YES! Yesterday was my birthday and now I'm officially 14 years old! I'm so thankful to God for giving me chance to life until now and giving me awesome friends and parents. I hope.. I will become maturer, wiser, more diligent, more independent, and of course, TALLER :D.

With mom and dad <3

uhm.. maybe I won't change my blog's title, since some people said that the current title is good enough and it still suits me. haha. :P. So I will change it if I feel really bored with it. -hope this is the last plin-plan decision I've ever made..- *pls forgive meeee*

yesterday (after the school hour ended). my friends splashed water all over my body and I was realllyyyyy wet head to toe. this has become my friends' tradition. whenever someone is having their birthday, they'll always do that. . Luckily there's no flour or egg. :P.
And there's not any photo of me about that because my school prohibited the students to bring hand-phones to school.

last night I celebrated my birthday with my friends at McDonald who has just opened last Monday.. yes... believe it or not.. I'm honest and sure about this... McDonald has just opened their 1st store in my city... sounds VERY late, eh?

Ok... these photos aren't in high quality because I'm too lazy to re-upload it on flickr (the photos are from my facebook and I resized the pictures for faster upload since my internet is as slow as a turtle).
And some of my friends were shy and they hid in the back so we couldn't see them in the photos -_-

with my classmates in grade 8

we were playing with the hats that mcdonald gave.. actually we didn't wear it (of course!! we're all jhs students, not elementary school) , just to take photos, then put it off. lol

with agatha and oyen. the girl in the middle has same hobby as me. we like to make crafts. she often teaches me about how to make this or that. and she was the one who taught me to sew... I was really messy making crafts, but because of her, I have improved my skill! Thank you, Agatha! And the girl beside Agatha is Sarah. She's my best friendddddd!!!! 

I was wearing a top and skirt from gowigasa, and mary-jane from june and julia :)

Next week, I'm going to have some days-off and I'm planning to watch korean dramas. how about City Hunter? 




I've been blogging for 2 years.. I'm thinking to change my blog's title.. If you ask me the reason why... I want something new on this blog.. I'm kinda bored with my blog's title, because I'm almost 14 years old.. next year I'll be 15 years old, etc. and I think the 'princess' title doesn't suit me anymore... hehehe... I already got my blog's new title, and I'll change my blog's title on my birthday, July 30th. What do you think? :D


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This shirt is big for my small body, so to create shape, I tied a belt around it. :)



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MBLAQ - Mona Lisa


traffic light


The weather is really hot these days, that's why I rarely take photos outside and keep taking photos in my bedroom since it has air conditioner. I hope you're not bored... hehehe... 
I wore this outfit 2 weeks ago when I was in Jakarta , I wore it again yesterday because I haven't posted this outfit on this blog. :p


top - bershka , skirt - zara kids , bag - mango (got this bag at senayan city's midnight sale with super cheap price!), wedges - heatwave, ring - khaloong


when I wore this outfit, my dad said "you look like traffic lights! Red, yellow, and green!"
I was like "ugh... dad....... -___-". But actually I agreed with him though, hahahaha. it's so fun to play with bright colors anyway! <3



2PM - Hands Up (remix)


quick quick

annyeong !! I wore this outfit to have lunch with my family today. It was a simple outfit, and I don't think it's good enough to be posted here, but yeah, I feel I have to post something on this blog because it's been a long time since my latest post. I apologize to you for neglecting this blog lately. I've been too lazy these days. 3 weeks of holiday, I only exercised once, and it was yesterday. I don't dare to know my current weight ! 



I'll go to school tomorrow, my holiday ends today. Start from tomorrow, I will be a 9th grade student. It means that I can't be too relax anymore, there will be a lot of tests and exams coming as preparations before the national exam. I have to be more diligent! :)
By the way, tomorrow I will get new classmates too. It's been 2 years I have same classmates. I'm a bit disappointed and sad that I'm separated with my old classmates and I'll get a new home-room teacher who is famous with his annoying attitude T_T. what a pity! 
But there's a coincidence, when I was in the 5th grade , I have 2 closest best friends, but when I was in the 6th grade, one of my closest best friends moved to another city and the other one had a big fight with me (three of us separated till 8th grade, last year X moved back to my city but she's in the different class and Y is still my friend but not close with me anymore). But now, three of us are in the same class! I really wish we be best friends again like 2years ago. hahaha :)


cardigan - stradivarius, heart necklace - dorothy perkins, tank top & skirt - unbranded, wedges - UP


BIG BANG - Love Song :)