Modern Kartini


I know it's super late to post about Kartini's Day, but.. it's better to be late than never, right? :D


Talking about women's emancipation in this modern world, I feel that many men (not all of them ok) still often thinks women are below them and they don't appreciate them. We can see that easily even from our nearest circle. They will not believe that we can be strong and smart before they see it by their own eyes. 

I always think myself as a confident and 'strong-force' person. It's not that I'm snob, but my zodiac (Leo) even has those characteristics. So, people around me already know that I'm ambitious and strong-willed. I will always try as hard as I can to get what I want and show that I can do it to those who underestimate me.

I really hope that the girls around my age will not just sit or flirt around with boys (u know those girls who only have love in their head annoy me the most). We should use our time and opportunity to enrich our knowledge, be active, and always fight to get the things which are our rights. :)


I was so glad when kak Dhika, the owner of Dhievine sent me this beautiful ikat skirt. If the school allowed me to wear this skirt on Kartini's Day celebration at school, I'd had been happier. Unfortunately the school only allowed us to wear a batik top and white skirt (which is our school's uniform) T^T.

By the way, Dhievine also receives custom made skirt. You can ask them to make you clothes according to your personal style.  You can also purchase their items on :)

  • top from cotton ink
  • ikat skirt c/o dhievine
  • pink wedges from randa (bought in Japan)
  • floral crown hairband worn as necklace from claire's london
  • triple floral bracelet c/o freckle tone
  •  earrings c/o his princess


Look at my new earrings by his princess . I got 2 pairs of beautiful ,new,  and jewelled earrings from them xD.


The triple bracelet by freckle tone is also my favorite! I wear it to school for almost everyday ;)


  1. Happy Kartini's Dayyyy!
    beautiful verenn as always :D
    love your ikat skirt ❤

  2. love your skirt so much and Happy late Kartini's Day x

    visit mine in ur spare time hehe

  3. aww so cute! It is so true that sometimes people still underestimate us! ahh people~

  4. I agree on what you've said. Some men think that way -__- but we shouldn't let them see we are what they think :)

    Miss Cielo

  5. It's great to be able to wear acc to school, mine was super strict, no accessories allowed -even a simple necklace. haha..only watch and a pair of earrings. huhu..btw i like your point of view Veren..:)


  6. loove the skirt!

  7. yes,go fight win girls! haha love your skirt btw xo

  8. happy kartini day dearrr~ ^^
    love your skirt so much and you look so mature here :D

    cheer, michelle

  9. Very inspirational text! I also hope more girls will mobilize themselves and change something about how they are being perceived.
    Lovely accessorizes!

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  10. i loled at the part when you said those girls who only think of love inside their mind, so true Veren hahaha! anyways the skirt fits you so well, pretty look! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  11. Great outfit, I love your bracelets !

  12. cute :)
    i agree with you

  13. happy kartini days veren!<3
    you look so beautiful and yeah you were right, we must use our time and opportunity as well as possible!!

  14. This outfit is very stylish. You look amazing with these wedge pumps and the floral item in your hair. This skirt is also charming.

  15. Fighting!!!


  16. What's karitini's day? Anyway, I think the gender inequality you are experiencing is just a matter of proving those boys/men that you are at par with them. Show them what "girl power" really means!


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