inner : esprit , vest : sis' , skirt : custom made, wedges : heatwave

flower bangle : shopprincess (comingsoon)

hi everyone! 
i don't know what will i tell to you today...
and... i'm alone now. my mom,dad,sister, went to Jakarta this morning.
they left me T_T. (yes because i must go to school. no absent anymore!)
i have one confussing problem again. it's about the super annoying girl at school. ah i don't care. i don't want to apologize anything to her because i NEVER talk about her! geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Friends, I always try to accept all of your comments about me. most of your comments are really nice and I always happy because of it. but.. there are some people comment if i'm too mature for my age. hmmm... if yes, i will always try to dress up as my age.. :D. thaks for those comments :)
and one more, i have nothing to do tomorrow. lonely weekend. huaaaaaa. karaoke? go to the mall? orrrr... what? hmffffffffff...........

i want to introduce you this super cute online shop! my sis told me about this online shop days ago.
I fall in love with missjonescollection so much! she just launched her clothing collection this April :)
The website is sooooooooo cute! and the clothes too! click HERE to visit. the prices are affordable :D

don't u drool? aaaa! i must buy one!

lastt, about my upcoming online shop, i'll release it on May. be patient please :D

see u on next post everyoneee!!
*smoochesss :P


  1. aww cute skirt, mind to exchange links? :)

  2. eeeeh! pretty pretty! online shopnya keren banget! :d

    pengen buka juga! ahaha

  3. You look so cute dear!
    I love your outfit.
    your skirt so pretty, Love your wedges too!

    with LOVE

  4. oh my God! I love your vest!

  5. lucu as always ver! and the vest is too cute!!!

  6. iya bedazzeled jg bgs apalagi yg lucu2 gt yg ada nimbul2nya. tp gw msh blm puas pake silikon ahhaha. kan ada yg devil angel skrg dan ada yg full jd gw puas2in dulu hahahahaah

  7. cute and pretty ver!
    thank you bt info ol shop nya, keren!! :D

  8. aww cute bgt veren..suka deh outfitnya :)
    enjoy dirumah ya.hehehe

  9. uber cute veren :)
    ol shopny kren, tpi pas dibuka linkny gbisa gitu :((

    oxox, djhanq
    tattoo freak

  10. your sister's online shop's pictures are so good and beautiful . and the dresses are nice . I want to have that four dresses .

  11. Love it!
    You look so pretty and you have an amazing style =)

    Lots of love,

  12. pretty cute look! And your garden looks nice!

  13. skirtny lucu bgt ver :) ihihihi aduhh ngiler deh liat banglenyaaa
    ayooo di launch dong. haha ga sabr

    XD nathalie

  14. link online shopnya kok ga bisa dibuka ya dear?

    anyway, aku pikir kamu sudah berpakaian selayaknya usia kamu kok! :)
    dan, aku suka liat koleksi wedges kamu! they're so cute! :)

  15. i'm drooling for your shop's flower bangle!

  16. Oh my lil' Princes .... nice vest and skirt.... but the Wedges. it's made your vest became shamed. ...
    kayanya kedodoran gituh, and warnanya hunny... coba pilih wedges nya yang warna coklat tua , pasti bakal lebih nge - blend... *trust me =P

    But Overall ... you're still my Fabulous Princes hunyyy.. ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  17. Cute skirt veren! I don't think you dress up too mature. Kalo kamu pake serba black and white trus pake heels super tinggi baru namanya too mature. Kl colorful mah sesuai umur lah ;) And yes that shop is adorable! I'm checking it out right now :D

  18. Ohh, you look so cute + young :)

    Lovely blog too , !!

  19. i love your "look" especially the dolly look. and that garden is amazing!!

  20. Hey!
    That shop does look really cute, ive clicked the link will be checking it out!
    You look great as always... I do love the headband! Can you make me one :p
    - Adele


  21. awww! cutee banget kamuu veren^^

  22. adorable! i love ur bangs :)

  23. I think you're absolutely adorable :) Your style is so fun and young...i wish i dressed like you when i was little.

    btw thank you for the lovely email. Yes, i will definitely put you into my blogroll :)


  24. You look so cute:)

  25. i like your style... you like a princess.
    enjoy at home dear...

  26. Вау!! Классный блог!!!!!

  27. I love your outfit! so sweet x Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    High street + Couture =

  28. you looks so gorgeous!
    lovely blog ;)

  29. omg love these items, thanks for introducing this online shop for me! i'm starting to get bored of topshop!

  30. hello cutie! love your skirt so much ;) its tartan rite?
    btw, wanna follow me ver? yea, if you dont mind, hahaha :D
    check my new post!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  31. I'm excited for your shop opening!!
    That collection looks amazing, I will definitely need to check it out, thanks for sharing!

  32. aww you're adorable i loove your style..
    merah emang selalu keren kemana2 kan :) loove this outfit!

  33. hey thanks for the recommendation! i like the brand too! anyway, you're such a cute blogger.

    care to visit mine?
    The Spoof.

  34. adorable look and wedges!I love ur online shop :DD

    I make some changes on my blog, please relink me or link me if you haven't!


  35. I fall in love with missjonescollection too, veren.
    thanks for the info. :D

  36. cannot wait for your online shop till now...
    I am blog walking. .
    Luv u,
    Ice Creamy World

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thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!