Yep! I had my 15th birthday yesterday (30 July 2012) . I celebrated it with my close friends. Too bad my besties who study in another cities couldn't come ;(. But yesterday was awesome though. In the morning I was fooled by my friends. They didn't even say happy birthday to me and ignored me. I nearly cried and then my friends couldn't stand seeing my sad face and ended the prank. :p

This year I asked my mom not to buy cake for me because I'm not a big fan of sweet cakes and whipped cream. Then my mom bought "Nasi Tumpeng" for me. It's a traditional birthday "cake" in Indonesia. It's very very veryyy delicious!! :D

Here is the 'recap' of my birthday dinner :)

please mind my 'slightly-crazy' friends who pretended to drink. they didn't drink actually.. :D

Samson (samuel) easily carried Yosan xP (bridal-style)

best friend <3
my funniest friend & my best partner in crime in the class! we're the most talkative students ! :P

the girl who wore red shirt is my friend who brought the cake. her face was so straight and made me thing there's nothing happened. lol
I got a birthday cake from my best friends too! There's a small incident about this birthday cake. When one of my friend who brought this cake came into the reserved room, I didn't realize it was a cake because it's still inside the box + plastic and my friends don't do any surprising thing. When we were going to go home, I saw a cake inside that box and shocked and then asked my friends "OMG! Is this a cake??? Why u didn't tell me anything when u came??". My friend : "I told you but maybe you didn't hear me". LOL. At the end we opened the cake box, and I blew the candles in front of the restaurant =____=. That's reallyyy the funniest 'scene' ever!! xD.

Thank you so much God for letting me live until me now. I feel so lucky and blessed. I have amazing parents, siblings, and friends. Thank youuu so much for my parents who've been loving and raising me since I was born. I'm such a selfish and immature person who don't deserve to have awesome family, friends, and readers like you all but I promise I will keep improving myself to be a better person. I LOVE YOU ALLL <3 <3

p.s : thank you sooo much for your wishes. God bless you! :)




It's only 3 days away until my birthday. I can't wait to turn 15. I'm gonna be older and maturer. Although by seeing my face lots of people will say I'm still a kid and I shouldn't act or dress up too mature, I won't care about it. I only listen to my parents because they know me the best. I just don't like when people easily judge me when they don't even know me at all. I've been blogging for 3 years and I got some hateful comments . They told me this and that (copycat, too mature, show off, bla bla bla) and although at first I was so upset, now I've grown STRONGER. I won't lose to haters who envy my life :)

IMG_0480 copy

IMG_0469 copy

Finally, after months of searching , I get a spiked headband that I've been longing for sooooo long. I saw lots of k-pop idols wore this spiked headband and I really wanted to have one. Thank you Oasap for making my dream come true <3

IMG_0444 copy

And the dress is from Romwe. It's so princess-y and beautiful, isn't it? ;)

IMG_0441 copy

spiked headband & platform sneakers - OASAP 
dress - Romwe


These days, I've been waking up so early and even every morning I arrive at school, it's still so empty! I've never done this before, because I was always late in junior high :p. This is a good change for me, but because I'm still in adapting progress, my dark circles start to appear again!! T.T . Before it get worse, I think I should sleep earlier! :)

I also had a health check a few days ago, my blood pressure is kinda low and then the doctor measured my height... At first the doctor said I'm 1**cm, I was so excited to know I grew taller, but later she said "sorry the measuring tape is 2cm longer than usual so your actual height is 1**". omg... my height is so... so... short... My growth is so slowwww... I did some jump ropes (skipping) and swam a few times last month but it didn't help at all. I should do it more often from now . Please God, my biggest birthday wish this year is to grow taller 5cm. Amen


Another Spikes


Well. I'm a bit confused about what should I tell. So the classes at school have started . It felt so strange to 'think hard' again after 'not thinking anything' for almost 3 months. lol . My handwriting becomes messier because I rarely write on my long holiday. Does this thing happen to you too? 


I'm also confused what extracurricular should I take at school. Dance is my hobby but the dance class at school isn't too interesting and the facility isn't enough. And my mom said I should take some sport classes so that I'll learn new things. I'm thinking to learn karate or badminton . :>



sweater : stradivarius, floral shorts : primark, wedges : by sister 



Actually I never wear too much accessories, but there are some things that catch my eyes lately like spiked headband and ring from OASAP, owl necklace from Juerii Shop, and green shades from Firmoo (Still remember my previous giveaway ft. Firmoo? They sell superb cool sunglasses / shades with amazing quality and service. The item's sent from China and it arrived to my house within one week. Amazinggg!). :D


a closer look to my new accessories from sponsors! :)

Next Monday, on july 30th, I'll turn 15. Is there anybody who wants to send gifts to me?? I'll receive it gladly xP 


Cutely Spiked

How was your first week of school? Mine was super fun, tiring, annoying, unforgettable, and there are still a lot of inexpressible feelings that I can't describe. The student orientation will be an unforgettable experience for me, it was so much different with the one in junior high school (grade 7-9). It was funner, more embarrassing and also scarier at the same time.

The first day went very well and I did the tasks perfectly. My team also won the 2nd place in the afternoon activity. The second day, I was late for less than 5 freaking minutes and I was punished to do push-up for 40 times. On the 3rd day, I came very early to school and was so proud that I've done all the tasks and I didn't come late on that day, BUT, I STILL got punished. My nails were too long so I have to do push-up again. T.T.After that there's a cooking competition. I and my friends cooked gado-gado and won the 3rd place out of 20 contestants ;p

Everyday, I had to tie-up my hair up to 15 knots and wore a helmet made from a plastic ball. I had to do my hair with my mom's help in the evening before I went to sleep and put the knots into the helmet in the morning . It took a lot of time and I felt like I didn't take a rest for 3 days . After I came home from school I had to go to school again for the afternoon activity, then after it ended I had to search the stuffs that my seniors asked me to bring on the next day. After I've prepared those stuffs, I had to do my hair.... yeah that's my daily-routine for 3 days. T.T.

I felt happy when my team accomplished the tasks, I felt sad and angry when I got punished, I felt.... awesome because I could undergo the student orientation without falling sick, although it was very tiring and made me feel so sleepy in the morning because I didn't get enough sleep, but I got lots of lessons to learn. I had to be more discipline, I also learned the important role of tolerance and teamwork when we're working in groups, and maaaaannyyyy moree. I feel so thankful to my seniors who have prepared all of this and taught us lots of useful things to learn (:

sweater : cottoncandy fashion house, shorts : red cherry, earcuff & spiked bracelet : oasap, wedges : june+julia x veren lee

This time I was wearing a knitted sweater from Cotton Candy. The sweater is veryy comfortable to wear. I've known this online shop for a quite long time and I always like their collections. Cotton Candy sells affordable clothes with super good quality and also fast service! If you're following my instagram / twitter, you must have known that I also got a dress from Cotton Candy. It's sooo cutee and I can't wait to wear it <3

I was also wearing shorts from one of my favorite shops, Red Cherry. As usual, Red Cherry always have cute clothes that catch my eyes... I love these shorts sooo much! ;)

I'm currently addicted to spiked accessories and decided to grab this super cool earcuff and neon bracelet from . ;)

Now I'm having the pre-fasting holiday, and will go back to school on Monday. I spend this short break by having enough rest and taking some outfit shots . Tomorrow I'm gonna meet my friends who have moved to Semarang, sooo.... SEE YOU <3


Triple Florals


I've been very very busy since yesterday to prepare the stuffs for student orientation and probably this will continue until Wednesday. Thanks God I've been doing this together with my friends. Although truthfully working together spend a lot of time too, but it's so much funner, and my tasks felt so much lighter. We help each other! ;D.

For this student orientation, there are a lot of embarrassing tasks such as writing love letter to the senior and posing in front of a statue wearing sarong, heels, towel on the head, carrying duster. it's a lot heavier than the tasks I did for middle school orientation, but also a lot funnier :P.

Yesterday we prepared the stuffs that we must bring to school tomorrow from 9am until 8pm, and today we continued it from 11am until 5pm. I don't know what kind of new tasks will my seniors ask us to do for the other days, but I hope this business will help me to lose weight :p.

I'm also so happy to know my new class. I'm in the same class again with my best friends. I almost screamed when they announced my name!!! :D
Please, this student orientation must go smoothly without any embarrassing accident / punishment. =__=.


When I was waiting for my friends this morning I decided to dress up. You know, dressing up is one of my hobby when I'm bored, although today I didn't go anywhere, but on the other day I'll wear this outfit.


I was wearing a floral top c/o FIVE:13 (it's a new online shop which is based in jakarta and there's a meaningful meaning about the shop's name. Quoted from Matthew 5:13 about the salt of the earth, Five:13 would want every woman to dress up in their own way to shine their inner beauty aside from the outer, while wishing they will feel comfortable in their own skin and be confident regardless.

Five:13 emphasizes “dress your inner beauty” as their motto, so that every clothing that you buy will wrap you up gracefully to shine your beauty from all aspects for showing the true you, “the salt of the earth” you.) See? Even the name has such an awesome meaning, do check out their site and find beautiful clothes to grab!


I was also wearing a bag from The Bag Line . It's so cutee and also cheap! It's such a perfect shop if you wanna find cheap bags with high quality :).


bubble gum


If you're following my twitter / instagram, you must have known if I cut my bangs a few days ago. It was too long and complicated. Although I personally like my side bangs, it often covered my eyes and I didn't know how to cut it by myself. The point is, I didn't feel comfortable with my side bangs :(. 

So yeah now I'm back with full bangs. I feel I look chubbier and not as mature as my side-bangs, but the good thing is it's easy to arrange. I don't need hair rolls nor hairspray anymore. But I still wanna have side bangs again too. (dilemma). I'm not gonna cut my bangs anymore ==. *chubby cheeks please go away*


I wore this outfit to have lunch with my family this noon. I was also looking for a nice shoe rack but couldn't find any :(. My old shoe racks are too small and not enough for my shoes and they're so disorganized now. I also dislike keeping my shoes inside their boxes because I often forget to wear them and it's hard to find them. i think I'm gonna make a custom made shoe rack. It has to be big and looks like the shoe display 
at shops, and it must have glasses to prevent dusts! <3


bubble gum shirt : , rainbow dip-dyed shorts : abocs shop, necklace : h&m, bag :


School will start next Monday, my holiday is almost over. NOOOOOO!!! :( :(


From Vaduz to Venice


From Switzerland, I went to Venice and passed 2 countries. They're Liechtenstein (Vaduz) and Austria (Innsbruck). It's just strange I was in 4 countries on that day :P. Liechtenstein is the 4th smallest country in the world, and Vaduz is Liechtenstein's mother city. It's so small and I think it's similar to a village.  



This is Innsbruck, Austria. 





We arrived in Venice by speed boat. It was a shaky ride and I almost vomited, but luckily I didn't. Venice was super crowded! 





The Famous Gondola ride. It wasn't as pretty as I expected and the gondola in Macau is prettier. There's also a bad smell coming from the pipes :x


I passed through a vintage clothing shop during the gondola ride :]







On the next day we're going to Rome, but before that we stopped in The Mall, Florence. It's a biggg and beautiful shopping heaven! And it's full of Asians who shopped like crazy -_-.





I was wearing a leather jacket by sheinside, floral shorts by primark (atmosphere), sunglasses by h&m, and see by chloe's poya satchel ;)