school students... not kindergarten .. geezzz -___-. But that day was fun enough though!

He's a 8th grader.. believe it or not.. He's too cuteee! haha :P


And this is a photo of me and my friends before 'that accident' happened. We were in mcdonald's to have breakfast :).
Thanks all for the comments / supports that you gave on my previous post. Thanks God my ipod is ok, nothing's broken except the battery. Now my ipod is on the way from Jakarta to my house . I hope it will arrive at least on Friday because I'm going to go to Jakarta on Saturday and go to South Korea on Sunday night..
(my mom got angry at me when she knew my ipod fell into the brook and she said to me if it'd be better if I sent the ipod to a cellular shop because there's no one in my city can repair apple products.  (I'm a steady customer from that cellular shop, my family always buy gadgets from that shop) ) . I knew I should ask that shop to send my ipod to my apartment in Jakarta instead of to Tegal... I forgot about it but they sent it already >_______<.  It would be bored if there's no ipod during my trip to Korea.. I can't imagine my self sitting in the bus but I have nothing to do without ipod... -__-
So my current prayer is... "MY IPOD PLEASE ARRIVE SAFELY TO MY HOUSE BEFORE FRIDAY!!!!!" hahaha :P
gahhh...but that's a relief.. :'). If my ipod's broken, my parents won't give me another gadgets anymore... (._.)


I beg you

I'm so reckless (careless) these days (bad luck).. I don't know why but I think I broke everything.. I broke my g11 camera, I broke my ipod's jbl speaker, I lost my phone twice and I lost my sister's old ipod. 

Today I broke my ipod touch that I bought last year (December). I've just arrived in front of my house from McDonald's with my friends. I brought my bag in the right hand and blackberry in left hand. I put my ipod touch between my fingers in the right hand.. when I closed my car's door, my ipod fell into a brook in front of my house. unfortunately, there's water in the brook ! (usually the brook is empty) but luckily the water wasn't dirty. At first I didn't know if I fell it into the brook. 

After 10seconds, I found my ipod in the brook and I took it out and I ran into my house, I dried my ipod with hairdryer, then I dried it with a fan, after that I googled how to safe it. Then many people say I should put my ipod into a bowl of rice and put it under the lamp / sun, and I have to wait for 48hours... I did it.. I put my ipod into a plastic of rice and I put it under the lamp..

Man... I'm so shockkkkeddddddddd .... I guess my dad will be mad at me when he's home and find my broken ipod.. T_______T. 
I hope my ipod will be okay and that way will work T______T. Any other advice? Can anyone help?

and oh... when my ipod fell into the brook, I didn't know if it was dead (no battery)/ still turned on.. because when I was in the car, I didn't check my ipod but last time I checked it, it was lowbatt.. 

Will it be fine if I charge my ipod to turn it on tomorrow/the day after, after I take out my ipod from the rice?

PRAYYY FOR MY IPOD TOUCH.. Let's hope it'll be fine when I turn my ipod touch on tomorrow. This is a lesson to me. T-T


Happy Birthday Indonesia!


Happy 66th Independence Day to my country, Indonesia~! And today's outfit theme is red and white, the colors of Indonesia's flag :)


Am I proud to be Indonesian? I keep asking this to my self. Sometimes there's time where I feel so proud with my country, but sometimes there's also time where I don't feel proud being an Indonesian. I feel very proud when I know Hollywood celebrities or well-known people wore Indonesian original products, when people love to visit Indonesia. Especially Bali, one of the most beautiful island on earth, when Indonesian students won achievements at international competitions, and manyyyy more.

But when I hear some news about Indonesia's ridiculous laws and corruptions, I feel very ashamed and sad. Few months ago I heard a news saying that "An old woman stole her neighbor's watermelon (only 1) and she's being arrested to jail" . I was like.... what? where did their heart go? And I also heard a corrupter corrupted for millions rupiahs but his punishment's only 2-4 years (I don't remember it clearly) while that old woman got punished for 5 years... Life is unfair for the less-fortunate people :(. Even the law-related people (like police, prosecutor) who's originally have to be fair, they did corruptions too! They asked money to the accused, if she/he paid, their punishment would be easy.. God.. this world is really full of lies. 
And if you ask for the simplest one, do drive in Jakarta/ any other cities in Indonesia, cross the red traffic light / turn into the wrong direction, and if the police comes, give him no more than 200k rupiahs, and everything will be done easily. ckckck!


We (Indonesian), as this country's young generation, should change this country to be a better country. Let's start it with the simplest things like move to other country and change our nationality like south-korean or japanese? Lol I'm kiddingg! Let's be a fair and honest person first! And love and choose Indonesian products.
There are a lot of talented Indonesian young designers recently like Nina Nikicio, Tex Saverio, etc! And for local brands (made in Indonesia), my favorites are up, june and julia, shoezisme, cotton ink, retail theraphy, only i, decimal shoes, and mannnyyyyyyyyy moreeeee :D


red cardigan : pull and bear (my sister's). ruffle top and shorts : unbranded, wedges : stradivarius


I took a lot of photos with another piece that I got from Candy Button. It's Victoria Headband . what do you think? :)






I'm going to have 3 days off starting tomorrow. Finally I'm free from crazy assignments, daily tests, and presentations. yahoooooo! ;p

f(x) - Is it OK?


Candy Button

Hello! Can you see my hair-clips? What do you think about it? Cute, right? :D. I got those hair-clips from .candybutton. . If you pay attention, it's been a long time since last time I wore hair-clips/headband in my outfit posts. hehe :P . They also gave me 2 adorable headbands which you can see the picture at the bottom of this post ;)

I've just completed City Hunter yesterday... and for me the ending wasn't satisfying enough. Honestly I was a bit confused... did Yoon Seung end up with Nana? Or they're separated? :/. I really hate dramas with this kind of ending T_____T. 

My parents went home from Jakarta yesterday and my mom bought this top and shorts for me ! When my parents went to Jakarta, I went out with my friends almost everyday ! The bad effect was... I didn't study for my daily test because the night before the test I went out till late and I was really sleepy to study, so I got an awful score -__- . *never ever do this again*






another gift from Hanake Shop



I will wear those headbands in my upcoming outfit posts ;)

Maroon5 ft.Christina A.  - Moves Like Jagger 


Strong Berry


I got this top from Red Cherry Shop. The owner sent me this strawberry-printed top as my birthday present :). And the bracelet is from Hanake Shop thank you so much~<3


Please don't get bored with my favorite up wedges. Some people asked me why I love to wear same shoes. why did I wear those shoes all over again... 
my answer is simple. Because it match with my outfits, and for me, fashion blog isn't a place to show off what you have, but to show how you dress up.. Don't you think when I wear the same thing(s) for times, it shows that I can wear it in many different ways? :). Don't spend too much money for clothes just because you don't want to wear something same for times. That's really a waste! (Especially for students who still use parents' money). Just be creative to mix and match clothes, and don't be afraid :)
Tips :
- Buy clothes / shoes with neutral colors (such as black, nude, white, red, navy, etc.) . I'm sure it match with many kinds of outfit. 
- Don't get easily affected by trends. I do follow the trends.. But I always think twice before I buy the 'trending' items. (Especially if its pricey). There are many kinds of trend... the ones who last for a long time, and the ones who only last for a short time. example ; It's such a pity when you've just bought a skirt which a lot of people wear, but suddenly people don't wear it again and wear the other styles.

I'm not smart enough to give you some tips, so you can follow @styling_101 to get more awesome tips! 


There's also a question that some people ask me. "I want to make a fashion blog like you but I'm not confident, I don't have a nice style".

My answer : "Don't be afraid, don't be shy. I was a fashion disaster when I've just started this blog . But as time goes by, I've improved.The other fashion bloggers, lookbook-ers, fashion sites, magazines, etc are the inspirations of my outfits ! They're my teachers! " 





I want to let u know that I only have ONE facebook account. it's , the others are DEFINITELY fake! Start from now, I won't accept any friend request from people who I'm not familiar with. I will only accept my school-mates, my relatives, and my close friends. So please don't be angry if I ignore your friend requests, I just want to be more private and feel safe about cyber-crime, and I feel annoyed enough with those fakers. 

Those who pretending to be me / using my photos and admit it as their photos without my permission ;
chandra adhitya --> he pretended to be my boyfriend, look at his wall page... when my friend told me about this, he changed his relationship status and made me as his sister...
Melissa dalimunthe --> she was the one who had a fight with me because she didn't want to delete my photos in her facebook profile, and she said that I'm not Veren.. and my photos were her photos... geeezzzzz. (I think i've told you about this before)
Anastasia Amalia (Veren Lauensia Djuanda)--> she's melissa dalimunthe's friend...
Veren Chan --> she's also melissa dalimunthe's friend.. there isn't any photo of me in her profile but she once used my photos
Veren Lee --> same name, same profile picture, but different facebook url
the funny thing... those fakers are mutual friends on facebook (chandra adhitya is melissa dalimunthe and anastasia amalia's friend. Veren chan is melissa's dalimunthe's friend, etc). I guess they're a group of fools who don't have face?

Those links above are the only people that I found... Maybe there's still more.. But I don't wanna know anymore. I f you found it, just help me by reporting them to facebook / ask them to delete my photos. Thank you <3
V.I - Strong Baby