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Switzerland is my 2nd favorite country during my trip in Europe. Just like Germany, Swiss was so clean, neat, and fresh. But I should give an additional point for its handsome and angelic-faced boys... if I was brave enough I would've asked them to take a pic with me. *norak* :P


I went to Mount Titlis and it has eternal snow so the weather was so cold! It was the prettiest mount I've ever seen in my life. The flowers and the emerald river were indescribable!! :D



Ready to ride the cable cars!




the pink jeans that I wore here are from stradivarius and they're 2 sizes bigger for me. I bought them because I really liked these and I bought them a day before my flight to London sooo I had no time to buy them at another malls -_-. At first they weren't that big but after I wore them twice, they're sooo big now and belt didn't help me at all. i don't want to let them go! T,T.


this was my lunch on that day and it costed around idr 300k. The food there was so expensive :x



I went shopping in Lucerne and this what made me want to stay longer here. Even the shop assistant looked sooo handsome. Ok let's cut the crappy talk about handsome men. 




I really want to go back to Lucerne !!

"God is good"


Sheinside Giveaway Winner

The Winner of Sheinside Dress & Coupon Giveaway is... :



Thanks all for participating, and for those who don't win, please don't be sad because there'll be a new giveaway within this week ;)



we are young


When people ask me what's my style, I always get confused choosing answer. I almost always answer them with "girly / cute / feminine" bla bla blah.. but then I realize I don't always dress up femininely . So I guess my style is "fun". I wear what I love and I don't get too focused on one style. I can be so girly at most of times but sometimes I can be a little boyish too! It's just so fun to dress up. When I've just started blogging 3 years ago a lot of people said I was too young to dress up, I was too mature for my age and said I should play this and that like other kids. I think they forget that "dressing up" is my favorite "game"!! 


This Alice Tee that I got from Auburn & Ginger is my favorite tee at the moment. The cotton fabric is just so comfy and I feel like sleeping with it. heheheh.. By the way, Auburn & Ginger has just launched their new site, but you can also visit their facebook page too. Auburn & Ginger is the first Indonesian webstore that provide free shipping  without minimum purchase and they allow their customer to return or exchange the products if they're not satisfied. Aaaand oh! There's also an opening sale from June 19th - June 24th. I like Auburn & Ginger so much because the owner is super friendly!! 


In this post I wore my favorite stuffs at the moment. A varsity jacket that I  bought at Windsor Castle, alice tee c/o Auburn & Ginger, ripped denim shorts c/o sheinside, platform sneakers c/o Oasap. I've been longing for a platform sneakers to make me look taller. Thank you  Oasap for making my dream comes true! It's just so hard to get platform sneakers in Indonesia. And the ripped denim shorts are my favorite shorts too! It's been a long time since the last time I bought denim shorts. I was a fan of GAP Kids' denim shorts and then I found these amazing shorts from sheinside. <3 <3 


By the way, there are a lot of e-mails coming up lately, so if you have short or simple questions to me please ask me on formspring instead of e-mail. That way I can reply my work-emails faster and respond to your questions too! I always check my formspring every week. If you send me short questions via e-mail, I often forget to reply them due to the amount of some very important e-mails that I have to reply as soon as possible. I hope y'all will understand. Thank you so much for your love and support! :)




Germany was my favorite country. Everything's so beautiful, clean, neat, and the weather was perfect too when I was there. 




Caught a man riding his bike, brought a bucket of roses, and also had his blazer on. What crossed in my mind.. he was going to propose his girlfriend.. hehehe... 


It was around six or seven in the evening and there were some people sitting near the river. this is something that I can't do in Indonesia. Omg it made me wanna live in Germany! 



On the second day in Germany I went to Heidelberg Castle. It's not a big castle, because most of it had been destroyed a long time ago. But I saw a very beautiful scenery from the top of the castle! 



I was freezing at that time because I didn't expect the weather to be this cold. When I arrived on the previous day, it was hot.. Yeah I've been through a weird weather when I was in Europe T.T. I should've brought my jacket with me :(. But I love this photo so much. kekeke~




I wore a navy top from Pile of Thread. Take a look at their latest collection and get 10% discount by using the code "ALP10". Valid until July 10th. HURRY!



This is the "shopping" area. There are some cafes and small hotels there.



I bought this postcard (the female one) for my lovely brother <3


Added a photo of my super pretty mommy <3


After that I went to Titisee Lake. And o mai god. look at the *jaw-dropping* blue sky and lake ! I swear I didn't edit the picture! 



the infamous and expensive cuckoo clocks 







I got the top from . They sent me this beautiful shirt last month but since I went to Europe for holiday, I've just got the chance to wear it yesterday. I paired it with floral skirt from Bershka and my favorite heels at the moment from Mauro Leone. I also decorated the top by wearing a collar necklace that I bought at ITC Mangga Dua.

If you like my top you can buy it from and get 10% discount by following their twitter


This week I'm in the mood to dress up femininely . And I think a but maturer too. Maybe it's because of the spirit and the excitement to be a senior high school student next month ? I don't know how will it feel like being a senior high school student, and I hope I'll get in one class with my best friends. The school that I'll enter next month is same with my junior high and elementary school (one company, one place too). Thank God I went to different kindergarten. Although my friends in kindergarten also continued to the same elementary school like me. (there are only a few of private schools here). I know it's kinda boring studying 9 years + 3 years in the same school, where I always meet the same students every year. (Most of the students in my elementary school will continue to the same jhs, and a half of them will also continue to the same shs (including me)). This year most of my friends continue to different high schools. Some in public school in my city, some in Jakarta, Semarang, etc. 

Sometimes there's a feeling that I want to continue my high school in Jakarta because I'm just bored with the same people and 'atmosphere' all these years. I want to meet new 'people' and also experience the difference between living in Jakarta and in my city. I also think by going to a different place, I'll learn how to adapt because for 9 years I never adapt to something new . I barely meet new friends here. And I think it'll be good for my study too since I'll compete with new 'rivals'. For 9 years my 'rivals' at studying are the same! I know their characteristics, their ways of studying, their + and their -. -__-"

But too bad my mom won't allow me to continue my high school in Jakarta because she said I'm so immature, I'm so reckless, I'm so lazy, I can't even wake up without my mom's yells in the morning, bla bla bla.. I know if I leave her, she'll feel lonely at home since my bro's in Jakarta and my sister lives separately here. So yeah I must wait for another 3 years and after that we have a plan to move to Jakarta (permanently). :D



By the way, have you seen my rainbow ombre nails? What do you think? Should I make a tutorial post? Which one do you like, a video tutorial or picture tutorial?


The Netherlands


I went to Amsterdam from Brussels, and in Brussels it was pretty cold, but when I arrived in Amsterdam, the weather was surprisingly hot. But I was glad to see the blue sky and I think it's so much better than the rainy weather in Paris. 


The first stop was Zaanse Schans. I saw a lot of windmills there and that place was too beautiful!! 



And in the afternoon I went to Volendam, and I found small but beautiful houses there and most people who live there are the oldies. (around 60 years old and above I guess.) I think it's the perfect place for them to live there. The atmosphere was so peaceful and in front of their houses you can see a beautiful sea! 



The red house that you can see in the picture is a photo studio where we can wear holland's traditional clothes! And I was shocked to see lots of Indonesian tourists' photos hanging on the wall including some of our ministers and the people who work in the government. So yeah I guess they went to Holland to work and also holiday.. hahaha *cough*


My sister recommended Volendam's fish & chips and it was delicious!! Especially the fried crabstick! 



This is the view from the canal cruise in Amsterdam. At that time, it was the hottest time of the day until some Indonesians had to carry their umbrella to prevent the sun-burn! *I'm sorry I don't want to get tanned* . It distracted us to enjoy the scenery :(


On the second day, I went to Floriade World Horticultural Expo in Venlo. The Keukenhof Garden was already closed when I was in Netherlands. Floriade Expo itself exhibits flowers and plants. 


Most people who went to Floriade were the oldies (again) and it was freaking hot (again). And that made me couldn't visit the whole exhibition. It was too huge, too tiring, and too hot -_-. *sigh* .
I had a short conversation with a dutch at the cafeteria and he said few days before that day the weather was cold and suddenly it changed drastically -_-. He also thought I was a Filipino. -_-. Sir, why no Korean??? xP





p.s : there's a faker of me on facebook. please report/block her and ignore her if she adds you on facebook. I only have 1 facebook account and you can find the link on the "contact me" page.
and THIS ONE IS FAKE. thank you so much for your help!!