inner : esprit , vest : sis' , skirt : custom made, wedges : heatwave

flower bangle : shopprincess (comingsoon)

hi everyone! 
i don't know what will i tell to you today...
and... i'm alone now. my mom,dad,sister, went to Jakarta this morning.
they left me T_T. (yes because i must go to school. no absent anymore!)
i have one confussing problem again. it's about the super annoying girl at school. ah i don't care. i don't want to apologize anything to her because i NEVER talk about her! geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Friends, I always try to accept all of your comments about me. most of your comments are really nice and I always happy because of it. but.. there are some people comment if i'm too mature for my age. hmmm... if yes, i will always try to dress up as my age.. :D. thaks for those comments :)
and one more, i have nothing to do tomorrow. lonely weekend. huaaaaaa. karaoke? go to the mall? orrrr... what? hmffffffffff...........

i want to introduce you this super cute online shop! my sis told me about this online shop days ago.
I fall in love with missjonescollection so much! she just launched her clothing collection this April :)
The website is sooooooooo cute! and the clothes too! click HERE to visit. the prices are affordable :D

don't u drool? aaaa! i must buy one!

lastt, about my upcoming online shop, i'll release it on May. be patient please :D

see u on next post everyoneee!!
*smoochesss :P



pronounciation:['pe-trĂȘ-ko(r) or -tri-]
Definition: A pleasant distinctive smell of rain falling on dry ground. The original reference is to an odor produced in certain regions by yellowish, oily globules, rather like perfume, absorbed into the ground from the air

I was browsing this morning. visiting blogs, tumblrs, etc. then i find this . i really made a big O on my mouth. 
I never hear the words before, then I looked up on  my dictionary. my dictionary even can't find that word. even it has the new oxford dictionary in it. but fortunately, i googled it, then i find how to pronounce it, what is the definition, etc. u can see the complete one here
it was rain this morning in my city. it's almost rain everyday in my city, but most of it happened at night. so.. it's freaking hot in the afternoon. then when the rain has finished, i didn't have anything to do since it's Sunday here. then I played my computer, browsed many sites, then i got outfit inspiration from lookbook. lookbook inspired me a lot. after that, I dressed up and took photos with mr.tripod in my garden. the sky was between sunny and cloudy. The Sun didn't shine so bright because it was after rain. love it, but I sweated as always. 

so, here is my super simple and nothing's special outfit (haha) :

rose hair clip : diy
collar : from Bali (actually it's headpiece, but i wear it as collar and it makes me look like sailor. =P)
dress : lavinda
cardigan : (forget what brand is it... found it in my messy closet)
wedges : michelle CL.a

ring : Shop-Princess (coming soon) :)

sushi mori, central park
fettucini bolognaise, pancious

these food pictures above taken by my canon g11, i always upload my photography pictures to my tumblr.
please visit/follow/reblog/ask anything to me if you want, if your tumblr is great, i'd like to follow yours too.. :) click here .

i think that's all for this post. tomorrow is Monday. ugh, i'm so lazy to meet annoying teachers, get more assignments. hoaaaaaaaa. when will i graduated? i'm bored with school, i wish when tomorrow i wake up, i'll be a university student on the last semester pleaseee (impossible) :P. (i wouldn't let my teenager life being that boring!)

see u! hugsss 



i hate flash back-ing bad memories. but i don't know why, i just want to share you one of my bad memories.hahaha. it's about friendship . ( i discused about this with kak anita, ci lalita, and  ci bella last night). let the story begins...

i have a very close bestfriend since we're on the 1st grade of elementary school. okay, call her A. we went to mall together, played in my house everysunday, called each other everyday,etc. but, it ended hurtly. 
day by day... she got new friend... somehow, i never angry if she got a new friend, i thought we can play together then. but... she leaved me and just played with her new bestfriend. it was really hurt my heart. then.. her new best friend telled me if A mocked me behind me, A said i'm annoying, etc. I cried all day, i texted her and asked her looooonggggg questions why she did it to me?? I didn't want to answer her calls, sms, even she called my house phone number and telled to my maid if she apologized to me. then, I forgave her and said to A "if there's something that you don't like from me, just tell me, then I'll change my bad attitude. it's better than you talked and mocked me behing me. let's be honest. we're best friend for years, is that hard to tell our secret to our bestfriend?". then we kept our friendship...
unconsciously, it happened AGAIN. i was really angry to her, but she didn't want to apologize to me too... so, we didn't talk to each others for 3 months. i was find my new bestfriends...and she apologized to me again.... then I forgave her again -__-, but we're not as close as in the past... I felt not comfy and not match anymore with her, we ended our best friendship, but we just a friend now.. for me, it's hard to trust again with a person that makes me hurt for twice. people say : trust is like a glass,once it is broken, it can never be perfect again. Few months later.... i knowed from my classmates if she fought with her new best friend.. hahaha... and A's new bestfriend looked like didn't want to be her bestfriend anymore. she was alone, but I didn't care. until now, she just follow her friends to everywhere like 'penguntit'. so sad, but I DON'T CARE. hahaha. *ssshhh don't hate her Veren...*
fyi : we're friends and not enemies! just not close... :P.

the end. =_=.
1. friendship is sharing openly, laughing often, trusting always, and caring deeply :)
2. Be careful what you say. Friendship can end in one minute becos of a stupid word
3. there are 1000 friends come when we're laughing, but maybe, there's just ONE friend that come when we're crying!

now... I'm enjoy with my new friends, although I don't want to have too close friends anymore.. I blabber all my secrets on my blog... this blog is my best friend forever anyway, hahahhaa... 

it's me and my friends when we were in the 6th grade of elementary school. sorry about the stupid faces :P.

okay, it's up to you want to read that long paragraphs or skip it and see my pictures, lol.
i went to jakarta few days ago, I left my camera on my apartment, my dad will bring it tomorrow. so... i'll post my day off pictures soon... and these photos below captured by my old camera. :(.
My sis just got back from Guang Zhou, China. She bought lots of things. and I NEVER realize if she bought almost same shoes like ci Talisha's ribbon shoes! She bought the red one and I was shock when saw the shoes. -__-".

i wore this outfit when I met with ci bella and ci nathalie and kak Sabila , but i weore different shoes. :D. Both of they are really kind and we can't stop talking . ahahaha :P

top & skirt : zara - tights : yellowline - shoes & accessories : from China

i'll post my day off pictures on next post ya :D. be patient please xP.
see you and have a nice day!




denim ribbon hair clip - DIY, tee - Armani Exchange , necklace - Chanel, bangle - DIY, watch - guess, high waist pants- f21, bag-f21, socks - *forget* - shoes - skechers

I wore this outfit yesterday, when I went to waste my spare time. hahaha... so, it's really casual.. :p

I would so much rather have a FEW of good friends than a lot of fake friends - Lauren Conrad
i often feel upset by my best friends. they come to me just if they need me, if they don't need me, they leave me! most of them are prominent classmates, and I just realized that unpopular / not so prominent friends can be more faithful than them!!

this week is not bad. although there are mount of assignments, and I'm a little bit un-satisfied with glee episode 14. Okay, the songs are really good. But because I'm a big fan of Artie & Tina which look like supernumeraries on glee episode 14 -_-. Okay... I know that's because the story's points are Rachel-Jesse, Emma-Will. hahahha. hope on episode 15 will be more exciting! I've downloaded songs from episode 15. the songs are really GREAT!! My favorite voices are Artie, Tina, and Mercedez. both of them have their own character voice. Rachel's voice is good too. but I think the voice is too loud, so, when she gets duet, her partner's voice can be heared clearly -_-

okay, stoop glee-ing. start from now until next Friday. I'll have my day off from school. exciting! :D
I'll be superrrr lazy on that week :P. FREE! yayyyy! :)

1. Featured on Aneka Yess Magazine 08/2010

2.I won giveaway from Drey & Noriki! :D
This one is gift from Drey :)
I'm wearing the heart necklace now! so cuteeee ;) thank u, Audrey!!

at last, I make a new tumblr, since the previous one is full of glee. hahahaha. CLICK HERE to visit my new tumblr!

have a nice weekend, lovelies!


grey and bows

yy! Glee episode 14 has been aired today ;D. I watch it online here . big thanks to ci Patricia that let me know the web to watch glee online! so excited today because I'm a huge fan of glee :P.
My days at school are really fun.... there are some homework+s . but not too much :). my friends make jokes everyday and make me laugh. hahahahaha.
I'll have day off again for few days... because my senior (9th grade) will have final school test . wohoooooo!!! so excited! I'll sleep as long as I can without hear my mom shouts at me to wake me up, I will sit in front of computer to play internet, go to salon to have spa/scrubbing/etc. :P

and... when I did this photoshooot, the weather just so damnnnn HOT. the sun brights very bright everyday.... until my eyes look morreee smaller like sleepy eyes at these photos. hiks :(
and I wore Tsumori Chisato dress :D. Love the unique pattern on the collar very much... :). I didn't do any mix and match and I just played with accessories :)

blurr in my hand but i love my face ;P

chanel bracelet, random rings
randa (japanesse brand) wedges

these photos below are my practice to capture good photos :P
so standard, right ? -____-

okay... that's all for this post... wish you have nice days!! *watching glee episode 14 right now*


the flowers




top : barbie ;p - skirt : yuan - belt : bebe - random necklace,bracelet,hairclip - randa (bought in Japan) wedges

I have a good week with good and fun days this week,
I'm getting fatter and fatter.... but I don't care... because my mom says if I'm still grow and I don't need to diet and that's just make me have a small body. hehe,
I'm getting mooore and moooore addicted with GLEE. I join the @gleekindonesia "show me your glee" photo contest , and I always think about GLEE all day... I'm waiting the upcoming episodes played in Indonesia (starworld channel)....,
My favorite cast in Glee are Artie and Tina. Artie is really kind, and cute with his eye-glasses and wheelchair... Tina is so cute with chubby cheeks and I love the 'blue streaks' in her hair too!
how about you, the other GLEEKS? ;D.

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sorry for the 'different background lighting in my photos, I'm still learning to use my new cam, I try some features...hehehe
and... many people asked about my bangs. yeah, the hair-dresser cut my bangs into that short! =____=



i have bows on my 'not' sexy back

Happy Easter Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy Easter everyone for those who celebrate it! hope God always bless us :D

these outfit photos below are taken by my new camera. I'm not really find the difference with my old camera. but it's really good when capturing objects closerly... it's like DSLR camera, but it's tiny! i love it very much. and......... if you want to see the photos which taken by my canon g11 click here :). sorry if the result still bad... hehehe. i'm a beginner!


forever21 hairclip - random necklace,bangle,and ring- itc mangga dua blue tunic - up2date tights - skechers shoes
quote of the day : "I asked God for all things so I could enjoy life. He gave me life so I could enjoy all things." ~Author Unknown
many people keep hating someone... why do they keep hating people? no body's perfect... so..enjoy your life and stop hating people! u just waste your time and make you never smile! 
I'm addicted with GLEE now. I love the songs. They sing really well! and I love the story too! We can learn 'life lessons' from GLEE. ;)
tomorrow I'll back to school. holiday is over... I miss my FRIENDS already, not the school, books, and teachers, okay? hahahaha