Happy Easter


I wore this outfit to my best partner in crime's birthday dinner on April 4th. I and my friends gave him weird and funny gifts like a dog-poo scoop, dog necklace, etc. because we were confused what present we should give to him. Since he's a fan of dog, so we bought him some dog utensils xP. We bought him  a dog-bone shaped cake too :). He said it's the best day ever in his life and it made us happy! After we had dinner we went to karaoke. One of my friend really love karaoke-ing and this week I've joined him thrice O_O *Good thing that my voice doesn't crack!*


I wore a dress from divided by h&m, unbranded vest, yellow belt from bershka, shoes from, and socks from socks gallery.

I didn't talk (type) much in my previous post because I was in a rush when I wrote that post, and now I can't hold it anymore and I must type it... -_-
One thing that I dislike from myself is that I'm a kind of person who think / worry too much. When there's a problem comes, I can't stop thinking about it, and at the end I'm stressed. I can't sleep , I can't concentrate.  I've been trying to relax and not to think too much about the problems, but it's hard.

Like now, I have some problems with my friends, although it's not really serious, I've been thinking about it since last week. I have a lot of friends. And they're in different groups. Sometimes I hang out with this group, sometimes with that group. I'm close and I feel comfortable with all of them. But right now there's something wrong with a group. I have a friend who was actually very kind and patient, but now it looks like he has changed. He becomes sensitive easily and it starts to make me feel uncomfortable when I hang out with him and the rest members of the group. Usually we joked like there's no tomorrow, but now a little joke can make him angry like there'll be the 3rd world war.. Omg. It's not a healthy friendship anymore. And none of us can give advice or suggestion to him because all of us are too scared. in my heart I really want to talk to him but I don't think it's the right time and if I fail, the problem will get bigger and I'll be moree stressed. So I guess I just have to go with the flow and wait for the right time ? There are so much beautiful memories between us which make me feel so happy every time I think about it... 


I've been enjoying my easter holiday by doing some exercises in the morning. I just wanna get healthier and slimmer and have a flat stomach.. hahaha. I'm actually a very lazy person who have a big eating appetite . I don't snack a lot but my meal portion is really big. I rarely do exercise except I have dance projects. Thank God now I'm really serious to do exercises this holiday so I hope the result will be good! My best friends also ask me to join them playing badminton for around twice a week. arghhhh flabby tummy y u no go away?!?!?!

Talking about school, I feel so happy being in the A class because most of the students are diligent and I automatically become diligent too. We could finish 80 science questions only in 15 minutes and it surprised me! xD. 
photo by : leticia 
oh yea, I almost forget to say HAPPY EASTER !! I went to church to have easter mass yesterday with my friends. I'll post the outfit that I wore yesterday soon! I remember when I was in the kindergarten, every time the school celebrated easter day, there'd be some games like hunting easter eggs. And for 3 years, I NEVER got any eggs, my friends were much faster than me T.T 

I should stop thinking too much about my problems for a while because I must concentrate for the upcoming exams and today is a special day and I don't wanna waste my time by being stressed / sad. I just wanna be happy! :)

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  1. How adorable! Love the dress with the crochet vest together =) Happy Easter! X

  2. Goshh, love the shoeesssss <3

  3. Love the ensemble! That vest is the greatest!!! I also love the added touch of the belt just peeking out breaking the perfect color of the dress!!!

    Yes, it's unfortunate how people can change as time goes on, one of the prices we have to pay to meet more and new people, we have to give up others or at least make room for more. I have the same problem of thinking too much, especially when it's about friends and wondering if I'm losing them. Don't worry, all will make itself work out!

    A happy Easter to you as well Miss Veren!!! :-)

  4. love the dress!
    so adorable

  5. same here, I always think of everything (too) seriously that sometimes it ends up better what I thought before.. you have to relax and try to do other activities so that you can forget it for a while. yet sometimes serious thought is not a bad thing actually
    and you know what, you make me remember those time of eggs hunting, i always get the most *as my mom help me on the*
    love the dress :) very lovely

  6. your dress is pretty~ :) love the color! :D
    and the last photo, you just upload it in instagram don't u? :D

    i really like your flower wreath..:3

  7. Happy Easter! i love that flamingo color! i've been hunting it this season. be happy be healthy body healthy mind:)

  8. Adorable! Love that dress and shoes!!

    - Josie ::

  9. your outfit as cool as always :) don't take your problem seriously, just enjoy and let it flow :) and happy easter!

  10. U look so cute<3
    I love everything in this outfit:D
    Always LOVE ur post, Veren:D

  11. congrats for you! and all the best of luck :D i love your dress,and lovely shoes!

  12. the dress is just sooo adorable <3

  13. Happy Easter Veren! :)


  14. Happy easter and such a lovely dress !

  15. Happy Easter! You look so lovely in these photos. I love your shoes!! <3


  16. ~Happy Easter ci Veren~
    I love your outfit as always,, and the last photo on this post is my favorite!

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  17. happy easter veren :)
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  18. cute !

  19. Love the dress. The shoes are super cute!

  20. lovely dress :) good luck for your upcoming exams!

  21. You look so cute Veren :) Love your vest!

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  22. love how you combine the crochet vest with your dress <3

  23. hey,,,your drees is so cute...

    happy easter,sist...

    joint to my blog.. ^_^

  24. I love your dress! :D


  25. i love the dress and the colour! :D

    think hard to solve your problem. i wish everything always be okay :) goodluck!

    visit and follow :

  26. I have the exactly same vest as yours, Veren!

  27. Better and Better ideas and style.

  28. You look lovely!

    Happy Easter :)

  29. beautiful dress!!! love pics!!!i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!!
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  30. Love that color!!! Looking great :D Following and looking forward to more posts:D


  31. Cute look !
    I've been followed you, dear :)
    Want to follow each other ?

  32. love your dress<3

  33. i love your dress! <3
    you look so cute veren >.<

  34. super cute, and i love your vest dear


  35. I love the dress, the color is so pretty! The lace vest and yellow belt look great with it.

  36. the shoes from oasap is really amazing!

  37. lookin cute as usual veren :)


    1. hahaha, i'm a dog lover too, kalau aku ultah, akankah dikasih doggy poop? :D
      btw, kamu mirip aku, kalau ada masalah meskipun kecil suka kepikiran sampai berlarut2, sampai gak bisa tidur malah... soal temanmu, mungkin dia lagi ada masalah pribadi yg belum bisa share, makanya jadi sensitif. mungkin kalau dia masih begini terus sampai beberapa waktu kedepan, km bisa tanya sama dia apa masalahnya. secara pribadi aja, teman2 kamu gak perlu tau supaya dianya juga nyaman dan "percaya" kamu. siapa tau aja dia bisa balik lg kaya dl. good luck ya :)

      btw, nice outfit as usual. i love your vest, veren. you look great :*
      happy easter!

  38. Hope life is going well for you, Veren Lee. I can tell you personally that I think too much about things as a blogger and as a YouTube video maker. It can be pretty tough trying to balance everything out, but it can be done.

    Nice dress and shoes with this outfit. The vest is also lovely to compliment the dress. The final image to this post is beautiful as well.

  39. i love your vest and shoes, you look super pretty ver! <3 and dont worry, things will eventually get better. it might be stormy now, but it cant rain forever. i think he got issues in life which he couldnt share among his friends, just dont leave him alone and let him know he has you by his side :)

  40. your red dress looks adorable, i like it a lot! be sure to check my blog out :)

    victoria xoxo

  41. you are so cute! And i like your style !


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