i hate flash back-ing bad memories. but i don't know why, i just want to share you one of my bad memories.hahaha. it's about friendship . ( i discused about this with kak anita, ci lalita, and  ci bella last night). let the story begins...

i have a very close bestfriend since we're on the 1st grade of elementary school. okay, call her A. we went to mall together, played in my house everysunday, called each other everyday,etc. but, it ended hurtly. 
day by day... she got new friend... somehow, i never angry if she got a new friend, i thought we can play together then. but... she leaved me and just played with her new bestfriend. it was really hurt my heart. then.. her new best friend telled me if A mocked me behind me, A said i'm annoying, etc. I cried all day, i texted her and asked her looooonggggg questions why she did it to me?? I didn't want to answer her calls, sms, even she called my house phone number and telled to my maid if she apologized to me. then, I forgave her and said to A "if there's something that you don't like from me, just tell me, then I'll change my bad attitude. it's better than you talked and mocked me behing me. let's be honest. we're best friend for years, is that hard to tell our secret to our bestfriend?". then we kept our friendship...
unconsciously, it happened AGAIN. i was really angry to her, but she didn't want to apologize to me too... so, we didn't talk to each others for 3 months. i was find my new bestfriends...and she apologized to me again.... then I forgave her again -__-, but we're not as close as in the past... I felt not comfy and not match anymore with her, we ended our best friendship, but we just a friend now.. for me, it's hard to trust again with a person that makes me hurt for twice. people say : trust is like a glass,once it is broken, it can never be perfect again. Few months later.... i knowed from my classmates if she fought with her new best friend.. hahaha... and A's new bestfriend looked like didn't want to be her bestfriend anymore. she was alone, but I didn't care. until now, she just follow her friends to everywhere like 'penguntit'. so sad, but I DON'T CARE. hahaha. *ssshhh don't hate her Veren...*
fyi : we're friends and not enemies! just not close... :P.

the end. =_=.
1. friendship is sharing openly, laughing often, trusting always, and caring deeply :)
2. Be careful what you say. Friendship can end in one minute becos of a stupid word
3. there are 1000 friends come when we're laughing, but maybe, there's just ONE friend that come when we're crying!

now... I'm enjoy with my new friends, although I don't want to have too close friends anymore.. I blabber all my secrets on my blog... this blog is my best friend forever anyway, hahahhaa... 

it's me and my friends when we were in the 6th grade of elementary school. sorry about the stupid faces :P.

okay, it's up to you want to read that long paragraphs or skip it and see my pictures, lol.
i went to jakarta few days ago, I left my camera on my apartment, my dad will bring it tomorrow. so... i'll post my day off pictures soon... and these photos below captured by my old camera. :(.
My sis just got back from Guang Zhou, China. She bought lots of things. and I NEVER realize if she bought almost same shoes like ci Talisha's ribbon shoes! She bought the red one and I was shock when saw the shoes. -__-".

i wore this outfit when I met with ci bella and ci nathalie and kak Sabila , but i weore different shoes. :D. Both of they are really kind and we can't stop talking . ahahaha :P

top & skirt : zara - tights : yellowline - shoes & accessories : from China

i'll post my day off pictures on next post ya :D. be patient please xP.
see you and have a nice day!


  1. kecil2 udah pake kutex
    mentel banget kamu

  2. nice words ver..
    sometimes friends call frenemies..
    btw why if u came jkt i cant meet u? hehehe

    lovely outfit anw, want ur rings

  3. this is cute!!!! and love the shoes veren! =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  4. hey cutest.hehe:)
    u r so cute with that outfit :)

    and omg.
    just realize the headbands poll.
    creative. :)


  5. No wonder I feel so familiar with your zara top :) sempet mau beli, cuman pas itu they ran out of size..haha so yeah I didn't get it.. Coba kalo ada kita bisa kembaran deh :D so true Veren, too close friens sometimes ga enak juga.. Too much of everything is not good I think :)

  6. verennnn! it just too cute! your shoes! omg!
    coba aj wktu km k jkrta itu pknya sptu itu psti lucu :p
    btw heelsny tinggi jga ya -__- hahaa itu foto km kls 6 sd lucu bgt :p silly face!
    and, yeah that is what friendship are, sometimes we've to find another friends :)
    ga sbr foto kmrn km msukin, soalny d pnyku dkit bgt ==", nice post!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  7. yaampun sepatunya merahhhhh, suka bgttttt.
    itu bando bnyk bgt ren :D

  8. pengen deeh sma sepatunya veren :)

  9. nice post ver :) yeahh it's hard to find real friend
    heelsny lucu bgt ver. lebih cocok yg itu. hihi

    XD nathalie

  10. aww its touchy :) like this post
    udah gitu outfit nya keren lagi ++ deh hahaha :D

  11. memang sangat menyakitkan veren kk juga senasib kok sama kamu ceritanya.ntr kpn2 kita curhat curhat lagi ya :)
    yeahh cyber friends is better than really friends * i think so* hhehe :)
    btw, nice shoes veren you look so pretty girl..xoxo

  12. vereeennn! you've just opened our secret at my comments bar -__- LOL!
    gak lah gpp lg, why you should be scared? hehehe

    xoxo, bee ♥

  13. <3 u're blog,ren.. :p
    be patient ya..oneday,u will know u're real bf.. :))

  14. <3 u're blog,ren.. :p
    be patient ya..oneday,u will know u're real bf.. :))

  15. ohh veren you're so pretty!! i'm in love with your outfits^^ always so fashion^^ you're a fashion inspiration :)
    oh are you wearing my heart necklace? or is this a similar one that you have? ^^
    have a great day, take care of you :)

  16. gosh! I love how you wear your heeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!! :D really!

    ctoonz from

    ps: please follow me back ya? I've followed u.. :)

  17. omg! you got that tee also? I got them for my sister!

    the cutting and colour are just really nice :D

  18. bows everywhere! suka bgt sama cincinya ver! cute cute cuteee

  19. sorry to say ya veren, tp gaya kamu trlalu tua. dn km itungannya masih kid loh belum teenager. kalo br masuk smp itungannya masih kid hehe. sorry if i mocked you. harus mau dikritik ya sayang :)

  20. love love the outfit veren!
    looks like a chic sailor!

    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway

  21. Hi,veren...
    Aku blogger baru. .
    Ini blog qw:

    Nice pic and style, hehe..

  22. wow ur photos is cute! How many headbands you have... ^^

  23. I envy your hello kitty wallpaper with borders!

    check out my latest post, it's a surprise for you.

  24. wow, that friend story 'ngena' bgt ver.. anyway those shoes are adorable!

  25. pas bnget critany, my old bff jga kyk gtu
    she find new bff, trus mreka brantem bcos of boys
    ya she mocked me too
    just be strong veren, it takes time for us to recover

    sorry for the long comment
    anyway, i love ur shoes and ur headbands
    bnyak bnget ya :P

    oxox, djhanq

  26. duhh bete bgt yah punya temen kek gitu. temenan sama aku aja deh ver! just ignore :D

    btw, love your whole outfit! especially the super cute skirt. :)

  27. Isn't that just the cutest shoes, dear? I love your shoes! <3!



  28. You look lovely! I love Artie and Tina also!
    Would you like to exchange links? Let me know! :)
    - Adele


  29. gorgeous stripey top!

    love your blog? can we link swap?


  30. so cute and your working them heels lol i love your blog

  31. huaaa..byk banget koleksi bandonyaaa!!!

  32. Wowowoww! I loove your heels!!

  33. love your'll find another best friend yg lb baik pastina:)

  34. Your accessories are amazingly cute...

  35. You have so many headbands! Cool! It's nice to know that at young age you can already wear heels and be cute with it :)

  36. oh veren, i bought that top too, but in the different color..
    so happy, that you wear it.. :)

  37. i always like strips dear,,

    hope we could be friend


  38. hey ! baju kita sama heheh, nice skirt btw, love the combination (:


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