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  • blazer : zara trf
  • overall : forever21
  • mary-janes : june & julia
  • watch : lacoste


Hi everyone ! :D . I'm feeling VERY HAPPY because 2PM will come to Jakarta on November 11th for 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Concert! I bought the ticket on Saturday. And that wasn't simple nor easy. The promotor started selling the offline ticket on Saturday, 8am, and online ticket at 12pm. I was going to buy the ticket online. But unfortunately, all of the tickets, all classes, were sold out within 10minutes. (Indonesian hottests are daebakkkk. jjang!!)
My friend (Nita) and I were going to be crazy. Nita has just got her mom's permission at 11am and one hour later we didn't get the tickets. 
Nita directly searched people in uob plaza (the place where they sold their offline tickets) to buy 2 tickets for us. And we got that person! The person who bought us the tickets (vouchers to be exact because we still have to change the voucher with the real ticket on h-1) sends our tickets to Nita's apartment in Jakarta on Monday. Hope it will arrive safely . 
Honestly I don't like the payment method for offline tickets. We must pay 50% first and complete the other 50% later but before October 15th. We can't pay 100% at once. That's kinda tiring and taking time :"(

After the person who bought us the vouchers sends the vouchers, it will arrive, I'll complete the payment, then it'll be confirmed, then on November 10th I'll go to Jakarta, and on November 11st in the afternoon I'll go to the concert venue, change the vouchers with real tickets, queuing and ...... I'll meet my princes!!!!! . kyaaaa xD. Nichkhun! Jun Brothers! Wooyoung! Taecyeon!  Chansung!
Hope everything will run as smooth as what I've planned and hoped ! Amen :)

Is there anyone who'll watch 2PM Hands Up Tour in Jakarta too?? PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! I'm looking forward to meet you there :) :)


By the way, my EF (english) teacher found my blog.. Miss.. If you're reading this now.. I apologize if there's grammar mistake. I'll try harder. hehehehe :D




I bought this overall long time ago but have just had a chance to wear it. Actually it's a bit too big for my hips but I couldn't resist to buy it because the flower pattern stole my heart :P. And I bought the blazer before I went to South Korea, originally I brought the blazer to Korea but didn't wear it because the weather was too hot! :[ 

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Wondergirls - Nothing On You (cover)


Seoul Diary - Last Day

These photos were taken on September 2nd, my last day in South Korea. 


head to knee : all from doota, dongdaemun!

Anyway, I really love my hair and that's an important part of my whole look. Some of my friends and blog readers give me a lot compliments about my hair. I'm not a kind of person who's dare to try 'permanent'- different looks, but I really love to have curly/wavy/straight hair. I also take care my hair . I always want my hair to look shiny and sleek!
And now I suggest you to visit and take a look at GHD's website . They have a lot of hair products and guides! 


We had to walk uphill to reach N Seoul Tower. My mom was wearing heels and she was able to do that and she said she's okay and she didn't feel any pain --", While myself.. wearing low-wedges.. I didn't stop mumbling at that time, saying how hurt was it to walk uphill with my not-so-comfy wedges (I didn't wear socks T^T)


*still trying to smile*


Love Locksss <33. Didn't find Khuntoria's one because there were too many locks :'(



Seoul, I miss you!


flower wreath


I had this little-photo session on Sunday and tt was reallyyyy hot and I was sweating and I decided to take photos in the bedroom..
I'm gonna be very busy this week. Yesterday I had 2 daily tests, I also had fever and gastric pain.. and I studied bahasa for today's test but it's cancelled.. Luckily I studied bahasa for 5minutes last night then I fell asleep. And today... I have to study biology presentation materials for tomorrow T_T. I haven't even done with the slides yet... omg.. :(



My mom made a flower wreath for me last month. What do you think? :)



bracelet : candybutton



By the way, I'm watching Protect The Boss and simply fall in love with Jae Joong! The storyline isn't very interesting but it's not bad . After I finish Protect The Boss, I'm planning to watch Scent of A Woman. Anyone's watching Scent of A Woman? How is it? Or any other new drama recommendations? Beside secret garden, dream high, city hunter, miss ripley, 49 days, heartstrings, god of study, paradise ranch, cinderella's step sister, romance town, lie to me.

Demi Lovato - Lightweight


my sister's maternity photoshoot

Hi. The photos in  this post are my sister's maternity photos. Last month she became the model for Choco Photo and Donny Liem. She's 28 weeks pregnant in those photos. I can't believe I'm going to have a nephew next moth :D :D. 
My sister told me to publish her maternity photos on my blog , once in a while she told me she wanted to make a blog to blog about her daily pregnant style, but she's too busy and lazy. So yeah.. In Indonesian we call it "nebeng aja deh..". hahaha ;D







Photographer : Choco Photo
MUA : Donny Liem 
(he's also the m.u.a for my sister's pre-wedding photoshoot )
this is my favorite shot :D


Seoul Diary Day 1

Halo! :D
Today I'm going to blog about some places I visited in Seoul. On that day I went to National Gyeongbok Palace, National museum, and Doota mall in Dongdaemun. :)






what I wore on that day : dress - miss selfridge , denim jacket - bershka , bag - wonderplace

Doota was a nice shopping place. I bought 2 blouses and 1 skirt. Actually I wanted to shop more, but since the time was limited, I wasn't able to shop more :'0. There were a lot of cheap and cute clothes there!



Daegu - Gyeongju - Everland Diary


At Dongseong-ro fashion street, Daegu (2PM Junsu's hometown xD)
There are a lot of good shops with affordable price there (uhm. a bit more expensive than doota (dongdaemun) though) . Some of them are the sponsor of kpop celebrities' outfits :)

what I wore : top - zara, shorts - stradivarius, inner - zara kids, bag - forever21, shoes - nike



Bomun Lake, Gyeongju


Bomun Lake
yummy korean food !

When we're arrived in Everland, it's 5pm already. So I didn't take much rides, I only took T-Express and went to Everland's zoo. -_-. But the fireworks show was really amazed me! Gotta upload the fireworks show on my youtube page soon! :D


Wearing new bag and new shorts from Wonderplace (a shop in dongseong-ro) :D. 

T-Express (the roller coaster)




Hello! I'm so happy that my g11 is back to my hand, and also my ipod touch. they're fully recovered from their 'illness' which caused by my-careless-self .____. .
For almost 2 months, I used my sis' cam to take photos and now I'm using my g11 again *happyyyy* :D


By the way, thanks for the good feedbacks about my jeju diary post. I will blog more about my trip later and one by one :P.
 I realize that many people also went to South Korea this year. Everything's about korea is really famous nowadays. I love kimchi, bulgogi, samgyetang, jjangmyeon, tteokbokki, and other korean foods. I'm a big fan of korean dramas, and also kpop boyband, 2PM . I also love the clothes in Korea. The price isn't expensive, but it has good quality. yeah, I like it... :P




what I wore : heart-printed blouse - doota (dongdaemun), skirt - unbranded, wedges - michelle CL.a, flower bracelet and headband- candybutton, key ring - moccapucca



Candy Button sent me a lot of very cute items from their shop. Their items suit me really well because they have a lotttt of cute headbands, hairpins, bracelets, and many more. They're going to release their new collection soon! For those who love cute stuff, visit their facebook page to check their awesome collections, they also have an offline store, which you can visit at Paris Van Java Pushcart, Bandung :D

MoccaaPuccaa sent me an adorable key ring which is the uniquest ring that I have in my closet ;D. The ring arrived to my door very fast! I'm a person who don't like to wait, so I was happy when I knew the ring from MoccaaPuccaa have arrived . hehe. thanks, MoccaaPuccaa!

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