DIY Denim Bangle

Konnichiwa! At this time, I'll tell you how to make a denim / floral bangle. It's so easy! You can use bangles that you've never worn it! Hope it's clear enough. hehe :)

Picture 002
Picture 021
you need :
1. Fabrics
2. Bangle(s)
3. Glue Gun
4. Scissors
5. Ribbon
6. Ruler
7. Measure Tape
8. Pencil

the result :

Picture 020
Picture 019
do try this!! :)

sorry to say. but there will be ± 2 weeks hiatus on this blog during my trip to Jakarta and Taiwan :(. But I hope you keep reading my blog and I promise I'll replace the hiatus with some new pots once I back from my trip. heheh :D
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Enjoy Your Holiday ! <3


baby pink

helloooooooo! I'm veryyyy glad that my exam has done! it was a stressful week :S. And now I'm free like a bird ^^. ( to school books : byee! see you next year !). This week my school make some competitions between classes (classmeeting). There are soo manyy competitions . I join the dance competition ^o^
Christmas is coming. and holiday is in front of my eyes. I will go to Jakarta (shopphing!!) and Taiwan (actually I'm not really interested to go to Taiwan since many friends told me it's not that good :/)
headband - bow house, vest - kibibe, dress - 9pm, heels - june+julia
thankssss all for your comments and compliments on my blog. you always make my days <33



hi all. in this post, I want to introduce my pretty blog buddy's online shop. It's Clara Devi's from Sunflares Plethora ! Her shop's name is bonvieux. She sells soo many cute and classic vintage tops, dresses, glasses, and satchels.
I simply fall in love with the collections <3

who doesn't fall in love with these vintage dresses? the first dress looks very feminine by it's soft colour. paired with tights and it looks moree adorable! and also the polkadot dress. very cutee! :)
I love this vintage top because it's simple and classic! I love the color and the collar too. 

the ruffles and the buttons stole my heart. we often see top like this these days. Many online shops sell cheap tops like this, but not all of them sell it with good quality. so be careful at choosing clothes. but I trust bonvieux.
we can see from the details if bonvieux sells vintage clothes with good quality! ;)
the glasses are soo unique! I think it's quite hard to find vintage glasses now, so I tell you to take a look at your mom/aunt's closet. maybe they keep their old vintage clothes! ;)

visit bonvieux here!


sister's wedding (23th October 2010)

can't believe this Saturday I'll face the final tests. hope all student can do the best! good luck to all of us! :)
so. these are the photos of my sister's wedding. sorry for the late post ;P.











I wore fiorucci dresses and heels from zara on that day :). Adi Adrian was the make up artist of my sister and my sister's wedding gown was from The Silk :). My mom's dress was from Jeanny Ang and Benten .

and some pre-wedding photos by timur angin, edited by Cindy diamondhurts (she's the stylist too)
 (i've posted these photos before.hehe)



basic t-shirt - zara, vest - gowigasa, shorts - GAP kids, belt - unbranded, heart printed stockings - miss selfridge, wedges - retail therapy, bracelet - from vdcouture

I'm confused wheter I write this or not. it's been along time I keep this feeling alone in my mind only.
do you ever feel being too forced by someone? Someone that you really love? We're not talking about boyfriend /girlfriend now.
I often feel that my mom forces me to study too much and it makes me stressed out like crazy and after that I often cry. it's like my mom never satisfies with what I do for her. I study hard when there's test and I always try my best to get the best score to make my mom happy. But my mom often gets angry to me. even if I get 70/80 in my tests. I really hate it. I ever shared this problem to my bk teacher but it doesn't change a thing. I love my mom very much and I want to make her proud. but she never knows that I feel like 'a girl under pressure'. I want her to not angry too often to me just because I can't get 100. and I don't want she forces me to study everynight too. I have my own 'study method'. :(.
and then I start to think if better I moved to other city and live separated with my parents so that I wouldn't hear her shouts at me everyday. that's good for her and me. even though I know if I'll feel 'homesick', I will regret all, I will miss her, etc. every human has their own 'patience line', mom :(

ok. just stop the sadness and let's think another things. I feel better after I shared my problem to my friends and they made me happy at school. I'm very thankful of it ..
sorry for the lack of update and late at replying your comments. will face the final exam next week, wish me luck!! :D


bunny on bunny :p

Finally I can blog a new outfit post again. it's been a longgg time!
the weather these days were so bad. raining everyday and it made me couldn't take any photo outdoor :/

sooo. what i've been busy lately :
- making a short film for student film festival!
we're still in the shooting process, my friend Leticia is the main role of the film. She's really good at acting. Love the way she acted so much. I guess I can't act like her because when I started to say the dialogue, I would easily laugh, laugh, and laugh -_-"
and today we went to a hut. we used the hut as one of the setting . a super dirty and small house made of bamboo matting. I still couldn't believe my friend could find that house :P. The way to the hut was soo tarnish , there were lots of chickens and its pups =="
- I'm very grateful to face the fact that I live in such a pretty and cozy house! :)
                                                               Our Team - The Piusthography :p


when I went to the hut suddenly I remembered those victims of the eruption of mount merapi too :(
they lived in a refuge, less of food, clothes, etc.
some people lost their family members... and I cried when I read the news on television :'(
then I told my parents if I want to donate money and my clothes to them...
I prayed to God to bless them all and stop this disaster.. :(
one of my blog buddies is a volunteer of mount merapi, visit her blog and twitter to get the information to donate some money/daily needs. :)

cardigan - zara, white basic tank - giordano, floral shorts - unbranded, wedges - michelle, necklace & ring - khaloong shop
I got this superrr cute necklace and ring from khaloong shop ± 2 weeks ago.
thank you so muchh! :)

I'm really sorry for the late reply of your sweet comments on my blog.
replying it now. thank you so much for reading my blog, and the super sweet comments you gave to me.  :')