1. How did you start blogging ?
I like to read my friends' blogs amd some awesome blogs from magazine, then in 2009 I created my blog and post about my daily life and outfits.
2. What inspires you?
I got inspirations from lookbook, chictopia, fashion magazines, street-style, and various fashion blogs
3. How would you describe your style?
it's hard to describe my style. I always have fun when I dress up and not too care about the style. I wear what I want. But yeah, my outfits are mostly feminine (girly).
4. Do you always wear your own clothes?
No. I often borrow my sister's clothes, or even my mom's. haha. but mostly I wear mine.
5. What camera do you use?
Canon Powershot g11
6. Do your parents know if you have blog?
yes, they know
7. How old are you?
16 years old
8. What are your favorite blogs?
click here
9. Do you wear all outfits you posted here?
Yes, of course 
10. Why did you choose 'a little princess' as your blog's title?
I had no idea when I made this blog. then 'a little princess' crossed in my mind, and also I felt it's match because I always feel like I'm my parents' princess and my style is feminine. hahaha ;P
11. Who took your photos?
Self-timer/my sister/my mom
12. Do you ever get bad comments?
yes, I do, but I don't care at all and think they're just jealous with me.
13. What's your height?
I'm around 155cm tall and still hoping I'll get taller soon.
14. How to be a fashion blogger?
The title says 'fashion blogger', it means you have to blog about fashion related things like your outfits, fashion editorials, etc.
15. Why did you decide to be a fashion blogger?
Because I think it's fun to share my outfits with others.
16. How to get many viewers?
I think you just have to be yourself, because I believe everyone has their own unique sides, and people will be interested. And don't forget to visit and leave comment others' blogs because most of them will reply your comment and visit your blog back :)
17. How did you get popular on blogspot?
I don't know
18. How to shop on sheinside/romwe/other international websites?
Click here
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  2. Awwww, you are such a great inspiration to make a fashion blog. ;D <3 You just sound so sweet.

  3. you're still 15 but you're inspiring me!I'm actually still a amateur fashion blogger. Thankyou veren!xx

  4. It gives me pleasure.


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