hi all. in this post, I want to introduce my pretty blog buddy's online shop. It's Clara Devi's from Sunflares Plethora ! Her shop's name is bonvieux. She sells soo many cute and classic vintage tops, dresses, glasses, and satchels.
I simply fall in love with the collections <3

who doesn't fall in love with these vintage dresses? the first dress looks very feminine by it's soft colour. paired with tights and it looks moree adorable! and also the polkadot dress. very cutee! :)
I love this vintage top because it's simple and classic! I love the color and the collar too. 

the ruffles and the buttons stole my heart. we often see top like this these days. Many online shops sell cheap tops like this, but not all of them sell it with good quality. so be careful at choosing clothes. but I trust bonvieux.
we can see from the details if bonvieux sells vintage clothes with good quality! ;)
the glasses are soo unique! I think it's quite hard to find vintage glasses now, so I tell you to take a look at your mom/aunt's closet. maybe they keep their old vintage clothes! ;)

visit bonvieux here!


  1. me like the vintage dress and the glasses!

    Have a great weekend :)
    Waltzing Wabbits:

  2. you sure look delectable there. :-)

  3. LOVELY glasses..

    lovely pics...

    lovely looks...

    so perfect!!

  4. yay thanks for sharing gorgeous, gonna check their shop soon :)


  5. I'm gonna check the clothes out ^^ very retro, it's lovely!

  6. these are absolutely adorable! definitely checking it out! thankyou for this post!

  7. These are gorgeouss !
    I love vintage clothing; and not to mention the ruffles ! These are so so so so pretty;)

  8. ~This shop is adorable ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  9. Wow~ i like the vintage dress <3 ^^


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