Accessarie Giveaway

Accessarie is an accessory brand from Indonesia. Accessarie's products always have the best material and every piece is limited edition. Have you seen my latest outfit post wearing Accessarie's necklace and bracelet? If yes, now you can have a set of accessory consists of hairclip, ring, and earring by entering this giveaway.


The rules :
1. Follow @accessarie and tweet "I've just joined @accessarie ft. @veren_lee giveaway to win a set of accessory!" (Tweet ONCE only)
3. Leave a comment on this post with your name and e-mail address.

OPEN TO INDONESIAN READERS ONLY. This giveaway will be opened until May 8th 2012.


Say Hi to Accessarie!


I feel like I wanna scream as loud as I can because I've finished my national exam. That means I've finished my study in junior high school. I can't believe I've spent 3 years in junior high school because time flies really fast. I remember my first year as junior high school student, I was a naughty student. On the first day I sat under the fan in my class and told everyone not to sit on it because I would sit on that chair everyday. On the next day there's my friend who sat on it and I told her to move .___. *okay I was selfish, I'm still selfish but not as selfish as then because as time goes by, I must be maturer right?*. I'm so sorry for that dear my friend T.T. I'm no longer doing that though. I've stopped since I was in the 8th grade! 

Now I'm having a verryyy longgg break. I will go back to school on July. Awesome right? But I have many things to do though. Tomorrow I'll go to Jakarta to watch Super Show 4 . I'm very very excited to see Kyu! There'll be exo-m too! I like Tao! After that I'll go back to hometown to return school's library's books that I borrowed, and I think I'll go back to Jakarta again with my friends on the next day. :D. I'll have a farewell party too, not sure if I can attend it or not, because I'll go to Europe on May 18th.  Holiday has just started but I already have too much plans... *busy bee!*. I hope I'll graduate with great score! ;D


I'm a type of person who don't wear many accessories. I was used to buy lots of pinky necklaces, bracelets, and headbands when I was in primary school. But then I stopped collecting accessories and barely buy them. Last week I got an e-mail from Accessarie. Accessarie is Indonesia's local brand who sells handmade accessories. They're made from imported buttons and fabrics with high quality materials. Some of them were imported from Japan, Malaysia, US, Korea, etc. I took a look at their collection and I simply loveeeee every single piece of them and it makes me want to buy them all! All of the items are limited edition, it means no one can wear the same item as yours! Check the their newest collection here . Make sure to grab the collection before it's sold out!


I chose a necklace and a bracelet.  They're the cutest necklace and bracelet I've ever had :)


top : red cherry, shorts : new look, wedges : UP, bag : the cambridge satchel company, cuff : stradivarius, necklace & bracelet : Accessarie


Do you like Accessarie? If yes, as I promised before, I'll hold a giveaway ft. Accessarie in the next few days, so please stay tuned!! :D
(p.s: follow their twitter / like their fb page to get 10% discount :] )

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orange and stripes


Hi! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I'm so busy with exams lately. Tomorrow I'll have my last pre- national exam and next week I'll have national examination. I really want to reach my target so I don't think I'll be able to update my blog regularly this month. I'm gonna focus on my study first. I'd like to thank all of you for the sweet comments you left on my blog, I read it one by one, and now I still don't have time to reply your comments :(. I hope you will understand and wish me a lot of luck for my national exam! And for 12th graders in Indonesia who'll have national exam, good luckk!! I hope all of you will pass the exam :)


On Thursday I'll go to Jakarta with my family to manage my visa for my upcoming holiday. I'll be absent from school for 3 days. It's so sad that it's the last three days of junior high school (excluding national exam days) :(. And then right after I finish my national exam, I'll go to Jakarta again with my friends! Yay! I guess it'd be an awesome holiday since I'll spend it with my friends. I can't tell you how I miss watching movies, hangang's korean bbq, kihana's volcano (get addicted to it since ci Anaz recommended it to me xD) , pepper lunch, and shopping!! (It explains how so-not-entertaining my city is T.T)

I received this cool vest from Red Cherry few days ago. My mom was confused with this unique vest and she said "are u deddy corbuzier (indonesian magician) wife?? or a vampire?) lol. But this kind of vest which is similar to mullet skirt is so famous these days! I'm still amazed with this vest because the sewing is really neat, nice fabric, and it costs less than IDR 100.000! (around $10) 

vest : red cherry, tank top : gowigasa, skirt : forever21, shoes : nike, sunglasses : h&m


I wore sunglasses because my eyes looked so small in the photos and I thought the sunglasses could cover it well so I just wore it and the picture turned nice :b

They're my new shoes! What do you think? :D


red polkadot


Okay, so this is what I wore when I went to church for Easter mass . I wore my new red dress from sheinside. At first I wanted to wear it with tights but the weather was too hot and I'd sweat inside the church, so I chose to wear the dress without tights, and paired it with socks and wedges. The dress' material is thick cotton, although I sweat a lot when I wear this dress (Indonesia's weather is unbelievably hot), I prefer this than any chiffon dress! This dress is so elegant and comes with affordable price.


This week I'll have another try - out (national exam simulation) for 4 days long. Since I've studied the subjects for numerous times, I'm not too nervous anymore. However I really hope my score will increase (: . Time passes so fast, and there's only 2 weeks left until the national exam. I must reach my target, and then I'll have lots of fun with my friends (freedom).

I'm planning to watch Super Show 4 that will be held at the end of this month, but I haven't had the tickets because they're sold out already TT. The ticket system is just so complicated, even more complicated than 2pm's concert than I attended last year. -_-. Well I should have ordered the tickets (yes I plan to buy 2 because I'll watch it with my friend) when the promotor opened pre-order for those who live outside Jakarta, but my friend refused it because they didn't sell the section that she'd like to buy (actually the section that my friend wants is a standing section, deep in my heart I don't wanna buy that section because I'm so short and scared it'd be hard to see the boys clearly and also there are so many elfs and I'm scared they'll push each other. But I have no other friend to accompany me who will buy junior vip section.) T.T So I guess I'm going to buy it from (ticket reseller) which is moreee expensive than the original price. That's my last option by the way. If any of you sells ss4ina super box tickets (day 2), pleaseeee let me know! T.T . *I'm just so happy I'll meet Kyuhyun and EXO-M (I'm a big fan of EXO)*


dress : sheinside (click trough to buy this dress), wedges : june&julia, socks : bought in Japan


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Happy Easter


I wore this outfit to my best partner in crime's birthday dinner on April 4th. I and my friends gave him weird and funny gifts like a dog-poo scoop, dog necklace, etc. because we were confused what present we should give to him. Since he's a fan of dog, so we bought him some dog utensils xP. We bought him  a dog-bone shaped cake too :). He said it's the best day ever in his life and it made us happy! After we had dinner we went to karaoke. One of my friend really love karaoke-ing and this week I've joined him thrice O_O *Good thing that my voice doesn't crack!*


I wore a dress from divided by h&m, unbranded vest, yellow belt from bershka, shoes from, and socks from socks gallery.

I didn't talk (type) much in my previous post because I was in a rush when I wrote that post, and now I can't hold it anymore and I must type it... -_-
One thing that I dislike from myself is that I'm a kind of person who think / worry too much. When there's a problem comes, I can't stop thinking about it, and at the end I'm stressed. I can't sleep , I can't concentrate.  I've been trying to relax and not to think too much about the problems, but it's hard.

Like now, I have some problems with my friends, although it's not really serious, I've been thinking about it since last week. I have a lot of friends. And they're in different groups. Sometimes I hang out with this group, sometimes with that group. I'm close and I feel comfortable with all of them. But right now there's something wrong with a group. I have a friend who was actually very kind and patient, but now it looks like he has changed. He becomes sensitive easily and it starts to make me feel uncomfortable when I hang out with him and the rest members of the group. Usually we joked like there's no tomorrow, but now a little joke can make him angry like there'll be the 3rd world war.. Omg. It's not a healthy friendship anymore. And none of us can give advice or suggestion to him because all of us are too scared. in my heart I really want to talk to him but I don't think it's the right time and if I fail, the problem will get bigger and I'll be moree stressed. So I guess I just have to go with the flow and wait for the right time ? There are so much beautiful memories between us which make me feel so happy every time I think about it... 


I've been enjoying my easter holiday by doing some exercises in the morning. I just wanna get healthier and slimmer and have a flat stomach.. hahaha. I'm actually a very lazy person who have a big eating appetite . I don't snack a lot but my meal portion is really big. I rarely do exercise except I have dance projects. Thank God now I'm really serious to do exercises this holiday so I hope the result will be good! My best friends also ask me to join them playing badminton for around twice a week. arghhhh flabby tummy y u no go away?!?!?!

Talking about school, I feel so happy being in the A class because most of the students are diligent and I automatically become diligent too. We could finish 80 science questions only in 15 minutes and it surprised me! xD. 
photo by : leticia 
oh yea, I almost forget to say HAPPY EASTER !! I went to church to have easter mass yesterday with my friends. I'll post the outfit that I wore yesterday soon! I remember when I was in the kindergarten, every time the school celebrated easter day, there'd be some games like hunting easter eggs. And for 3 years, I NEVER got any eggs, my friends were much faster than me T.T 

I should stop thinking too much about my problems for a while because I must concentrate for the upcoming exams and today is a special day and I don't wanna waste my time by being stressed / sad. I just wanna be happy! :)

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Another Asymmetrical & GIVEAWAY WINNER


I bought this skirt from Muaya Clothing awhile ago and I bought it because I really wanted to have mullet skirt. My mom said I'd look older wearing this kind of skirt, but then I had idea to pair it with sweater from Pull & Bear and sneakers from spyderblit. What do you think ? :D


This time I'm not going to write any story because I'm in a rush to my bestie's birthday party >.<



Now I'm going to announce the winner of sheinside giveaway. I asked my followers on twitter to choose a number between 1 - 317 (the total entries), there were some mentions I received at once, and I decide to choose 158. And it's KONAYACHI (MIAOJUAN)

Congratulations! You'll get contacted by sheinside soon!
 For those who have joined and don't win, don't be sad because I promise, there'll be more giveaways



Hello April


Before I start babbling, I just wanna say  everything's going to be written truthfully here  and nothing is a lie because I don't participate april mop. 


I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday party yesterday. I wore a top and a hair-clip from forever21, skirt from Zara, bag from Mango, and shoes c/o OASAPI think my top and skirt made me look more mature here, so I pair them with the shoes from Oasap to suit my age more. 
I've been longing for creeper shoes because they're very comfortable like flat shoes but they also add up some height :> . I can wear them to walk for hours without feeling tired at all. Thank you so much OASAP! 


The school examination has ended yesterday. Finally I'm free from sleepless night even though it's just for a while because I'm gonna face another exams soon -_-. I'm not really satisfied with what I've done in school examination, because I realized I made some little mistakes and it made me can't get 100 :((. Ugh I can't imagine when the result is out, my friends got some 100 and I don't get any because of my carelessness T____T. *cheer up, Veren. In the national exam I must get at least one perfect score no matter whatttt. I must work harder and be more careful*. aaaaaahhh I feel like I wanna scream as loud as I can T.T T.T T.T


My school also did a change for the classes in the 9th grade. They separated us from the original class, and made 4 new classes, consist of class A (1st - 30th rank ) , B class, C class, and D class out of 120 students. And I'm proud to say I'm in the A class :> *yay*. It's sad to separate with some of my friends, I'll miss them and I hope I can get along well with my new classmates. The new class will start tomorrow, and now I'm imagining how it feels like being in one class with smart, diligent, and very ambitious people. I really hope it will give good effects for me and make me more diligent and ambitious.  Since the school exam has ended and we only have national exam left, there'll be only 7 subjects now. They're 4 national exam subjects (mathematics, science, bahasa, and english language) and some additional subjects to make us less stressed like art, p.e, and counselling. Other subjects like social, pkn, javanese language, i.t, etc. which have memorizing skills are all GONE and I feel like I wanna burn the books because I dislike memorizing!! -__-. 


Now I'm going to read blog subscriptions and watch some shows that I missed! :D :D *happy* *dance*



If you have some questions to ask, feel free to ask me anything on formspring, and let's play draw something together! my user name is Veren Lee. (I'm using fb account to connect with drawsomething)  :] . My drawings are so ugly because I can't draw, so please tolerate about that, but because it's only a game, let's just have fun with any kind of drawings, okay? :P