Clean Out


Hello! I just got back from Jakarta this afternoon by train. It was such a quick trip and as usual, I ate a looottt. :9. The trip totally gave me refreshments before I face the final exam heheheh >.<




I wore this outfit yesterday to Senayan City, but I took these photos a few days before I went to Jakarta. So it's like I took these photos as my 'outfit plan' since I don't go out much in Tegal. :D

  • turquoise studded vest from forever21
  • clean out tank c/o romwe
  • white wrap skort c/o sheinside
  • floral high-top wedge sneakers from asos
  • poya satchel from see by chloe


studded bracelet c/o @mcqueenshop
neon cross bangle c/o @joscollection


See ya! ;)


Screaming Yell-ow


I have soooo maaaanyy daily tests this week. We're currently being chased with the unfinished materials because final exam will start next Thursday :O. Aaaandd just like what I said on my prev post, escaping from all those hectic stuff, I'm going to Jakarta this Friday! It'll be a super short trip, and I just want to have some refreshments by watching some movies (there's not any cinema in my city, fyi T.T).


I took these photos last Sunday, I haven't worn this outfit to go out though, just randomly dressing up with some new stuffs in my wardrobe ;)

  • black studded bustier c/o cloth inc
  • style nanda love suspender via @epikzone (ig)
  • bart simpson leather skirt from @platform_shop (ig)
  • lola boots from june+julia
  • yellow socks from socks gallery




I also tried to wear this outfit with black tights c/o romwe . This is the cutest pair of tights ever! :D


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Mix mix mixx


Final exam is getting closer.. Nooo!! T_T. I can't believe I almost finish my study in the 10th grade and will be a 11th grader this July. And it's been exactly a year since my trip to UK and Europe! :O



My mom got a crazy plan to go to Jakarta this Friday and asked me to join her just because she wants to buy new dress for her upcoming birthday. I'd like to join her but it means I'll skip school on Friday. D: . It's still a plan though... I think it'll be okay to skip school for a day for some 'refreshments' before exam hahaha since I only have 6 hours of lessons on Friday. kkkk~~~


  • top c/o Cap A Pie
  • highwaist floral shorts from Gowigasa
  • triple necklace c/o La Dulce
  • studded bracelet c/o @mcqueenshop
  •  belt from topshop
  • bag from bershka
  • socks bought in Shanghai
  • heels from Mauro Leone, Milano (gosh I totally love cute heels in neutral colors because they can be matched with almost everything!)



I hope you'll always be successful, have a healthy pregnancy, be more patient,  and more generous to me.
I LOVE U FULL ♡(*´∀`*)(*´∀`*)♡


We are ONE

Prom is an annual event in my school. It's also the 'biggest' event of the year. 

As usual, our music teacher asked our class to make an entertaining and unforgettable performance. We were confused about what should we performed at first, but then the ideas started to come out. 

Some of the girls in my class wanted to sing+dance (covering JKT48). And then we thought that we should perform the 'hottest' songs at the moment like gwiyomi and gentleman. I asked all of the students in my class to participate in gwiyomi and gentleman. After that some of the boys offered to be 'pansies/sissies' or 'bencong' for the performance. Awesome, right??

I searched for a song that would match the 'bencong' theme and I got Girls' Generation's Dancing Queen. I loveee the moves and the song and I thought it'd be funny if the boys did those cute and sexy moves.

We practiced for around 5 times.. And the video above is the result! We're all amateurs, not proffesional dancers, so please forgive our mistakes . Hehehe! We succeed making the entire audience burst out laughing! Yayyy! :D







To tell you a truth, there's a teacher at school that dug up his own grave by bluntly saying hurtful comments about my class' and grade 11's performance at the school's prom. We (my class & grade 11) got many positive feedbacks about our performances and many people said ours were so funny and nice.

My class and grade 11's performance had a similar concept (dance cover featuring boys as pansies), but grade 11's got different songs and costumes.

 The boys in my class performed as pansies (bencong) and danced to dancing queen, gwiyomi, and gentleman as I mentioned above. One of the boys wore a shirt and tied it up till it showed his tummy. And then that teacher commented, "You looked like you have no-pride and that style totally lowered your pride as a man". Gosh! My friend wasn't even naked and it's his own decision to wore the shirt like that and the one who should feel ashamed is himself not you, right?? He, himself, other teachers, and all of the audiences didn't have any problem about it except, YOU, sir.

And then he also said that my class danced like robot . Gosh.. There were 25 of us and not all of us are professional dancers. We practiced hard, Gaby (my dance team's choreographer who's also my classmates) and I taught our other classmates the dance moves from all the songs we performed. He didn't know our efforts at all behind this performance and easily said those hurtful comment.

For my senior's performance (grade 11), this awful teacher said the performance had no quality. My senior's performance was a combination from 4 classes in grade 11. The boys also performed as bencong and ALL OF US except him KNEW that the boys who performed like that only performed for the sake of entertaining! 

What he did is like planting a bomb but he exploded it himself. He totally doesn't know what entertainment is and he also doesn't know how to have fun. He's the only teacher who had that opinion where the others praised our performances. My homeroom teacher recommend us not to care or get affected by his comment and we should just keep going because it'd just stop our creativity and we didn't do anything wrong. 

Well, I'm sorry for my rants..  He knows that I'm angry to him and he keeps frowning everytime he sees me. lol. whateverrrr. I just hope that teacher will apologize to us during his class next Monday because what he did as a teacher to student is just wrong...






There are only 1 month left (minus the final exam and classmeeting) for us to spend the days together as X-1. I'll surely miss the memories in this class. I'm so sad that most of us will be separated into different classes in grade 11. I'll miss our random fights because of different oppinions, laughs, jokes, and our 'celebration' when the school ends early/ the teacher that we hate is away... Hahaha xD
X-1.. We're ONE! ヾ(*・ω・)ノ゜+.゜★ィェィ☆゜+.゜ヾ(・ω・*)ノ


Drowning Roses


This time I challenged myself to style a sweet-vintage look with new stuffs that I received from my sponsors. I'm so lucky to receive manyyy pretty clothes and other stuffs from them! ;D :D


  • Floral embellished sunnies c/o Choies
  • Broken white long sleeve shirt c/o Cap A Pie
  • Light Blue pleated skirt c/o Queenbee Shop
  • Tree-tone pastel bag from Bershka
  • Pink skinny belt (my mom's)
  • Floral usamimi (my sis')
  • Heart-patterned socks c/o Candelopops
  • Mary janes from june+julia



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