I got the top from . They sent me this beautiful shirt last month but since I went to Europe for holiday, I've just got the chance to wear it yesterday. I paired it with floral skirt from Bershka and my favorite heels at the moment from Mauro Leone. I also decorated the top by wearing a collar necklace that I bought at ITC Mangga Dua.

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This week I'm in the mood to dress up femininely . And I think a but maturer too. Maybe it's because of the spirit and the excitement to be a senior high school student next month ? I don't know how will it feel like being a senior high school student, and I hope I'll get in one class with my best friends. The school that I'll enter next month is same with my junior high and elementary school (one company, one place too). Thank God I went to different kindergarten. Although my friends in kindergarten also continued to the same elementary school like me. (there are only a few of private schools here). I know it's kinda boring studying 9 years + 3 years in the same school, where I always meet the same students every year. (Most of the students in my elementary school will continue to the same jhs, and a half of them will also continue to the same shs (including me)). This year most of my friends continue to different high schools. Some in public school in my city, some in Jakarta, Semarang, etc. 

Sometimes there's a feeling that I want to continue my high school in Jakarta because I'm just bored with the same people and 'atmosphere' all these years. I want to meet new 'people' and also experience the difference between living in Jakarta and in my city. I also think by going to a different place, I'll learn how to adapt because for 9 years I never adapt to something new . I barely meet new friends here. And I think it'll be good for my study too since I'll compete with new 'rivals'. For 9 years my 'rivals' at studying are the same! I know their characteristics, their ways of studying, their + and their -. -__-"

But too bad my mom won't allow me to continue my high school in Jakarta because she said I'm so immature, I'm so reckless, I'm so lazy, I can't even wake up without my mom's yells in the morning, bla bla bla.. I know if I leave her, she'll feel lonely at home since my bro's in Jakarta and my sister lives separately here. So yeah I must wait for another 3 years and after that we have a plan to move to Jakarta (permanently). :D



By the way, have you seen my rainbow ombre nails? What do you think? Should I make a tutorial post? Which one do you like, a video tutorial or picture tutorial?


  1. Cute skrit, and cute nails too :)
    make a tutorial for it, make a picture tutorial ! :D

  2. i want to know the tutorial of the rainbow ombre nails! :D i think better if its a video :D

  3. i love your skirt and collar ver. you look so adorable and pretty. and yay cant wait for you to move here >< i think a video tutorial would be better ;p

    Letters To Juliet

  4. I love your top ^^ Yes, you should make a tutorial, I like if the tutorial come in video :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. Loving the floral skirt <3 I would prefer video tutorial!


  6. you look gorgeous. and I love your heels!! omg!

  7. love your nails. :D picture tutorial is easier to make and understand i think..;D

    oya, it's better to live with your parents until you're really ready to live alone. :)

  8. love your floral skirt :D pretty

  9. any tutorial for your nails are fine. they're cute !!! i always love your style !!!

  10. i think video tutorial Veren ;)
    btw love your outfit <3


  11. I've even been in the same-group school from kindergarten til high school. even my college is related to my school :p
    your nails are super cute!

  12. sooo lovely!<33
    love your shoes.


  13. love the skirt!

  14. adorable feminine look! and you should make a picture tutorial on the nails :3

    Pudding Monster

  15. love the nails ♥
    you look pretty with this outfit!

  16. hey verenn..
    cute girls turn in to gorgeous women soon! :p

  17. Best wishes to you in all of your educational adventures.

    This outfit of yours is very lovely. Fabulous blouse along with a lovely floral skirt. I also love the mary jane pumps.

    As for the ombre nails, it's best to do a tutorial whatever way you think is best. Should you do a blog post or a video? It's up to you. I think at best, it may be best to do a blog post AND a video, because you may have YouTube subscribers that enjoy your video work as well as they do your blogging work. But again- up to you.

  18. oh finally you're back with the hello kitty on the back! <3 hahaha love the whole outfits..tutorial would be very great

  19. Yay! Welcome to senior high school, veren. You'll get somethings new different. It's so fun and unforgettable, trust me. Anyway, i love your floral skirt <3

    Rainbow Passion

  20. the outfit is so cute :)
    love the collar ♥

  21. I love your nails!!!

  22. oh I love your style,too young but stylish! I'm also a hello kitty lover check my hello kitty collections here:

  23. Always cute. trus your nail is very creative! I think video tutorial will be fun :)


  24. What a cute outfit, Veren! I love your nails too :) video tutorial please!

  25. super love your shoes!! <3
    a video tutorial please!
    thanks for your sweet comment, anw ;D

  26. love your skirt sooo much! :D

    kindly visit and follow xo

  27. LOVE ur nails!! <3

  28. Rock that nails! Give me tutorial please :)
    Love that floral skirt, so cute!

    Stay Pretty,

  29. Eh ada si adek cakep! I totally couldn't get over your heels!!
    and omg you are so mean to think about leaving your mom alone in Tegal!!!
    anak bungsu itu kerjanya emang buat temenin nyokap pas enci engko pada not at home! :-p

    miss you dek!


    1. aiyaaaa mamaku kan da punya cucu gak papa lah yaaaa kalo ditinggal :P.

  30. You're youngest fashion blogger? Lovely look, cute pearl collar.. Two thumbs !!

  31. Love the combination Veren. I love your top and shoes! :D

  32. i would like you to have the video tutorial so we can see and try it step by step! :D thankyou (=

    - -

  33. oh no. Jakarta is very hot, traffic everywhere, and not good anymore. haha. You live in Tegal right? How's it? I think Tegal is so much laidback than in jakarta :D


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