I'm sorry for not update my blog for 10 days.
because my mom tell me, if I not may play computer / internet on Monday - Friday.
So, I just can update my blog every Saturday / Sunday. And, my mom tell those because my midterm report's result is bad. :'(

Oh yes, Yesterday, I and my friends competing at PIUS EXPO DANCE COMPETITION 2009 .
and my group's name is PETITE FIVE.
we got the 2nd winner.
I'm very happy because I and my friends never let in dance competition.
I don't have photos of our dance.
But , if I can, I will upload the video soon!.

okay, enough for this post. GOOD BYE,

with love,
Veren Lee



Headband : unbranded
T-Shirt : Hard Rock Osaka , Japan.
Shorts : GAP Kids
Boots : Zara Footwear collection



hello. how are you?
i'm sorry if long time i not updating my blog.
because i'm very busy with my midterm test,
anyway, I have a bad feeling about my midterm test's result.
I think my result will not good and my mom will be angry to me. :(

okay, to the point.
today is my sister's engagement. I will show you my outfits.

- lolita hat hair pin
- HIPPIE dress
- HIPPIE vest
- randa wedges

your comments are my pleasure. ;D



Today is very fun for me in the afternoon,
but very boring in the evening.

in the afternoon, I go to my friend's house and play together.
in the evening, I just sit in front of my computer desk and don't know what I must do.
so, I just check my facebook account, twitter account, browse some fashion blogs, etc.
and, 2 days later, my dad will celebrate his 53th birthday.
now, I at the panic situation because I confuse , what can I buy for him?
T-shirt? or not yet? hmmm.
If you know if I not live at Jakarta, but I live at Tegal.
But I very often go to Jakarta, because I have a house at Jakarta, and my brother study at Jakarta.
Really, I hate my city,
its so boring, and trustworthy,
in Tegal just there 2 malls with countrified shops, and *ecek-ecek* mark.
I'm so hate that.

but, there is 1 things who make me happy in Tegal :
- there isn't a traffic jam!

really, I want to show you some pictures about my accessories collection.
But I think I can't upload now,
because my internet connection is very bad
and I will upload that later.

friends, 4 days later, I will have midterm test.
I want to have good mark for my midterm test,
and I really hope I will be the 1st rank in my class.

bye all. I will long time not post anything.