pronounciation:['pe-trê-ko(r) or -tri-]
Definition: A pleasant distinctive smell of rain falling on dry ground. The original reference is to an odor produced in certain regions by yellowish, oily globules, rather like perfume, absorbed into the ground from the air

I was browsing this morning. visiting blogs, tumblrs, etc. then i find this . i really made a big O on my mouth. 
I never hear the words before, then I looked up on  my dictionary. my dictionary even can't find that word. even it has the new oxford dictionary in it. but fortunately, i googled it, then i find how to pronounce it, what is the definition, etc. u can see the complete one here
it was rain this morning in my city. it's almost rain everyday in my city, but most of it happened at night. so.. it's freaking hot in the afternoon. then when the rain has finished, i didn't have anything to do since it's Sunday here. then I played my computer, browsed many sites, then i got outfit inspiration from lookbook. lookbook inspired me a lot. after that, I dressed up and took photos with mr.tripod in my garden. the sky was between sunny and cloudy. The Sun didn't shine so bright because it was after rain. love it, but I sweated as always. 

so, here is my super simple and nothing's special outfit (haha) :

rose hair clip : diy
collar : from Bali (actually it's headpiece, but i wear it as collar and it makes me look like sailor. =P)
dress : lavinda
cardigan : (forget what brand is it... found it in my messy closet)
wedges : michelle CL.a

ring : Shop-Princess (coming soon) :)

sushi mori, central park
fettucini bolognaise, pancious

these food pictures above taken by my canon g11, i always upload my photography pictures to my tumblr.
please visit/follow/reblog/ask anything to me if you want, if your tumblr is great, i'd like to follow yours too.. :) click here .

i think that's all for this post. tomorrow is Monday. ugh, i'm so lazy to meet annoying teachers, get more assignments. hoaaaaaaaa. when will i graduated? i'm bored with school, i wish when tomorrow i wake up, i'll be a university student on the last semester pleaseee (impossible) :P. (i wouldn't let my teenager life being that boring!)

see u! hugsss 


  1. is the shop princess ur sis shop ver as u tell? hehee
    kapan kapan? hehehe

    well nice outfit, and the food makes e starving :p

    check my newest post,

  2. veren so smart, jadi sailor gitu <3
    btw the sushi look so yumm

  3. lee, love your ring, hair clip and your dress, cute bgt disini

  4. so simple but cute !!
    ha, btw, the sushi reminds me to one of my favorite sushi in kelapa gading.
    but it has a different name. hehe

    hey, wanna exchange link?

  5. aww u have such a wonderful garden, dear :D
    u look soo cute :))

  6. oh really? i'm so happy and touched to read that you wear it often :)

    very beautiful pictures :)

    have a great day Veren!

  7. Great outfit!I love the red and the flower! Your garden is lovely :)
    Thanks for linking me! Adding you to my site now!
    - Adele

  8. hello cutie! this outfit is lovely! love what you did w/ the collar thingy. =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  9. dressny lucu bgt ver!!! :)
    aduhh itu cincinnyaaa.. mau mau mau
    km jadi bkin ol shop ver? ntar comment namanya yahh. ak mau psen klo ad yg cck

    XD nathalie

  10. Hi CuTiE PRiNCeSs..
    LOVe uR ReD ToP..
    aNd uR ReD BaNGLeS!!!

  11. you look soo cute the dress!!

    I also like the idea of wearing headpiece as a sailor collar..very creative!! :)

  12. fettucini-ny bking ngiler :)
    hehe, cute ring and shoes

    oxox, djhanq
    tattoo freak

  13. your dress is beautiful and the sushi looks so delicious

  14. omg what a great word! love the smellll of fresh rain :)

    u look super cute btw

  15. love the ring. I luv ur outfit. It's so cute..

    pleaasseee visit my bloggg....It's random but yeah..

  16. love your outfit veren,cute banget kamu foto yang terkahir..:))

  17. Oh my Veren, you're always be my favorite girl, someday i must capturing you... =)

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  18. yeppp tumblr is very good for uploading your photoworks :)
    i also do that for my photography blog..haha

    nice outfit !
    enjoy your upcoming week !
    glisters and blisters

  19. i should be comment about ur outfit but ur sushi mori pic was distracted me...yum yummieee....haha...


  20. hey cute!

    very fascinated with your wedges! I always think that young teenagers like you, are not suitable using heels, but wedges is fit enough! XD

  21. ciehh ciehhh pake collar gitu lagi!
    gaya abis lu dek!


  22. dressnya lucu bgt veren!!! aduh cocok bgt deh imut2 sekalii. eh sushinya enak bgt keliatannyaaaa huaaa laparrr

  23. this outfit is super cute ver! fits you perfectly. love the simple dress and the headpiece on you!

  24. cute dress!! and u look pretty too :D hehehe.. Sushi nya keliatannya enak!

  25. the collar is so niceee. makes the putfit goes perfect! btw veren, you look cuter and beautiful wearing wedges..:D

  26. ver, your face is uber cute! and the first one, i like it!
    dont know why, tp mukamu gmnaaa gtu ;)
    and love your simply styleee!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  27. I love your dress, if it's on me would it be a top?

    Be patient finding your swap partner, and did I mention that he/she must not have a blog? It could be anyone, really... your art/craft teacher perhaps?

  28. looks cute like always! and the dress is pretty <3

  29. i have to be honest. you know, you gotta good fashion sense for some your age, but just don't grow up too fast, because its seems like your youthfulness is fading away from all this glamorous things thats being portrayed.

  30. hi there~~! o(^-^)o
    i found out your blog from friends~!

    your blog is so cute !
    so i've followed you~~! (o^^)o

    i hope you could follow me
    if you want to *winks*
    i want to be your friend!! XDXDXD

  31. looking cute as always!
    wah kamu kapan k jkt veren?

    Castor Pollux

  32. Uuuh you're truly a princess ver! You're my little cutie hihi. Love your the nude color :)

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  34. youre making a shop?
    cant wait!!!
    great post anw.


  35. hi this is my very first comment to you.. and i LIKE your style.. really match with ur age.. :) and you are creative..

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